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The Kingdom of Holstija
"Краљевина Хoлcтија"
Flag of SKN.png
1991 - Present
New Flag of Novvasrbija.png Novasrbija coat of arms.png
Flag Coat of arms
"God Is a Holstijan"
За славу наше домовине! (Holstijan)
За славу наше домовине!
Holstija Map Globe.png
Green = Holstija

Gray: Other Countries

Dark Gray: Europe
Capital Belgrade
Largest city Belgrade
Languages Holstijan
Ethnic groups Holstijans,Albanians,Bulgarians
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Government Constituional Monarchy
 -  Current Aleksandar Ivanović
 - 2016 - 2018 Dmitar Mihajlović
Legislature Holstijan Senate
Historical era Modern
Currency Holstijan dinar
Time zone UTC +1
Drives on the Right
Calling code +439
Internet TLD .hs
Flag of Global World Peace Alliance This nation is a member of GTO.
Utdchristianalliance This nation is part of the United Christian Alliance

FlagOfMCS This nation is a member of the MCS.

The Kingdom of Holstija,Unofficially called the Second Kingdom of Holstija, Formerly known as Novasrbija (Serbian: Новаcрбија) is a sovereign nation in the Balkans that was formed after the collapse of Socialist Kingdom of Novasrbija. It is a large, socially progressive nation, remarkable for its burgeoning Eagle population. The hard-working, democratic population of 93 million Holstijans enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct.

The tiny, outspoken government juggles the competing demands of law, order, welfare, and education. The average income tax rate is 8.8%.

The strong Holstijan economy, worth 5.71 trillion Dinars a year, is broadly diversified and led by the Trout Farming industry, with significant contributions from Book Publishing, Gambling, and Door-to-door Insurance Sales. Average income is 61,354 Dinars, and evenly distributed, with the richest citizens earning only 4.9 times as much as the poorest.

Crime is relatively low. Novasrbija's national animal is the Eagle.


Pre Roman Period

It all began in 1358 BC when the slavs migrated to the Balkans, they began their tribes in 132 BC. They started agriculture, clothing, shops, building, etc. with its leader, Agnes I. The Romans came over and had two battles with the slavs, one in Pribrezhnyy gorod (present-day Rovinj) and in Velikiye ravniny (present day Karlovac,but back then there was nothing so they only fought in the plains) which they lost and they became landlocked. The Slavic tribes tried to expand to have a coast again, but Romans took them before the slavs could claim,so they went to war again but lost a large amount of land and seven cities. They wanted to be friends with Greeks and Dacians. They became allied and help each other when something was wrong. The slavs went to war with Romans yet again but this time it was with the help of the allies, and they won, gaining back what it lost and also the two losses earlier.

Roman Period and First Revolution

In 103 AD, Romans were rising, and they defeated the allies, annexing their whole land in 129 AD. The Slavs were nothing but a piece of Romans, Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) and Ottoman Empire, until gaining independence in 1396. The country was forced to give money to the Ottomans so they can let them free. If they reached bankruptcy, they would be annexed. So the Balkan Kingdom was tired of it and they declare war on the Ottomans with the help of the Russians and the French, and they won the war, sucessfully gaining independence. They estabilished ties with the French and the Russians, and they proposed a unification with the greeks. Greeks accepted the unification and thus the Holy Balkan Empire was born.

Early Holy Balkan Empire Period

in the 15th Century, Numerous wars were estabilished with the Ottoman Empire, with some of the wars losing, but some of them on the winning side. Holy Balkan Empire rose from a quarter of it's Maximum Size (Parts of Greece,Albania,Macedonia and Serbia) to a large size. An Eagle was put on the flag to symbolize the Great expansion (you can see it on the Coat of Arms) by the end of the 16th Century.

Holy Balkan Empire during the 17th Century

Right after the beginning of the 17th Century, The Holy Balkan Flag was remade into a simple Three Colored flag consisting of Burgundy Red on top, Black in the middle and White on the bottom. New Reformations like New Constitution and New Parliament were build in the country. The Flag got 7 stars, indicating the Seven New Regions of the Empire: Serbia,Macedonia,Albania,Greece,Bulgaria,Thrace and Bosnia. In 1642, Ottoman Empire declared war on the Holy Balkan Empire thinking they would have been weakened by the previous wars, but they were wrong, Istanbul was captured after just a week, and the Holy Balkan Forces reached the Anatolian Peninsula in a week. The Ottoman Empire surrendered after a month, and they gave up Constantinople and some Anatolian Territories, forcing the New Ottoman Capital to be Ankara, which was the capital of Galatia region. This Holy Balkan victory was considered the most important Battle in the Holstijan History, with the Capital moving from Skopje to Constantinople, and the Relations with the greeks have increased greatly.

