's Mussertgrave(American) Perrystonic(Fall of the) QMU Era
(Findrak) Red Rebellion(Insert country name)(Map Game) Future of Europe
(NGAE) New Great Achemenid Empire-ion
1/5/15 (January 5th 2015)125px-Flag of Germany 2023.png12 Days of Mapping
13th Wiki War (Second Arab War)1420-1520 (A new era)1800 Map Game
1910 - War on the Horizon - Map Game1941: Year of Decision (Map Game)1945 - The Iron Curtain (Map Game)
1st CON & TFA Summit1st Diplomatic Conference Austranland and Rhinea1st GONK Summit
1st MCS summit2000's War2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)
2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/East African Republic2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/German Democratic Republic2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/Gold Coast Federation
2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/Imperial Alliance2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/International Federation2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/Mexican Socialist Democratic Republic
2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/Scottland2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/The Anglo- Scottish war2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/The Democratic Republic Of England
2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/The Fifth International2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/The Global Federative Union2000 - The New Millenium (Map Game)/The People's Republic of Dacia
2000 - The New Millennium Revived (Map Game)2010s2010s (Europe 2.0)
2014 for Asdf Mapping2014 for Monsoonjr992014 for Pezminer12
2014 for SunnyKhan68820152015-2016 Criydaße season
2015 Batavian general election2015 MIFF World Cup2015 for Asdf Mapping
2015 for Canadian Mapper2015 for Java Sea2015 for Kebab Master Lel
2015 for Luca2015 for Monsoonjr992015 for Pezminer12
2015 for The Thundar Mapper2015 in mapping2015 in wars & conflicts
20162016 AFC African Cup2016 AOFC Australasian Cup
2016 EFC European Cup2016 MIFF World Cup2016 Mapperdonian Olympic Games
2016 NSAC American Cup2016 for Kebab Master Lel2017
2017-18 Brandenburgische Hockey-Liga2017: Year of Chaos (Map Game)2017 (Map Game)
2017 AFC African Cup2017 AOFC Australasian Cup2017 EFC European Cup
2017 MIBA Basketball World Cup2017 MIBA Spring Tournament2017 MIFF Exhibition Tournament
2017 MIFF World Cup2017 MIHF Summer Championship2017 MIHF Winter Championship
2017 MIRF Winter Tournament2017 Mapperdonian Olympic Games2017 NSAC American Cup
2017 for HappynHungry2017 for Kebab Master Lel2017 for Monsoonjr99
2017 in Bevaria20182018-19 Brandenburgische Hockey-Liga
2018 AFC African Cup2018 AOFC Australasian Cup2018 Curling Championship
2018 EFC European Cup2018 Freestyle Snowboarding World Championships2018 Gralician Federal Election
2018 Gralician Football National League2018 MCS Winter Elections2018 MIFF World Cup
2018 MIHF Summer Championship2018 MIHF Winter Championship2018 MIHU American Men's Handball Championship
2018 MIHU Asian Men's Handball Championship2018 MIHU Beach Handball World Championship2018 MIHU Confederations Cup
2018 MIHU European Men's Handball Championship2018 MIHU World Men's Handball Championship2018 MIHU World Men's Handball Championship - qualification
2018 MIHU World Women's Handball Championship2018 MIRF Winter Tournament2018 Mapperdonian Olympic Games
2018 Mapperdonian Para Pan Pacific Games2018 Mapperdonian Summer Pan Pacific Games2018 Mapperdonian Winter Olympic Games
2018 Multinational Winter Olympic Games2018 NSAC American Cup2018 Nordemian Parliamentary Election
2018 Sorian Revolution2018 Tour Of Rhinea2018 Turkic Federation coup d'etat
2018 Winter Mapperdonian Super Bowl20192019-20 Brandenburgische Hockey-Liga
2019-20 MIHU African Men's Handball Nations League2019-20 MIHU American Men's Handball Nations League2019-20 MIHU Asian Men's Handball Nations League
2019-20 MIHU European Men's Handball Nations League2019 AFC African Cup2019 AOFC Australasian Cup
2019 Austran legislative election2019 CONIFA European Football Cup2019 EFC European Cup
