Here, you can find the mapping definitions. It is a form of jargon used by mappers in Mapperdonia.

Terms and Definitions

If you want to add a term to the dictionary, please add it alphabetically. Note that those with the outdated tag is likely they aren't used by mappers in this wiki anymore or archaic (old).


  • Active Days (Map Game): The number of calendar days by UTC time in which a map game has had at least one turn. Usually used in the context of MITW map games.
  • AFOA: Alternate Future of Asia 
  • AFOE: Alternate Future of Europe. 
  • AHOE: Alternate History of Europe. 
  • AHOA: Alternate History of Asia
  • AFOSA:Alternative future of south animerica
  • Alt (noun): An abbreviation used for alternate accounts created by people blocked / banned from the chat or the wiki itself. 
  • Alternate Future of Europe: Another popular name similar to Future of Europe but included the "Alternate". It also used on popular name and was first used by MrOwnerandPwner.
  • Alternate History of Europe: A term for alternate history mapping series. Can start any time but they are changed slightly or more.
  • Anschluss Tag: A day when a mapper surpasses another mapper in subscribers to become the mapper with the most subscribers. (Coined by Monsoonjr99)
  • Antagonist Nation: Antagonist nations are nations in Alternate Future series - usually an evil incapable nation or a nation foreign to Earth - that wish to destroy the nations on Earth, and are considered as a villain by the target nations. Famous examples include Siezon, Galloth, Denletion, Vius etc.
  • ArceusFan2013: Mapping Mythology, a dark cold isolated one, whom was at war with Batran99 and MervueMeringue in the 'old' ancient mapping days...

B - F

  • Batikan (outdated): A term to describe someone removing all content from a page and leaving a message.
  • Batran Syncing (outdated): When nations sing the lyrics of a song playing in a mapping video (Such as in 99Batran's videos)
  • Cartel: A small term coined by EthanKoenigsberg and Flaming Spaghetti Monster on a group of people/countries in a particular ideology/thing. It originated in the original History of the World and then used by some users in the thread game. It is rarely used outside of thread games but Flaming Spaghetti Monster occasionally sometimes.
  • Co-op Official Nation: A nation that is owned and created by 2 mappers and is formed by Unification.
  • Ded: dead.
  • Fanners (outdated): A Fanner or just "Fan" (term from happydance9) is a person who is a fan of a mapper's series. Fans are people who are inspired by mappers, and want to make their own videos. They enjoy viewing mappers videos and one day want to become a mapper. So far, there are only three fans on mapping.
  • FoE: Future of Europe.
  • FoEballs (outdated): Fictional nations portrayed as characters from Polandball or nowadays by many mappers as countryballs. The term has eventually died out in the late 2015 to early 2016 in favor of using countryballs as a simple term for fictional nations.
  • FoEmote: A picture template on the wiki that are produced for mappers when they ask for one and describe how they want it.
  • FuNation A joke or parody secondary nation made for fun.
  • Future of Europe: Used to be the most common name for a mapper's series, starting with 99batran's Alternate Series - The Future of Europe. However Alternate Future became popular in the later years of mapping, though sometimes the word "Future" only is used. This popularity of the name caused the Wiki to be named in its honor.

