Pannonia Flag Redesign
Member station PBC-PPB
Selection Internal Selection:42-45, 51-Nowadays

National Final:

Pannon Idol: 46-50

Participation summary
Appearances 13
First appearance 42
Best result 2nd (84 points): 50
Worst result 21st (32 points): 47
Highest scoring 87 points (49)
Lowest scoring 32 points (47)
Most 12 points 4 times (50)
Average placing 9.25


Before Mappervision

PBC-PPB had opened discussions at early March in 2019 with MBU in order to be accepted. The corporation has been accepted on the 7th March, 2019 and joined the Mappervision Song Contest immediately.

At Mappervision

Pannonia Flag Redesign Pannonia made it's debut in Mappervision Song Contest XLII which was hosted in Vancouver, Western Flag by CJets Western Republic. It was the time when the national broadcaster of the country, the PBC-PPB became an active member of the Mapperdonian Broadcasting Union.Pannonia Flag Redesign Pannonia has participated 13 times in the Mappervision Song Contest without winning the contest as of April 2020, and achieving their best result in the 50th edition with the song Battle performed by David Guetta and Faouzia. The song received the 2nd place with 84 points. The other top 10 placings of Pannonia Flag Redesign Pannonia are a 3rd place in the 51st edition, two 4th places in the 49th and 53rd editions, a 5th place in the 52nd edition, a 7th place in the 45th edition and a 10th place in the 42nd edition. The country has received a total of 699 points over all since it's debut. It is one of the few countries that has never withdrawn from the contest.

Participation table

  Third place
  Did not participate
Edition Host City Artist Song Language Place Points Note
XLII Western Flag by CJets Vancouver Flag of Hungary yesyes Fight English 10 41 First participation ever
XLIII Western Flag by CJets Los Angeles Flag of Morocco Flag of the United States French Montana Unforgettable English 16 49 -
XLIV Flagofjudea Jerusalem Flag of Switzerland Luca Hänni She got me English 13 42
XLV Neo Prussia Königsberg Flag of the Netherlands Davina Michelle Skyward English 7 63 Shared place with Cetinje
XLVI Western Flag by CJets Edmonton Flag of the United States Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie ME! English 17 44 Shared place with Alternia and Apollo Union
XLVII Danubia4 Danubenburg Flag of the United States P!nk Walk Me Home English 21 32 Worst result and lowest scoring as of April 2020
XLVIII New Flag of Novvasrbija Belgrade Flag of Germany Flag of Switzerland Flag of Albania Alle Farben ft. Ilira Fading English 13 44 Shared place with Rhinea
XLIX Dantomkia flag-00 Birmingham Flag of the United Kingdom OneRepublic Somebody To Love English 4 87 Highest scoring as of April 2020
L Western Flag by CJets San Francisco Flag of France Flag of Morocco David Guetta ft. Faouzia Battle English 2 84 Best result as of April 2020, shared place with Apollo Union
LI Flag of Sloburg Ljubljana Flag of Lithuania Flag of Norway Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen Obsessed English 3 74 -
LII New Flag of Novvasrbija Novi Sad Flag of Albania Flag of the United States Ava Max Sweet But Psycho English 5 70
LIII Rhinea Flag Cologne Flag of Sweden AronChupa I'm An Albatraoz English 4 69
LIV Flag of Greater Luxembourg Arlon Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United States Cheat Codes & Little Mix Only You English TBA
LV Flag of None TBA TBA English


Pannonia hasn't hosted Mappervision yet.

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