Holy Balkan Empire in the 18th Century

In 1709, The First Elections for a Tsar were estabilished after a Coup d'etat on the Holy Balkan Government by the Russian Tsardom. Tsar Nicholas I of Serbia won and he became the First Ever Tsar of the Holy Balkan Empire. In 1735, During the Russo-Turkish War, Holy Balkan Empire was brought in, and had to capture most of the Ottoman Land, since the Ottoman Army was in Russia. This caused a struggle in the Ottomans and resulting in Russian Victory. Holy Balkan Empire gets more land from Anatolia, As Far as Konya. In the Fourth Russo-Turkish War, Ottoman lost heavily and Holy Balkan Empire got Cyprus as a Puppet State.

Holy Balkan Empire in the Early 19th Century and the French Occupation

After Napoleon got into the control, Holy Balkan Empire joined on Russia's side, cutting all ties with France, However after France took over Austria, it invaded the Holy Balkans easily, and Fell to the French, which the French divided it into 12 Puppet States and they were used to take over Russia, but the Invasion of Russia Failed, and the Ottomans thought it would gain some territories back, and The Allied Liberation of Holy Balkan Empire was sucessfull, and the French would later be defeated. The Congress of Vienna caused the Holy Balkan Empire to be reunited, but losing Constantinople and all the Territories on the Anatolian Peninsula. This was a disaster for the Holy Balkan Empire but Russia told the Tsar Petrov II to not worry because if they joined on the French side it would be even worse. The Capital had to be moved to Skopje from Constantinople, being occupied by the Ottomans.

Holy Balkan Empire in the Late 19th Century

The Holy Balkan Empire Had to rebuild after the Napoleonic Wars, but Russia helped in the rebuilding, So It wasn't much a problem for the Holy Balkan Empire. However in 1854 the Instability started to grown in the country, with countries starting independence movements to weaken the Weak Empire. In 1860 The first uprising came but was crushed. In 1865 Two uprisings came but they started to get better, in 1866 Another two rebels joined the rebellions, and when an uprising got crushed, more rebels came, the number of rebellions were way too much and the Holy Balkan Empire was abolished in 1867, giving every region Independence,including the puppet states of Moldova and Wallachia which would unify and take Dobruja. The Holy Balkan Empire had to live as the Region of Serbia in which was renamed to Holstija in 1851, Officialy Ending the 468 Years of Glory.

Holstija in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Following the Collapse of the Holy Balkan Empire, Austrian Empire Took Bosnia, and became Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire took Thrace, Meaning there was no way to restore the Former Empire without going to war with Superpowers, So Holstija had to rest for a while. The First Balkan Wars started when Bulgaria declared war on the Ottoman Empire and invited Macedonia and Holstija. The war was won on the Balkan Victory and Ottoman Empire had to give West Thrace to Macedonia, which was split between Holstija and Greece. However Bulgaria wasn't happy that they didnt get much land, and they declared war on Holstija and Greece,But they lost the war and caused to Lose it's tiny coast gained from Ottoman Thrace. In 1908, They invaded and annexed Albania, which was very corrupt. In 1914, Holstija was accused by Austria-Hungary for assasinating the Archduke, and was declared war upon. However They convinced Bulgaria that they will get back the Coast of Greece if they joined on its side, Bulgaria accepts and joins in the Entente. Greece joins on the Central Powers.

Holstija during World War 1

Holstija was able to hold the Austro-Hungarian Forces, but they couldn't get past Holstija because Greece was defeated, and they had no way to get there as Montenegro and Albania had blockades by Russia which prevents enemy attacks from the Sea. However, in 1917, Due to Rasputin's Russian Republic and later Lenin's Soviet Republic, Russia had to abolish the Blockade, and this was terrible for Holstija, which was quickly invaded and pushed back to Macedonia. However The Germans realised the British could hold at France due to american ships, so the Germans sunk the American Support Ships, which causes the United States to enter the war. Holstijans, along with the American Help started to push Austria-Hungary out of the Mainland, and eventually push them to Budapest. They surrendered, and they gave the Entente Victory. Holstija got Republika Srpska and Vojvodina from Austria-Hungary.