2019 EFC European Cup Qualification2019 Freestyle Snowboarding World Championships2019 Khmer Premier League
2019 MIFF World Cup2019 MIFF World Cup African Qualifying Rounds2019 MIFF World Cup American Qualifying Rounds
2019 MIFF World Cup Australasian Qualifying Rounds2019 MIFF World Cup European Qualifying Rounds2019 MIFF World Cup Intercontinental Playoffs
2019 MIHF Summer Championship2019 MIHF Winter Championship2019 MIHU African Men's Handball Championship
2019 MIHU American Men's Handball Championship2019 MIHU Asian Men's Handball Championship2019 MIHU European Men's Handball Championship
2019 MIHU European Men's Handball Championship - qualification2019 MIHU World Men's Handball Championship2019 MIHU World Men's Handball Championship - qualification
2019 Mapperdonian Netball World Cup2019 Mapperdonian Sports Championships2019 Mapperdonian Sports Championships medal table
2019 Mapperdonian Winter Sports Championships2019 Mapperdonian World Games2019 NSAC American Cup
2019 Spring Mapperdonian Super Bowl2019 Summer Mapperdonian Super Bowl2019 Winter Mapperdonian Super Bowl
20202020-21 MIHU European Men's Handball Nations League2020 ConIFA World Cup
2020 ConIFA World Football Cup qualification2020 MIFF World Cup2020 MIHF Winter Championship
2020 MIHU African Men's Handball Championship2020 MIHU American Men's Handball Championship - qualification2020 MIHU Asian Men's Handball Championship
2020 MIHU Asian Men's Handball Championship - qualification2020 MIHU European Men's Handball Championship2020 MIHU European Men's Handball Championship - qualification
2020 MIHU World Men's Handball Championship2020 Mapperdonian Sports Championships2020 Mapperdonian Winter Sports Championships
2020 Spring Mapperdonian Super Bowl2020 Winter Mapperdonian Super Bowl2020 corona virus in Baltorus
2020 coronavirus pandemic in Brandenburg2020 coronavirus pandemic in Karianka2020 coronavirus pandemic in Newphalia
2020 coronavirus pandemic in Pannonia2020 coronavirus pandemic in Rhinea2020 coronavirus pandemic in Serelet
2020 coronavirus pandemic in Tristaria2020 novel coronavirus outbreak in Karonas2021 ConIFA European Cup
2021 Russian Invasion of Poland2nd CON summit2nd Diplomatic Conference Austranland and Rhinea
2nd GONK Summit2nd Kingdom Of Nepal2nd MCS summit
2nd Soviet Union2nd Spanish Civil War (Map Game)2nd treaty
3rd Baltorusian Civil war3rd CON summit3rd GONK Summit
3rd MCS summit3rd Russian Empire4th CON summit
4th CON summit/Parliament reform4th CON summit/Vandaysia/Skycon4th GONK Summit
4th MCS summit4th MCS summit/Creation of the MCS Assembly5th CON summit
5th CON summit/Reorganization of CON5th MCS summit6th CON summit
6th MCS summit703 Dialect7 January 2015
99buttran???ABO League (Basketball)
ABSAABSA GermanyABSA Germany presidential election, 2038
ACC 2019 Americas CupACC 2019 Americas Cup BiddingACF 2019 Australasian Cup
ACF 2019 Australasian Cup BiddingAEC (Astanian Enterteiment Corporation)AFC African Cup
AFM (Anti-Faction movement)AFOE (The Canadian Askew)AFOE in Countryballs (SebbanMapping)
AFOeLeagueAFOeLeague- First Championship Third Week DecemberAFOeLeague May 2017 Call of Duty Tournament
AFoE (UKM)AFoMapper (Canary Mapping's Mapper Wars) Season 1AHoE (Goldenrebel25) Templates
ANSCHLUSS, MUEN FRUEND! (Map Game)AOFC Australasian CupAOFC Australasian Cup 2019 Qualification
ARIS-KomunisztASEAN MapperASIA 2017 (Map Game)
ATVA (British Mapping And Gaming)A Bad Past (Archive 1)
A Bad Past (Map Game)A Brave New World (Map Game)A Broken World (Map Game)
A Broken World MissionsA Changing World(Map Game)A Complex Germany (Game!!!)
A Dawn of a New Era (Map Game)A Dawn of a New Era (Map Game) NationsA Different Past Map Game
A Falcon ProductionsA Fascist World (Map Game)A Formal Apology
A Future ButcheredA Future Butchered Episode 101A House United: Manifest Destiny (Map Game)/Draft
A Lifetime of Endeavor (KdM Map game)A Map of RandomnessA New Dawn (Map Game)
A New Dawn Revived (Map Game)A Song of War and Blood (Map Game)A Surviving America (Map Game)
A Very Alternate Future of Europe Series (AVAFOES) (Brad)A Very British Civil War (Map Game)
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