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Palestine, officialy known as The State of Palestine, is an unrecognized state in the Middle East, it borders Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Palestine is divided in two lands, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the Gaza Strip borders Israel and Egypt, and the West Bank borders Jordan and Israel. The West Bank is governed by the left-wing party Fatah, while the Gaza Strip is governed by the group Hamas, which is considered a terrorist group, Palestine has been occupied by Israel since the end of the six day war, it requested an UN membership, though it was given a non-member observer status.



The name of Palestine comes from the region where it is, Palestine, which covers Israel (~30%) and Jordan (~70%).


Kebab: Palestine kills Israel.

Flaming: Palestine kills Israel with help of Syria, Iran and Russia. Jews are still allowed but zionism is outlawed.

Sunny: Palestine take over Israel, but is friendlier with jews and muslims united. They rename as Pylion, getting lands from Arab nations as help.

Evuntia: Palestine joins to Jordan. Then, Israel conquers Palestine.