Eastern Siberia, officially the Republic of Eastern Siberia is a sovereign state located in Asia, it borders Mongolia, Japan, and China to the South, and Russia to the West.

With a population of 27.28 million, Siberia is the world's 43rd most populous nation, above Ghana and below Venezuela.

Eastern Siberia gained independence in 1918 amongst the chaos of the Russian Civil War, and would nearly face death by 1920 when the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic invaded them, only to be pushed back at the last second.

Eastern Siberia's most populous city is Novosibrisk, and it's capital is Khabarovsk, Eastern Siberia has one official language, Russian, due to the devastation and loss of Siberian minorities there is not many speakers of any other language to leverage another official language.

Eastern Siberia is a member of the Eurasian Union, CIS, and the UN.
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