Galorok is a country from SilverMilitia's Future of Europe series. Sadly, no one has used it except for him so far :(.


The Galorok Empire first formed in 2017, 3 years after Russia's super nuke. It had originally started in Iceland, but since everyone ignored him and called him irrelevant, he used his super technology to switch places with Russia. He eventually formed an alliance with Talin and Mantarus. When the first war came around, he was neutral, but he ordered Talin and Mantarus to fight alongside blue. When blue began to fail miserably, he released his Nova Bombs, taking out the entire red side. After Georgia refused to be his ally, he attacked Georgia and won. He then forced Talin to join him or else he would attack Talin too. During the final battle, he was locked in a nuclear war with The Sacred Mafrian Empire. Eventually they both killed each other, but somehow Galorok came back just to kill The Peoples Nordic Republic.

During the Great Reformation, Galorok came back, but the Galorok Republic and the United Kingdom of Armenia-Georgia split away from it. After that, Galorok was quickly beaten by the United Socialist States of Talin (USST). The USST then killed off the Galorok Republic, as well as the United Kingdom of Armenia-Georgia. He then made a few cameos in the purple stuff episodes until he killed the purple stuff once and for all. After that Galorok suffered from numerous rebellions, until he finally gave in and became Soviet Galorok. Soviet Galorok joined on the yellow side of the final war, alongside Polandarus, Talin, and the Vordaic Empire. Eventually Soviet Galorok's Nova Reactors all had meltdowns and destroyed the very fabric of the universe, killing it and everyone else. 


"Fuck your country its ours now."



Emperor Alex Galo I (1st half of the season, which is up to the first great war)

Emperor Alex Galo II (2nd half of the 1st season. Known as the best emperor of the empire)

Emperor Charles Puntz (ABSOLUTE, WORST EMPEROR. He couldn't keep the Empire going resulting in it collapsing, and being taken over so easily.)


President: Ryan Hyezbörk (The best and only president of the republic)

Soviet Galorok:

Alex Galo III (The best and only leader of Soviet Galorok

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