Kingdom of Quito Lamea (Land of the peace)

Maz's AF of Quito-Lemea.png

Map of North Sea
Capital Lomea
Government Unitary parliamentatry constitutional monarchy
 - 2017 War with Soviets
Time zone UTC 0
Internet TLD .qu (Quito-Lemea)
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Previous flag of Quito-Lamea

Quito-Lamea is Amen ESC's official nation.

Quito-Lamea, officially the Kingdom of Quito-Lamea, simply referred to as QL is a nation located in the North Sea, bordering Iceland to the north, Ireland, United Kingdom and Denmark to the south and Norway and Sweden to the east.


It is Native language It is called: ငြိမ်းချမ်းရေးပြည်

(ngyaaimhkyamrayy pyi) or Land of peace

Hist ory


-War with Soviets


Administrative Divisions



  • Quito-Lamea is in UN and
  • Quito-Lamea is the 13th Largest country
  • Quito-Lamea GDP: $ 87,998,123 (Largest)
  • Quito-Lamea Military is 10th in the world

Mapperdonian Allies

  • Flag of Nortminhia Nortminhia (since 02-04-2017) - Trade and Military



Quito-Lamea has a large music culture, that's why the nation participates in Linguavision Song Contest which is on QLRNTV 

First time when the country has entered was in March 2017. The country has choosen song "Historyja Majho Zyccia" by NAVIBAND. The country has gained 48 points and scored 13th place in the competition.


Naviband: Historyja Majho Zyccia (13th with 48 points)

Mirela: Contigo (9th with 77 points)

Tayana: Ocehb (19th with 48 points)

Mandiga: Zaleliah (16th with 42 points)

Suzy: Quero ser tua (17th with 34 points)

Naviband: Biazy (8th with 66 points)

Samanta: Zemren Maje (25th with 16 points)

Lina Kuduzovic: Prva Ljubezen (20th with 31 points)

Best entry so far: Naviband: Biazy (8th with 66 points)

Special thanks

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