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Types of Maps

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If you're looking for vector maps (.svg) to use in Inkscape or any other vector graphics editor, go here.

Adding New Maps Rules

When adding a new map, please make sure file type is PNG, or GIF, or SVG for vector maps. Please make sure you are adding the map in the appropriate category. In addition, please make sure you are not duplicating a map. (unless the original map is a bad quality map) Make sure that the maps are actually useful for mappers who are in need.

To add a map into the gallery. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the gallery and click on "add photo to gallery." From there, upload a photo, add a caption/description and then click publish and there you go.

By adding a map to the any of the Maps for Mappers, unless stated, you agree that you allow any mappers to use the map that you posted without your permission under Public Domain.


Instructions for Using the Map
  1. Select the map that you want to use.
  2. Click on the picture of the map and you should see a pop up.
  3. Click on "See Full Size Image" at the top when hovering your mouse on the map.
  4. Right click on the image and select "Save image as..." and save the map to your designated folder.

These are European Maps.

These are Asian Maps.

These are maps of the entire World.

These are African Maps.

These are maps in both South America and North America.

Maps in Oceania.

Maps that don't go in any of the categories.