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Republic of Marmarica
جمهورية إقليم مارماريكا
Life span?
Flag Coat of arms
"Glory, Progress, Pride"
"Song of Pride"
Capital Tobruk
Capital-in-exile Benghazi
Languages Arabic
Religion Islam
Government Republic Marmarica, ]]
President Khaled Fakroun
Currency Dinar
Calling code ++264

Marmarica, which is also known as The Republic of Marmarica,is an Official Nation of OmegaMapping HD (YouTube Channel)


Marmarica's history is full of conflicts and atrocities. It all started when Egypt invaded Libya. That war was easily won by the Egyptians because of the state of the Libyan military. Since it had been fighting rebels and terrorists for years. After the war Egypt became the Pharaoh's Republic but the populace was unhappy. It didn't like this new style of government. The Pharaoh's Republic didn't last long as just a couple of years later do to civil unrest it collapsed.Out of the ashes of the fallen Pharaoh's Republic rose new powers who managed to stabilize the region. One of those powers was Matruh a state that controlled most of eastern Libya and western Egypt. In episode 6 Matruh invaded Cyrenaica and fully annexed it. Then it renamed itself into the Republic of Marmarica. Just before the Great War Marmarica declared war on its neighbors and in a couple of months it occupied all of eastern Maghreb. It then annexed all the land it occupied into a new glorious state of Marmarica.


Marmarica is a democratic nation which elects once every 6 years. The current president is Khaled Fakroun and is considered a good ruler. And a fit ruler for the great nation of Marmarica. The first election was a tough one. Khaled won by just 2% of the votes and there was a small riot at the Tobruk square by the people who supported Tareq Al-Awaji his rival in the election. But it was quickly stopped by the Tobruk police.