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The wiki designed for Alternate Future Videos that anyone can edit! But the main purpose is to provide users to be able to create any type of content associated with their fictional countries or existing countries with alternate history, so long as it is related to the topic of politics and the mapping community. If you have any questions or concerns about this Wikia, contact the founder or any of the staff and we will be happy to listen to your request. Thank you and have fun!
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What is this Wikia About?

Welcome to TheFutureOfEuropes Wikia! This Wikia is the place where fans of Mapping, which started with MervueMeringue's "History of Europe" series come to add, create, edit, and converse about various mapping series or their own versions based on the animation style. Alternate Future are a series of videos of fictional scenario events revolving around geopolitics.

If you are a Mapper and you joined this Wikia: Welcome! This is the place where mappers hang out to discuss about Mapping, showing our Official Nations, events, Map Games and etc.

If you're new to the community, you may recognize some "mappers" from their own series. This is where we go to discuss and expand our universes. We are also the first group that dedicate themselves mainly to Alternate Future videos. Mapping is simple-- You can retrieve a map of a certain location, use editing software (MS Paint, Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) to make and produce the videos. The countries in your videos are characters, and you can make them do what you want. When you are finished creating your first Mapping video, you can use a video-making software, (Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.) to finalize the video. After configuring your video, you can publish it on YouTube. For a more detailed tutorial, read the Mapper Tutorial.

This Wikia was founded by Batran99, and has had 7,526 articles and 977,619 edits since October 7, 2012 - The Wikia's Founding.

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Mapperdonian Forces News Channel

Batran99 Batran99 7 June 2020

Q2 2020 Staff Polls

Welcome to Q2 2020 Staff Polls Requirements to be accepted are in the application link below. Due to TFOE setting up to be hooked with other chats, there has been a new need for possible new staff, or the promotion of existing ones. We were not sure how to approach a possible new generation of staff due to the change in landscape. However, hopefully, if there is a new generation of staff, they would be up to standards of those before them. 

There is no banner contest this quarter.


Candidates will be divided into 2 groups; Applied and Nominated. Nominees are people who are nominated by a staff member or admin. They don't have to apply, and can always turn down the nomination. While Applied is... i think you get it.


  • Luka (for admin):


  • Ssastalpoi (For chatmod):
  • Polyhedron (for chatmod):  https://thefu…
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Batran99 Batran99 21 July 2019

Q3 2019 Staff Polls (STAFF APPLICATIONS)

Welcome to Q3 2019 Staff Polls Requirements to be accepted are in the application link below.

As it has been roughly a year since the last saff poll. It is time to make way for new staff. A selected number of current staff (with the exception of Admins+) will be automatically placed into a vote to move up a position (or two), unless they choose not to. Staff who were not automatically nominated may sign up to do so. TFOE's system may temporarily change to revolve around Discord's staff positions rather than vice versa until we have sufficient enough members. 

We are also making changes to each seasonal poll. Instead of by season, we shall make it by quarter (Q1: January, February, March. Q2: April, May, June. Q3: July, August, September. Q4: October, November, December). This is so it can be easier to run (at least easier on the mind) due to Winter running into next year (and the confusion between Fall and Autumn).

There is no banner contest this quarter.

Link: https://thefutureofeuropes.f…

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Recorded Mappers

These are mappers recorded according to discovery or if someone feels like it, so it might not all be in order. There are a number of 800 recorded mappers as of July 21, 2024. There has been an estimate of between 15,000 and 20,000 total Mappers as of April 2020

All members of this Wikia, and guests, please, feel free to refresh this section every day! It is estimated that there are more than 25 mappers left undiscovered or just not added to the list. Click here to edit the list

Important: Before adding any new mappers to the list, please be sure to do a search to see if the mapper is already recorded before you add them to the list. To do so, do Ctrl + F and enter the name you are looking for. Be sure to expand the tables below before doing a search or you will get no results. If you are not able to locate the name, make sure you do a youtube link search as well as some users may change their youtube names often.

Please use Classic Editor Only. To do that, at the very top, click on the arrow key beside edit and click on Classic Editor. To add any information to the list, the following code is used.

[YoutubeLink Username]
<p> (Youtube Only)</p>
Please add links to the YouTube link in order to keep track of duplicated Mappers.
If you are aware the mapper has a Wikia account, be sure to say so in the Key Section and provide a link to their wikia account. 

The following code is used to paste links on Wikia Usernames:
<pre> [ User] 

The results would like this:

Wikiausername: User


Key Definition
(YouTube Only) Only found on Youtube, not a user of wiki.
(YouTube Only?) Found on YouTube, but might be a user of the wiki.
(Deviantart Only) Only found on Deviantart, not a user of wiki.
Wikia username: Mapper Name Has a YouTube account with a Wikia Account

A * beside a name indicates that the mapper may contain missing or confusing information

A ! beside a name may require attention. Mostly for questions and certain links


1-600: List_of_Recorded_mappers

Mapper List (801-1000)

List of Mappers based on recording. (801-1000)

  1. Mappist

    (Wikiausername: Indiana Mapping)

  2. Fortune Mapper

    (Wikiausername: Fortune Mapper)

  3. Saviël ter Hart

    (Wikiausername: Saviël ter Hart)

  4. Ekohachi mapper

    (Wikiausername: Ekohachi)

  5. Tesseract Mapping

    (Wikiausername: [1]0

  6. LongLive

    (Wikia username: [2])

  7. Luis

    (Wikia username: AStranger195)

  8. Bosnian Mapper1251

    (Youtube Only)

  9. N3ther Mapping

    (Wikia username: User:N3therIsHere)

  10. LKC

    (Wikia username: [[3]])

  11. Takeru Grima

    (Wikia username: [Grima])

  12. VernoProductions K

    (YouTube Only)

  13. Countryballs Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  14. Team Hero

    (YouTube Only)

  15. FnafZest

    (YouTube Only)

  16. AxuGeometryDash

    (YouTube Only)

  17. Grand Duchy Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  18. Tuga Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  19. The Glory Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  20. Aiden Nicolson

    (YouTube Only)

  21. Kartalium Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  22. ไพรัตน์ บุญโปร่ง

    (YouTube Only)

  23. Admiral Kolchak

    (YouTube Only)

  24. Indonesian HD Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  25. Genland

    (Wikia username: [Genland Genland])

  26. Tennesseean Mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  27. Mister Gregory

    (YouTube Only)

  28. Muscovy

    (YouTube Only)

  29. Steve Nugget Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  30. Centauri

    (YouTube Only)

  31. Mapper_Of_Yugoslavia

    (YouTube Only)

  32. Trainmaster98

    (YouTube Only)

  33. Spmglandian Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  34. cheese n' cheese mapper

    (YouTube Only)

  35. Gibraltarian Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  36. CMapping

    (YouTube Only)

  37. Indonesium Mapping

    (Wikia username: Piggyfriend1)

  38. Belgium Mapping

    (YouTube Only)

  39. Nerdy Mapping

    (Wikia username: Nerdy Mapping)

  40. An Arizona Ranger

    (Wikia username YeOldeGodofArizona)


    (Wikia username [4])

  42. Canary Mapping

    (Wikia username Canary21)

1-600: List_of_Recorded_mappers

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