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The Last Kingdom RP Mapgame

BRITAIN 856 Names

The Map


The Last Kingdom is a map game, based of the book by Bernard Cornwell of the same name. To put that in context, it is basically England, and minor parts of Britain during the Viking Age. Norsemen from the north have attacked a Monastery, and who knows when they shall return again. King Aella of the Northumbrians, mighty and fat he is, his nation's in threat by the Norse, has not welcomed them, and so both factions prepared for war. Mercia, ruled by King Burghred of Mercia - a weak and soft king, is not ready, would they prepare to face the wrath of the Vikings as the norse call themselves? East Anglia would follow, full of riches and monasteries, at their head lies King Edmund of East Anglia, a pious man.

Then there is Wessex, the most powerful nation of England. Ruled by a powerful man, Ethelred. He is the leader of an army more powerful than the others, and well armed. The power of the West Saxons are equivalrnt of the Frankish Empire as said by their leaders. Etherlred's heir, Alfred, who is his younger brother, is seen weak - weaker than ever. A very Christian man, he went to Rome as a child.

But what caused the most chaos in Britain were the true sons of devil, the turds - the Danes. Under brothers Halfdan and Ivar Lodbrok, seeking revenge on their father's death when he was thrown into a pit of snakes. They seek to unite England under Danish Rule, the danelaw, and establish a dynasty to stand the test of time.

Lieges and Vassals:            

====[Ivar Lodbrok][Danes]

[Vassals]                      ====

Halfdan Lodbrok                      

Ubba Lodbrok

Ragnar Ravnson                      

Guthrum the Unlucky

====[King Ethelred][Wessex]                              -                          ====

====[Vassals]                      ====

Prince Alfred                      

Prince Aethelwold                        

King Burghred of Mercia                      

Odda the Elder                     

====[King Aella][Northumbyria]                              -       ====

====            [Vassals]                      ====

King Osbert of Northumbyria                      

King Uhtred of Bernicia

==='''Independent Kings'''===


[King Pennum][Independent Briton Chief]====


[King Callyn][Independent Briton Chief]====


[Rhodri ap Merfin][Gwynedd]====




*Callyn's Kingdom

*Pennum's Kingdom


*East Anglia



==='''Notes and Rules:'''===


-Northumbyria will have 3 kings, Aella and Osbert have to fight each other until either one of them surrenders the kingdom to the other. -Aella will have a stronger morale, but Osbert has a bigger army.

-King Uhtred can choose sides, or send support - or declare their independence and fight both

-Mercia will become and remain a part of Wessex, as they are connected by marriage. They will be treated as a vassal, like every other Vassal,they must obey the kings.

-Each vassal has their own army, all armies will be listed.


*Make realistic turns


*Just use the turn section

*Only Numan, or another selected person may change the thing OTHER then the Turn section.

*No changing turns unless mistaken of some sorts.

*Be patient.

*You may only be ONE country.

*If you are killed, you are killed, you may beg another player to have a son, and play as the son.

*Only experienced players may be kings or leaders - the others may only be

*If you want to skip a turn, say, [ Country ] skips turn


*Game will end in the year 956

==='''Playable Lords:'''===

-Ivar Lodbrok: 900 Men - DANISH //LEADER//

-Guthrum the Unlucky: 400 Men - DANISH

-Ubba Lodbrok: 200 Men - DANISH -

Halfdan Lodbrok:800 Men- DANISH -

Ragnar Ravnson: 100 Men - DANISH

-King Ethelred: 5,000 Men - SAXON //LEADER//

-Prince Aethelwold: 0 Men - SAXON -Odda the Elder: 0 Men - SAXON

-Prince Alfred: 0 Men - SAXON

-King Burghred: 2,000 Men - SAXON

-King Uhtred: 500 Men - NORTHUMBRIAN

-King Osbert: 900 Men - NORTHUMBRIAN

-King Aella: 700 Men - NORTHUMBRIAN //LEADER//

-King Pennum:60 Men - BRITON //LEADER//

-King Callyn: 50 Men - BRITON //LEADER//

-King Rhodri Mawri: 1,800 Men - WELSH //LEADER//

==='''Playable Ladies:'''===

Aelswith: Alfred's Wife - SAXON

Gytha: King Uhtred's Wife - NORTHUMBRIAN

Iseult: King Pennum's Wife - BRITON


-Northumbria VS Danes

-Mercia VS Wales

-Wessex, Pennum VS Callyn


-Mercia, Wessex

-Pennum, Wessex

-Callyn, Wales

==='''Turn Section'''===