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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 2 March

The Absence

  1. Then there came a time where the land of Mapperdonia became desolate in the thirteenth year of our Lord. For only those who care about the pages would make there presence known on the wiki. For the times and attitude of people had shifted and now the once fruitful congregation of peoples is now but devoid of nearly all life.
  2. Then came a pass when Polyhedron had entered upon the land as he had done so for many times. And he said unto himself, Oh look and tell me where the masses have gone. For I see but few whom congregate here as compared to the early days of this place.
  3. So he went out and seek where the people had gone. And it came to pass on the third day of his expedition that he came across a prophet from the times of old. The prophet be…

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 10 February

The Bowl

Attention Americans...the Superbowl is on!!!! Alright!!! Yeah!!!

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XXSebbanXx XXSebbanXx 7 February

is this wiki still alive

just checking cause theres like no activity and i guess people moved on to another mapping related wiki

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Nathan Mapping Nathan Mapping 31 December 2021

summarising 2021 to keep up with the tradition

fr summarising the years has kind of become a tradition for me alkjahdlkjhd

january: trash, lockdown

february: it was actually iconic, it's a tradition here to have a "class-christmas" where we pull out a person's name from a hat and buy something for them as a christmas present. we had to do our christmas this month on valentine's day cries but it was still iconic

march: i don't really remember anything from this month honestly so i'll say it was okay

april: ONE YEAR OF ALTERVISION BABIES. altervision is the online song contest i'm running on discord. if you wanna join the contest then dm me and i'll get back to you bc there'll be a new server opening next month. anyway, it was created in april 2020 so one year anniversary yas


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Nathan Mapping Nathan Mapping 26 November 2021

another nf for mappervision to bless your timeline

oh hi, another national final? yes baby, my indecisive ass can't have a rest. entries below, they'll be put on a playlist and ofc you need to vote with the scorewiz link.



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Wladeshko Wladeshko 15 November 2021


just decided to come back for a while and this website has changed so much to the point it is almost unrecognizable lmao

i like kdm but it has become so complex and because of it there is some kind of a turning off effect idk

cya in idk a few months?

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Nathan Mapping Nathan Mapping 30 October 2021

nf for mappervision because yours truly is an indecisive bitch


special thanks to the following people who voted:

  • Dalmatin
  • ghkjhkhn (unknown person to whom i owe showing a middle finger for not being clear with their identity hhhhh)
  • Mateo (from discord)
  • VioleNK
  • Zaqra (from discord)

and thank you very much for every positive feedback, i'll opt to using this format in future editions too. thank you again for voting

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 18 October 2021

The Book of Poly

And it came to pass on the 9th year and 9th day of Wiki that Polyhedron arose and went onto it. He saw that his enemies were no longer numerous or had no momentum. And he said, "O, Hear from me that my enemies are no more to me". And he then gathered his thoughts and stated, "They are nothing more than those who wish transgressions onto me, for they have no philosophy nor a true factual reason. Then Polyhedron went about onto the congregation of the Wiki. The place being called discord for which Polyhedron was blocked from and he said, "Now look at my enemies for they have isolated themselves from truths radiant light. For they make no point and discredit anything of which I say onto them. They shall make no valid statement to me and will …

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 6 October 2021

9 years

9 years since the founding of the community. Im still gonna stick with it. Haha!

Thank you Goldenrebel, Zephyrus, Zukas, Mindria, MOAP, Batran, and Ethan for making the early years so great!

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Polyhedron69 Polyhedron69 18 September 2021

The Fate

The silence reckons on such once prosperous lands. I remember long ago but I a child. Gleaming days of the land they were. Now the present and future we see no one inhabits such land no more. Oh but the rulers of the land do they not care for their people. Trap and isolate you they will, will they not? Beware of such people and intrust in yourself.

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