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Representative Federation of Nustreck
November 13th 2025–Present
Flag Nustreck Could of arms.png
Freedom guides us to the future
Land of the Bravery, Land of the Freedom
Paraland City Not specified
Languages Russian, Polish and Ukrainian
Demonym Nustrecian
Religion Atheism, Orthodox and Islam
Government Democratic Federation
 -  2096-Today Dzhon Раймундо
 -  Independence from the People's Republic of the World
Area 12,442,820 km² (4,804,200 sq mi)
 -  464,250,001 
     Density 37.3/km²  (96.6/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) {{{GDP_PPP_date}}}
 -  Total 2,745,510,150,000
 -  Per capita 5913.8
GDP (nominal) {{{GDP_nominal_date}}}
 -  Total 2,745,510,150,000
HDI (2098) 0.781
Currency Nurks
Drives on the Right
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|++666]]


Nustreck is a federation located in East Europe. It has 43 states and the population is 364 million. The capital is Paraland City.


In September 1st for 1939, the Nazi Germany has invaded the Poland, when the invasion has come to Warsaw, URSS declare war on The 3th Reich, on March 10th for 1940, the Red Army took Berlin, Poland and Germany is fully annexed by the USSR, the UK and France has put pressure to USSR release the Poland, on March 19th, UK, France and the Fascist Italy has united to make a ultimatum for the annexation of Poland, if the USSR don´t have realise Poland until March 25th they will declare war, Poland didn’t have realized, and the new Allies, UK, France and Italy have declared war.

USSR has developed the Nazi technology, it´s made the USSR stronger than ever. This new World War II was very different and more devastating than in our timeline. URSS has developed nukes first in 1946 and the Japanese have developed the first allies' A-bombs, 52 nukes (most with one Kiloton to five Kilotons, the strongest bombs used have ten kilotons) has used. Europe has become a massive Vietnam, More than 50 million guerrillas have fought in Europe from 1940 until 1946 when the USSR make a ceasefire, fearing a more realistic scenario of mutual nuclear destruction.

In the trenches and tunnels, many leaders were born, dozens of movements, after 1946, the European borders were redrawn and many movements who helped the Allies to fight was suppressed on all sides of the Iron Curtain. The USSR has an influence sphere bigger in this timeline. Until 1962 the USSR had influence on two-thirds of Africa, all South America and Asia. On July 4th of 1962 the USSR broke the ceasefire and attacked the Western Nations, the URSS cyber attacks have destroyed the ICBMs of the Western Nations, so a WW3 started.

On 1st January 1965, all Western Nations have surrendered and the World Socialist Union was founded, and a World Dictatorship controlled all the world.

2023, all the world economy has depleted, starvation and corruption is common in all world, all religions were banished in 1981, and the World Dictator is worshiped like the North Korean dictators. The internal pressure just grew, all the achievements of the World Communist Party were seen as a waste of money, like all the colonies on the moon, the AfroEurasian Hyperspeed Railroad and many other thing.

On October 28th of 2023, a economic crisis began, the planetary pressure was bigger than ever.

On December 25th of 2023 1.52 billion people are unemployed all over the world. The Great Revolution is starting.

On the 11thof January of 2024 many chunks of Central Africa, India and Australia are in control of anti-communist forces. On November 10th of 2025 Moscow and Warsaw are in control of the Anti-Communists, and the Treaty of Sydney was made after three days of conference the world was divided in Several nations. November 13th 2025

One of these nation was the Nustreck, country who ruled all East Europe and European Russia.

The nation was actually after the first elections on February 1st of 2026.

In 2058, The newly formed, of Slav Union begins to be a threat to the peace.

On March 19th of 2061, the President of S.U.  sent tanks and troops to the Nustrecian border.

On July  11thof 2061, the Nustrecian president raised the military budget, on July 15th The S.U. president said "the raising of the military budget of Nustreck is a threat to the regional peace. We don't want war, we want to unite all slavs in one nation!!!"

August 21th The S.U. sent troops to a small village on the Nustrecian side of the border. In 26 hours of conflict, 980 Nustrecians died and the S.U. took the village, the Nustrectian president didn't declare war on the S. U., massive protests in all Nustreck want war against S.U. On August 24th the President committed suicide, Marechal Erik Gustalia took the power instead of the vice president and went to war with S.U. so the Eastern European war, the S.U. army outnumbered the S.U. army four times in manpower, but the Nustrecian army is more advanced. After two years of war Nustreck annexed all the S.U., but Nustreck continues the war with the S.U.'s allies, Siberia and Niponia.

5Five years of war later, Nustreck won and annexed all of the S.U. and its allies, the peace treaty was signed on September 4th of 2068, Nustreck become very imperialistic after it became a world superpower.

Nustreck Territorial Evolution

On January 1st of 2072 Nustreck declared war on the Southern Asia Union. It annexed the S.A.U. capital on January 2th Annexing it two hours later, killing this buffer zone between Nustreck and China. The Democratic Republic of Kaliar and Surerpian make an ultimatum to Nustreck to leave the S.A.U in 72 hours, Nustreck don´t leave, and in January 5th of 2072 ,The WW4 Start, the ‘’New Allies’’ China, D.R.K, Surerpian, South Balkans Union and United States of France against Nustreck

After five years of war, Nustreck and the New Allies sign a peace treaty.

Nustreck today

Nustreck today is a federation, has 43 states. Its capital is Parlor, has 464 million inhabitants, is located in Eastern Europe, the capital is Paraland City which has 0.781 HDI and a GDP of 2.7 trillion and has the third lowest index of cars in the all world per capita.

The tourism is strong in the countryside, mainly is that the military buildings, some crazy and others epic, like the Siberian line, a 3000 kilometres defense line, and in some point reach 152 kilometres of defenses but is mainly 20.5 kilometres, the Ural gate is the mainly stand by site, the government now is implanting the ‘’full defense project’’ they reduce their military manpower and focus all military to defense, so some military buildings were entered in ’’Standby mode’’, the gate was really important to Nustreck in WW4 to keep his actual size, it was responsible to keep 19,000 Tanks, 6600 Bombers, 12,000 Jet fighters, 7250 Armored Vehicles, 475,000 soldiers, 50,000 light mechs, 4000 heavy mechs in the Operation West Mountains, the Ural gate defend the line for all in a whole week of nonstop combat, in the end, the invasion forces was reduced to 151,270 soldiers 52 Tanks and two light mechs, it´s was important to the peace treaty.

Urgree City is known worldwide as the Capital of Beer.

The eight biggest beer companies were started in Urgree City, and have four beer pipelines: four going to Europe, two to China and three to the Indian subcontinent. Every day ten million liters of beer flow in these pipes.

In Nustreck, the space treaty is a major part of the trade, have five major spaceports to low orbit, Nustreck took 36% of all space treaty on Earth, more than 980 tons of goods is left on Earth and enter every day, moving 95 billion Nurks (one Nurk = 0.1 grams of Gold)

Nustreck is the only nation in all the world that back went to the gold standard and no have central bank and because of that, in Nustreck there is no inflation.


The Nustreck is a Representative Federation and the powers is divided into three: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. All the 43 states are autonomous and make their own laws, and can modify the federal laws, each state can elect 25 deputies who exercise the state legislative power.   

Every state can elect one senator, this senator will administer the state and exercises the Executive power in the state level and in legislative power at the federal level and will negotiate interstate deals and represent their state and in federal issues and federal law violations. The judiciary in all levels are elected by voting The executive power has elections every five years, the Legislators have elections every five years and the judiciary has elections every year.