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This page is dedicated to constantly asked questions on this wiki. This is the page where those frequently asked questions can be answered.

Questions and Answers

1. What can I do here?

This wiki is the place where fans of MervueMeringue's "History of Europe" series come to add, create, edit, and converse the series or their own versions based off of the animation style. For more information about what you can do here, see the introduction page on the main page.

2. What is a mapper?

A Mapper (Popular term made by TheJarjar99) is a person who likes to draw maps and animate them for entertainment. They are typically a type of cyberculture. For more information about specific words used in Mapping, see the Dictionary.

3. Who are the staff?

See Mapperdonian Armed Forces (TFOE Wiki Adminstration)

4. Where can I find a good map to use?

There are tons of maps created by other mappers for mappers in Maps for Mappers

5. How do I map?

There are mapping tutorials out there such as Mapper Tutorial

There are mapping tutorials created by 99batran

​You can find more by searching mapper's channels. 

For a list of tutorials, see Tutorials.

6. What are the rules on this Wikia?

Before even worrying about the rules just for this WIkia, it is advised to read the Terms of Use first.

Here is the link to the Wikia Rules .