G - M

  • Goners (noun): A term made by Goldenrebel25, it means people who joined the wiki and added a lot of wars, chaos and just pure destruction to the wiki. They either left, were banned, or blocked.
  • Great War (outdated?): A Great War is a war that encompasses most or all of the wiki, and can even stretch to other wiki's and Youtube. The term "Great War" is based on the term to describe the First World War in real life.
  • Half-Mapper (outdated): A half-mapper is a person who has mapping in their blood but has a different branch such as alternate history or just history simulation.
  • History of X: A term for historical mapping series', starting at the very beginning with MervueMeringue's History of Europe. Other continents have been done too, with MapAnimator's History of the Americas, 99Batran's History of (East) Asia, and MrOwnerandPwner's or EthanConquistador's History of Africa.
  • HoE: History of Europe.
  • Map Game (noun): A game usually involves with maps and players. The first map games started off OP/unrealistic  (e.g. Civilisations) or strict rules similar to the ones in Alternate History wiki (e.g. Map Game 2.0) and until The Future was introduced, with modern map game rules are in place. Recent map games now tend to die off within few turns unlike previous games with certain exceptions (e.g. Years of Blood: Cold War). Forum/thread map games exist as earlier as 2014 and are mainly more for creative purposes and tend to survive longer than any recent map game.
  • Mapperdonia: (Mappers for short) Usually used as the whole mapping community, it was based off the name Macedonia then it uses Mapper and created Mapper and -donia into a word Mapperdonia. See below for "Mappers"
  • Mappers (noun): A Mapper (Popular term made by TheJarjar99) is a person who likes to draw maps and animate countries as characters and use them for entertainment. They are typically a type of cyberculture.
  • Mapping Branches: A term used to also describe the different types of mapping, but includes Alternate History.
  • Mapping Dialect: A term made by 99batran to describe the different types of mapping. For a list of Mapping Dialects, see here
  • Mapping Features: A term that was used for a feature been used for mapping dialects or simply mapping. This also includes cities, war territories, occupied zones, et cetera.
  • MON5 (Main Official Nations 5) (outdated?): It is the group of Main Characters in the community that includes Brabrantium, Miracium, Talin, Tybers, and Mamporia. They are used as promotion, Tradition, and to represent to mapping community.

N - T

  • Non-mapper (noun): Not a mapper.
  • Official Nation: An Official Nation (Popular term made by Batran99)(Typed by memory, it is not as good as the original intent) is usually a personified entity impersonating or representing a fictional ideology in real life, pertaining to a fictional group of people. They usually fight one another through excessive means, such as living space or a political crisis. Basically Personified Countries that are fictional and original. Think of it like OCs (Original Character).
  • Operation: Peace (outdated): The 1st Plan when in war. To make peace with the opponent.
  • Operation: Surrender (outdated): The 3rd and final known plan in war. To surrender yourself, leaving the opponent to win.
  • Pisiu (informal): Used for someone acting like the user Pisiu369. Sometimes used by some users but not a mainstream word.
  • Political Factions (outdated): The Political or non-Political Factions are the Political and/or Non Political Party Factions of the Wiki. Also called factions as a short form.
  • Primary Official Nation: Are Official Nations that the Mapper chooses to represent his/her own main character or mascot. (Example: Miracium, Brabrantium, Talin, etc.)
  • Proto-Mapperdonian Language (outdated): The theory of an early 2015 design for a Mapperdonian language.
  • Reap (verb): To disable an account on Wikia. Having an account disabled is known as a reaping. However, it typically been used as a negative term. (Coined by Monsoonjr99)
  • Secondary Official Nation: Are your Official Nations that hence the title.(Example: Ingentium, Valgond, Affasinid Chaliphate) [[Affa
  • Superiority War (outdated): A Superiority War is a conflict usually consists of less than 5 registered people and tend to be fought in a secluded area. Most Superiority wars set the basis for a wiki war as both parties gain support. The purpose of these wars is to usually solve individual disputes through force. It was so far agreed to be one of the least destructive option of force.
  • Timeline: The Timeline of Mapperdonia is the Timeline of Mapping History which has been recorded here.
  • The Great Change: A term created by Starring94. The term itself means that the current structure of the Earth breaks down, ending political, economical and other organizations and alliances with or without a reason. Most mapping series and map games use this format, but there are exceptions (like Countryball mapping series).

U - Z

  • Wiki Activity Monitor (WAM): An indicator to measure strength and momentum (activity) of a wiki. WAM is used in Months page.
  • Wiki War (outdated): A Wiki War is a conflict of a considerable size on this Wiki. Usually consists of 5 or more registered people.
  • Wikia Notifications Glitch: A glitch on Wikia that causes message wall/forum threads to randomly stop showing up in a user's notifications. Monsoonjr99 is the only user known to be affected by this glitch. An alternate term for this is 'Notivirus' - as it is a notification virus. (Partially fixed sometime in February 2017. Occasionally still happens.)