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What is this Wikia About?

Welcome to TheFutureOfEuropes Wikia! This Wikia is the place where fans of MervueMeringue's "History of Europe" series come to add, create, edit, and converse the series or their own versions based on the animation style. Alternate Future are a series of videos of fictional scenario events of geopolitics.

If you are a Mapper and you joined this Wikia: Welcome! This is the place where mappers hang out to discuss about Mapping, showing our Official Nations, events, Map Games and etc.

If you're new to the community, you may recognize some "mappers" from their own series. This is where we go to discuss and expand our universes. We are also the first group that dedicate themselves mainly to Alternate Future videos. Mapping is simple - You can retrieve a map of a continent, use editing software (MS Paint, Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) to make the videos. The countries in your videos get to do what you want do. When you are done with your first Mapping video, you can use a video-making software, like Windows Movie Maker. After configuring your video, you can publish it on YouTube. For a more detailed tutorial, read the Mapper Tutorial.

This Wikia was founded by Batran99, And has had 6,416 articles and 873,728 edits since October 7, 2012 - The Wikia's Founding.

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Mapperdonian Forces News Channel
  • Batran99

    G+ info Project

    March 28, 2018 by Batran99

    All these google+ groups are getting confusing. Considering that they are talked about in the month pages, we should help focus on expanding information about these communities, especially what are they about. If we have info on google+ on the wiki and with all these conflicts and stuff, more people would also come to read about it to understand so it's a bonus (and to consolidate relationship between wiki and google+). Google+ is a frontier of information we should understand. This would also help to boost activity and get the wiki more out there. 

    We should first list and create pages for the major communities (preferably those who have more than 100-200 members, or smaller yet large communities) from the past to now. I wish for the wiki to eventually be a library of information for the entire community. A form of settlement of neutral ground from the frontiers outside it. 

    So, if possible, I would like to ask for assistance on those who know a lot about their respective google+ commu…

    Read more >
  • Batran99

    Debate blog or thread

    January 9, 2018 by Batran99

    In order to boost activity, I am thinking of hosting (or other admins hosting) weekly debates regarding a certain topic or ongoing event. The debates can come in either two forms: "free-roam" or "controlled". Free-roam is where people who participate can discuss whatever they want in the topic and go into any direction they would like (so long it remains within the topic). Controlled is where there are pre-existing multiple arguments sides already presented and that players would either argue against or for. 

    an example is a (controlled) debate whether the wall should be built or not. My argument could be yes because it helps boost the economy through spending/investment in public projects (which the wall could be a public project), lowering unemployment (for a time), helps discourage/reduce/control illegal immigration, could bring a lot of people out of poverty.

    And then you can try to refute or promote my argument.

    this would also knock two birds with one stone since it would also push…

    Read more >
Recorded Mappers

These are mappers recorded according to discovery or if someone feels like it, so it might not all be in order. There are a number of 800 recorded mappers as of May 26, 2019. There has been an estimate of between 8,000 and 10,000 total Mappers as of December 2018

All members of this Wikia, and guests, please, feel free to refresh this section every day! It is estimated that there are more than 25 mappers left undiscovered or just not added to the list. Click here to edit the list

Important: Before adding any new mappers to the list, please be sure to do a search to see if the mapper is already recorded before you add them to the list. To do so, do Ctrl + F and enter the name you are looking for. Be sure to expand the tables below before doing a search or you will get no results. If you are not able to locate the name, make sure you do a youtube link search as well as some users may change their youtube names often.

Please use Classic Editor Only. To do that, at the very top, click on the arrow key beside edit and click on Classic Editor. To add any information to the list, the following code is used.

[YoutubeLink Username]
<p> (Youtube Only)</p>
Please add links to the YouTube link in order to keep track of duplicated Mappers.
If you are aware the mapper has a Wikia account, be sure to say so in the Key Section and provide a link to their wikia account. 

The following code is used to paste links on Wikia Usernames:
<pre> [ User] 

The results would like this:

Wikiausername: User


Key Definition
(YouTube Only) Only found on Youtube, not a user of wiki.
(YouTube Only?) Found on YouTube, but might be a user of the wiki.
(Deviantart Only) Only found on Deviantart, not a user of wiki.
Wikia username: Mapper Name Has a YouTube account with a Wikia Account

A * beside a name indicates that the mapper may contain missing or confusing information

A ! beside a name may require attention. Mostly for questions and certain links


1-600: List_of_Recorded_mappers

Mapper List (801-1000)

List of Mappers based on recording. (801-1000)

  1. Mappist

    (Wikiausername: Indiana Mapping)

  2. Fortune Mapper

    (Wikiausername: Fortune Mapper)

  3. Saviël ter Hart

    (Wikiausername: Saviël ter Hart)

  4. Ekohachi mapper

    (Wikiausername: Ekohachi)

  5. Tesseract Mapping

    (Wikiausername: [1]0

  6. LongLive

    (Wikiausername: [2])

  7. Luis

    (Wikia username: AStranger195)

  8. Bosnian Mapper1251

    (Youtube Only)

  9. N3ther Mapping

    (Wikia username: User:N3therIsHere)

  10. LKC

    (Wikia username: [[3]])

  11. Takeru Grima

    (Wikia username: [Grima])

  12. VernoProductions K

    (YouTube Only)

  13. Countryballs Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  14. Team Hero

    (YouTube Only)

  15. FnafZest

    (YouTube Only)

  16. AxuGeometryDash

    (YouTube Only)

  17. Grand Duchy Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  18. Tuga Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  19. The Glory Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  20. Aiden Nicolson

    (YouTube Only)

  21. Kartalium Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  22. ไพรัตน์ บุญโปร่ง

    (YouTube Only)

  23. Admiral Kolchak

    (YouTube Only)

  24. Indonesian HD Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  25. Genland

    (Wikia username: [Genland Genland])

  26. Tennesseean Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  27. Mister Gregory

    (YouTube Only)

  28. Muscovy

    (YouTube Only)

  29. Steve Nugget Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  30. Centauri

    (YouTube Only)

  31. Mapper_Of_Yugoslavia

    (YouTube Only)

  32. Trainmaster98

    (YouTube Only)

  33. Spmglandian Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  34. cheese n' cheese mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  35. Gibraltarian Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  36. CMapping

    (YouTube Only)

  37. Indonesium Mapping

    (Wikiausername: Piggyfriend1)

  38. Belgium Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

1-600: List_of_Recorded_mappers

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