Holstija during the Interwar Period

After Holstija won World War 1, Nothing pretty much happened in Holstija other than new kings being crowned, and the Great Depression didn't affect Holstija. Ties with Romania,Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia were estabilished after the Hungarian-Romanian War, with Holstija on Romania's side. The Ties were transformed into an alliance called "Little Entente" Holstija was the 4th Strongest country in East Europe, behind Turkey,Soviet Union and Romania.

Holstija during World War 2

In 1939, The Little Entente was disbanded after German annexation of Czechoslovakia. While the others joined the Axis, Holstija opted to be invaded, and it was invaded. Soviet Union thought Holstija as the "Most Loyal Nation to Russia" after seeing how it opted to be invaded. The Country was divided between Bulgaria,Romania,Hungary and Italy. It was like that until 1944, When the soviets liberated Holstija and reunited it. In 1945, The Axis was Defeated. Holstija gained the rest of Bosnia. A socialist government was installed in 1941 in the Romanian occupation Part, and it gained control of every part.

Holstija during the Cold War

Holstija was reunited as a Social Republic. It installed the Iron Curtain on the Border with Croatia, and Joined the Warsaw Pact. Holstijans were treated greatly, and they decided to live under communism. In 1989, Mikahil Gorbachev led Western Cult into Soviet Union. The President Josif Davidović decided to allow Western Cult into Holstija as well. In 1991, The Soviet Union collapsed. Holstija had to deal with Bosnian and Albanian rebels until they lost to them 5 days after and the Communist Regime collapsed.

Holstija in the Modern Time

Holstija started to develop greater than in the Communist Regime, with More Buildings and More industry around the country. In 1992, The First Motorway had started building. In 1998, It finished, Linking Hungary with Belgrade. In 2000, They extended the Motorway south to Albania and finishing it in 2019. In 2008 The Economic Crisis didn't affect Holstija too much, just a little inflation. In 2018, The President Dmitar Mihajlović was accused of Spreading lies and inflation of the Holstijan Economy, resulting in 5.000 People Unemployed, and thus, Leading to the Holstijan Civil War, which was a victory for the Monarchists, and Aleksandar Ivanović gained the Lead, which was quite better than some of the previous leaders of Holstija in the past.

Foreign relations

Holstija maintains international relations with six different nations. It is a member of the United Christian Alliance and leads the Global Treaty Organization. Below is a list of the allies of Holstija.

Name Owner Treaty
Pyrenacia flagAneto SconesAndTeaMapping Treaty of Bilbao
Flag of BulgariaBulgaria N/A Treaty of Sofia
Flag of GreeceGreece N/A Treaty of Athens
Kingdom of Inkami flag by MazovianMappingInkami Mazovian Mapping Treaty of Katowice
New Polish Union flagNew Polish Union PlatinumDiamondX Treaty of Katowice
Tmp 30016-Polnocslavia-1877846891Polnocslavia Stelionas747 Treaty of Berlin
Flag of RomaniaRomania N/A Treaty of Bucharest
VkyconfdValkyria Confederation LukaGaming Treaty of Bergen
Serelet SsastalPoi Treaty of Venice
Apollo UnionApollo Union WeirdWaysMapMachine Treaty of Toronto

Holstija has declared the nations listed below as enemies.

Name Owner Reason
Flag of AlbaniaAlbania N/A Albania has a desire to annex Kosovo.
Flag of HungaryHungary N/A Hungary has tried to annex Vojvodina and Transylvania.
Flag of NordemiaNordemia Nordemian Mapping The owner of the nation vandalized many pages.
Flag of TurkeyTurkey N/A The Ottoman Empire attempted to annex Novasrbija in the 13th and 19th centuries.
Flag of Francoisa Francoisa MSGbot/Theodoreball/Minnesotan The country was cancerous that he begged me to join GTO, after CJets found out the alliance is cancer due to it, we removed and banned Francoisa from entering this union ever again.

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