• Zandhart

    Map Gme ideas

    May 29, 2020 by Zandhart

    I have a bunch of Map Game ideas. I'll wait until KdM VI ends because I'm too busy with making turns. And nobody would join because they are also busy maing their turns. 

    Warhammer/DnD but it's a Map Game. Oh yeah. You might be seeing some KdM characters.

    A map game set in Greece. During the time Sparta was around.

    Post-apocalyptic, map is send in message wall. Simple as possible.

    Based on the board game. Simple as possible. Playable nations: Celts, Romans, Iberians, Carthaginians, Minoans, Hellenes, Assyrians, Hattians and Egyptians. If this game is succesful the game will be enlarged to Mega Empires with  max. of 19 players.

    so yeah... 

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  • Polyhedron69

    Vine Viper

    May 23, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    So apparently people get a little "mad" about my Void Viper posts. 

    Even Void said it was a Bulls fecal matter [modern saying is Bullshit]

    But I know why this is the case, you see I've come to the conclusion that I'm from an alternate universe, wait before you play this off as a joke listen.

    In the universe there exists a place called the cold spot, theorized to be a bump with another universe. This universe may have been linked with ours. This being the case that universes matter must of switched with our matter. However not everyone was affected.

    Think or it as Strange Matter, but it's properties like a virus. You see our understanding of different universes is limited but they just have virus like qualities, similar how Brown Dwarf/ 3 type …

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  • Polyhedron69

    Veid Viper

    May 21, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    Apparently Void Viper has like an old series which he deleted off YouTube and much of his pre mapping videos. It makes me think what's the point. Some YouTuber do it because it's cringey but it's also like you know, your history. Say you make something from when your 8 and today it is not up to like your standards. Don't throw it away it's your history, this what you come from.

    Basically this every thing in my archives. Just unlisted, or reuploaded videos. It pisses me off that so many people hate there past. You should look at your past and use that to help build your future.

    My old channel [cringey but good memories] I still have that up, I could of easily deleted it but nope. I still have it. Even my old wiki account I still have.

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  • Polyhedron69

    I've managed to find videos that Goldenrebel25 made.

    Golden  thought when he deleted his channel his videos were long gone. Petty fool he was indeed.

    With the help of two friends [Ethan and Bondi], and digging myself I've managed to find at least 20 Goldenrebel videos

    Some haven't been seen in a long time

    Here's a link to a video, my channel has a few more uploaded if you care to see.

    [Note I have more videos in storage that I will upload soon.]

    Suck on that hogs of the night.

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  • Priceless008


    May 19, 2020 by Priceless008


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  • Turkic Evuntia

    what's going on here currently 

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  • HoodsWWMM


    May 3, 2020 by HoodsWWMM

    I'm back for this special announcements.

    If anybody wants Apollo Union as a SN then that's aight with me.

    You can also have any other of my nations if you want, even though they are 5% done.

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  • SsastalPoi

    i wanna go back to school, how about you?

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  • TomTheEye Mapper

    who wants to help me

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  • Thundar Lord

    spam in chat :(

    April 24, 2020 by Thundar Lord

    mak spammed in chat, ban :((((((((((((((((

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