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North York Mapping is the hero of Mapper Wars.

History (2000-2020)

In the beginning of 2000, Polish Mapping took over the nation. They wanted to spread democracy across the globe. The first president of Polish Mapping was Joseph Murphy. His presidency lasted from 2000-2003. In 2003, Wesley Leon took office. His presidency lasted until 2009. In 2009, he mysteriously vanished. Rolando Knight took office. His presidency lasted from 2009 to 2020. In 2020, Patrick Davies took office. He began a new era for the people of Polish Mapping.

Post-Fourth Great War (2020-2025)

During Patrick's presidency, many wars occurred. Such as the South-Eastern War and the North-Western War. Checker Tobi and Meechyworld were plotting against Polish Mapping. They declared war on them in 2022. Polish Mapping won the war as a result. In 2023, Groxel and many other nations declared war on Sapro and Awesome. The rest of the world followed suit. In 2025, Groxel gave up. After the treaty of Groxelia, a new nation, called Fascist Union was created. During the war, Patrick died. After the war ended, a new leader was put in place. His name was Scott Willis. He renamed the nation from Polish Mapping to Ontario Mapping. Ontario got an invitation from Axzyte's leader. They agreed to divide up Postboxpat. In 2026, Fascist Union started the Fourth Great War.

Fourth Great War (2026-2027)

The Fourth Great War lasted only a year. Near the end of 2027, North York escaped from the Alternate World.

Civil War (2031)

On December 5th 2031, A civil war erupted in North York Mapping. There were two sides: North York (blue) and North York rebels (red) The North York rebels wanted the government back led by Scott Willis. The leader of the Rebels was called Jason Willis, son of Scott Willis. In mid-2032, North York spies found out that Polish is responsible for aiding the rebels. The civil war ends in late 2032. It is won by North York and their allies.

The Odrysian and Polskan Campaign

On July 5th, 2033, Planet Sunanu and Ethan and Braden Productions declare war on Odrysian (Mapper). Empires of Europes mapping, Nilotic mapper, General Galaxy Mapper and North York follow suit. The war ends on August 4th, 2035. 1 month later, North York begins the "Polska Campaign" to destroy Polska and his power over North America. The war ends one year later on September 4th 2036. 1 month later, Fascist Union reveal themselves and starts the continental war.

The Continental War (2036-2037)

On October 4th, 2036, Fascist Union begins the Continental War, one of the largest wars in Mapper Wars history. The war ends on October 4th, 2037, one year later.

Pre-First Great Mapper War (2037-2040)

1 month later, North York managed to escape to Europe. They landed in the ruins of South-East Romania. They eventually got contact with Galaxy. Both of their economies were very weak, so they decided to trade. Eventually they found Nilotic, who was suffering a lot. They managed to help him. 2 months later, North York started a expedition in Romania. The expedition lasted until the beginning of 2038. Eventually, they found out Colonel Integra was being invaded by Polish Mapping Presents, who was killed personally in the North York-Polish imperialist war (in 2032). The war was won and Polish's government was replaced with a less nationalist government. North York explained the story of Fascist Union to their allies. 1 year later, Fascist Union discovers they are still alive. They declare war on Galaxy and begin the most deadliest conflict in history...

First Great Mapper War (2040-2050)

On June 7th, 2040, the deadliest conflict has begun. North York and his allies didn't know what to do. They couldn't beat on Fascist Union by themselves. They made a plan to destroy Fascist Union. North York prepared their troops meanwhile some of their allies looked for some nations. They found Planet Sunanu, who claimed he knew some people. EOEM and Wolf became victims of the Mapper War. Meanwhile, North York surprised attacked Fascist Union in alternate world. Axzyte landed out of nowhere and found Fascist Union together with North York. The battle of port Tobi, happened in 2041. After it was won, North York troops celebrated a party in a restaurant in Port Tobi. However, the war was far from over. Many other nations rebelled. In 2045, After a long stalemate, the war continued. The allies managed to push Fascist Union out of Galaxy and Ireland. In the other world, the dictator of Fascist Union was killed by Brian Wulfric personally. The Fascists lost their territory in the alternate world. In 2047, North York and their allies managed to land in North America, bringing the end of the Fascists once and for all. In 2050, the war was won once Fascist Union gave up. After the treaty, Fascist Union ceased to exist.

Post-First Great Mapper (2060-2066)

Tensions have started to rise up in 2060-2061. Nothing much happened in this era.

Communist Expansion of Greenball (2066)

In 2066, Kyiv's economy has crashed, and Greenball declared war on Canadian and Kyiv. North York eventually joined the war. Later in the war, Pennsylvanian Nationalists rose up. Greenball used this to his advantage. In 2067, the war ended and Greenball was successful.