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Federal Republic of Savonia
Savezna Republika Savonija (HR)


Zagreb Not specified
Languages Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian, Czeh, Rusyn
Official languages Croatian, Slovenian
Demonym Savonian
Religion Secular
Political structure Active
Gloria.png This nation is a member of WONA (Worldwide Official Nations Alliance)

Savonia is the official nation of the mapper TinDuk.

Politics and Government

Savonia is a Federal Republic constiting of 5 sovereign states.They are: Koruška(Carinthia), Slovenija(Slovenia), Istra(Istria), Hrvatska(Croatia) and Vojvodina.

The Government is split into 3 parts: The President,The National Assembly and the National Government.

The President's only powers are commanding the Army,while The Parliament has the power over Foreign Affairs and Economy.The Government has the rest of the power but mostly Internal Affairs.

The President is elected in a separate election every 4 years.The President is elected directly, with votes being tallied up and the candidate with 51% or more wins.If no candidate wins 51% in the 1st round, a 2nd round will take place 2 weeks after the 1st round in which only the top 2 candidates by votes shall be elected.

The National Parliament also has elections every 4 years.It consists of 195 seats, elected through Mixed Member proportional with constitutencies and lists being assigned to the 5 States. Croatia elects 68 MPs (45 Constituency, 23 List), Slovenia elects 57 MPs (38 Constituency, 19 List), Vojvodina elects 39 MPs (26 Constituency, 13 List), Koruškaelects 19MPs (12 Constituency, 7 List), and Istra elects 12 MPs (8 Constituency, 4 List).

The 8th Parliament
Party/Coalition Seats
Narodna Stranka/Istarski Demokrati

(People's Party/Istrian Democrats )

Demokratska Stranka

(Democratic Party)

Liberal Demokratska Stranka/Zeleni

(Liberal Democratic Party/The Greens)

Federalistička Partija Savonije

(Federalist Party of Savonia)

Slovenska Partija - Stranka Naroda

(Slovene Party - the Party of the People)



During the last decade of Yugoslavia,in the 80's,there was a growing desire for independence in every part of Yugoslavia.Everyone wanted their own state. The Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, Montenegrin, Macedonians, Italians and Albanians.The Yugoslav Congress, afraid of a coalition between the rebelling nations, took control and called for a Convention in which everything would be settled. And a year later, Yugoslavia was disbanded. Two years after that, Italy decided to take advantage of this week nation to their East. They published a Ultimatum to Slovenia and Croatia to transfer Istria and Dalmatia to Italy. It was rejected and a war started. This war lasted for 4 years,starting in 1985 and ending in 1989. by Intervention of the US.The US transferred the problem to the UN, which decided: Italy will get Dalmatia, Croatia will gain Pirovac and other disputed Territories from Slovenia, and Slovenia will gain Trieste in return.They signed it.But not voluntarily. Croatia and Slovenia saw this as unfair, of course.Croatia lost half of its land. A year later, in 1990, they decide to join into a Federation so that they may build up their military and have revenge on Italy. They decided not to use Slavic names or their own names.They decided to call their country by the river Sava, which flows through both Nations. Even now, in the 21st Century they are still preparing in one of the largest military programs in the Balkans.