• XXSebbanXx

    what the fuckkk

    February 24, 2020 by XXSebbanXx

    i return to this wiki after a month long break and konig des manschen is the only thing keeping the wiki alive? i get it that i used to fanboy over mappervision but this is just horrendous! like seriously is this wiki not supposed to be about mapping and the community?

    "fuck you stupid thonk profile picture mappervision fanboy it is a map game which means mapping get owned lol xd"

    alright nobody is gonna say that but still thats what i expect from this wiki at this point

    especially tentacle hentai osu and lukaweebing

    k im out and im never returning ever again

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  • Carman's Titanium Stroganoff

    If not, make an account

    If you do, then go to the Mutilate-a-Doll chatroom and roast the flip out of anyone who calls me "ross"

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  • Polyhedron69

    Over the past few years I've taken up the job to become smarter. Since I have discord I share my knowledge with others around me. If they are confused I simplify my response, eventually they become enlightened by my words.

    However sometimes there is that one person who is completely brain dead and beyond self replication and repair. I met this guy named Romanian { no relation to the big mapper} and we were talking about viruses and diseases and I tell him that fluenza or flu as the kids call it, kills people. He then told me no it does not. Then I tell him YES flu kills people and any sickness you can contract may kill you, however flu has a higher chance. Of course him being the lesser being said No again, then I was joined by fellow peopl…

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  • Polyhedron69

    It has come to my conclusion that the man we once knew and trusted, Void Viper.

    Is in fact a furry.

    Now not all furries are Bad individuals of course but based on my research, studies, and observation of furry behavior online. I can conclude Void is a toxic furry.

    Here's my evidence

    Void said he was an asexual dragon in response to someone wanting to meet him in real life.

    Now this could mean anything, the word asexual used to mean cellular division, however Millienials and Gen Z have turned into, no sexual feelings or desires. Now furries are mix of complex organisms of never before seen structural development. Now maybe void just has no need to reproduce. Ok but the next phrase dragon

    Now this means Void considers himself something other than …

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  • Polyhedron69

    Batran is under attack

    February 20, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    Upon my  viewing of batrans great classical series, it has come to my attention that his Episode 22 of Europe has been blocked on my countries grounds

    This is an attack on mapping!

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  • Polyhedron69

    Mapping is Dead

    February 19, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    Alright I'm gonna make an announcement, I made a blog post yesterday saying I'm sorry for not clarifying jokes [which itself was kinda a joke]. Then I made a blog post today which was clearly a joke the staff had a seizure. Batran just...molested himself. Ok I can't be more clear on things, if you know me I make jokes a lot, world is a scary place and I wanna have fun and make people have fun. Other times I make somewhat normal blog posts. Now if I make another joke okay, don't just rush and say I'm Circlejerking it...whatever that means.

    Clearly I might still get someone not getting, I apologize if the humor is a little confusing, but I posted the blog post script on a server with 14 year olds and they got it, really fast. 

    So I'm gonna hav…

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  • Carman's Titanium Stroganoff
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  • Tashaci

    Are you mr bosnia

    February 19, 2020 by Tashaci
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  • Polyhedron69

    Map Games are Bad

    February 18, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    As you may have seen this Wiki has been overrun with Map Games

    I've been apart of this community since 2004 And I can say it has changed for the worse

    For starters Map Games bring no activity to the wiki, they are completely barren and everything

    Second this Wiki is meant for documenting mapping and it's history

    The timeline for this Wiki is constantly updated but it is overshadowed by Map Games

    Fight me!

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  • Polyhedron69

    I'm sorry.....

    February 18, 2020 by Polyhedron69

    I apologize for making my T Series and World War 3 blog posts

    I make serious and joke blobposts and those 2 were Joke Blogs

    But of course the replies and staff didn't understand and especially on the T Series one they...tore me up  and I just wanted say I'm sorry for not clarifying they were jokes

    I apologize to the staff of this wikia and to Batran, sweet elegant Batran

    Once again I am so sorry that I let this happen, those blog posts do not reflect my current views and I will never let you guys down again

    So I hope I'm forgiven but I know it will be a long process for when I am truly redeemed

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