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{{Infobox election
{{Infobox election
|election_date = January 6th, 2020
|election_date = January 6th, 2020

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2015 Ath flag2 2025
2020 Athisian Presidential Elections
January 6th, 2020
Turnout: 81,5%
ATH elec Kol ATH elec Lill
Nominee Kolinda Grabar Kitarović Lidija Bačić
Party Athisian New Democratic Community Independent
Popular vote 8,868,434 7,314,840
Percentage 54.8% 45.2%

Elections Edit

Second Round of election is hold on January 6th. There are 19,856,780 eligible voters.

Candidates Edit

Two Candidates received the most votes in the first round and qualified into second round.

Candidate Images History Parties Sponsoring Signatures Collected Date of candidating
Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
ATH elec Kol
Minister of Demographics in Athis (2015-2020)

Athisian Representative in EU Parlianment (2013-2015)

Mayor of Riječko-Istarska County(2006-2011)

ANDZ, HDZ, HNS, 1,856,785 1st September
Lidija Bačić
ATH elec Lill
Athisian Pop Singer (1999-2020) ASDP, ALS,AZS 854,789 21st October

Results of Second Round Edit

Kolinda Grabar Kitarović and Lidija Bačić got the most votes in first round so the qualify to second round. Who gets the most votes is a winner and becomes president on 10th of January. Turnout was 81,5% or 16.183.274. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović is the winner.

Candidate Images Results % Results
Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
ATH elec Kol
54,8% 8.868.434
Lidija Bačić
ATH elec Lill
45,2% 7.314.840
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