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=== Biggest Cities ===
=== Biggest Cities ===
=== Politics ===
=== Language ===
=== Language ===

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Athisian Republic
1918 - Present

Ath flag2.png

Athis map.png
Capital Zagreb
Largest city Zagreb
Languages Croatian 65%

Bosnian 23% Slovenian 10% Other 2%

Official languages Croatian
Ethnic groups Croatians

Bosnians Italians Slovenes

Demonym Athisian
Religion Catholic 93%

Atheist 4% Islam 2% Other 1%

Government Presidental Republic
President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
 - Independence 11th October 1918
 - Recognition 15th October 1918
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
 - Total $ 2.15 trillion
 - Per capita $ 63,120
Gini (2020) 22.2
HDI (2020) 0.902
Currency Athisian Kuna
Drives on the right
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|++385]]

The Republic of Athis (Croatian: Republika Atis) also called Athis , is a Republic, composed of 8 counties and three city-counties in the Central Europe. It borders Montenegro, Serbia,Hungary,Austria and Italy

Athis was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. After WWI the Croats and Bosnians didnt want to join Serbia because of the fear of centralization and serbian hegemony. On 11th of October, Athis has declared independence. First countries to recognize Athis were the United States, Sweden and United Kingdom

The biggest part of economy in Athis are tourism,shipbuilding and hi-tech industries. Athis gets visited by nearly 25 million tourist making it one of most visited countries. Shipbuilding industry had a great hit in 2008 economic crisis which nearly bankrupt two biggest shipbuilding companies, but whole sector recovered in 2012 hitting a record sales. Hi-tech companies has a great recognition all around the world for its quality products, such as iPraska phones, 4K televisions and video equipment

Population of Athis is around 23 million. Biggest city and capital is Zagreb. Population of Zagreb is around 3 601 million people as 2020



On 11th October 1918, Athis has declared independence from Austro-Hungary, cutting all ties with former country. Athis got recognized by 20 countries by 15th October.

World War II

Athis took part in World War II, first with Axis until 1942, when the goverment has switched to Allies cause Germans were using Athis for cheap labor.

1952 - Present

In February of 1952, Athis joined NATO together with Greece and Turkey. In 2001 Athis joined European Union


Athis has a population of around 23 million people. Most people live in urban cities like Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo and Rijeka

Biggest Cities

Largest cities in Athis
Official Athisian Republic Government Census
Rank Name State Pop. Metro.
1 Zagreb Zagorsko 3,580,823 5,759,143 Sarajevo
2 Split Dalmatinska 2,895,500 3,598,759
3 Sarajevo Bosansko - Hercegovačka 2,128,825 3,125,531
4 Trieste Trieste State 1,406,630 2,105,478
5 Rijeka Riječko - Istarska 1,399,282 1,895,797
6 Osijek Slavonska 826,708 1,258,836
7 Novo Mesto Slovenska 726,546 953,426
8 Zadar Dalmatinska 718,829 1,258,196
9 Mostar Bosansko - Herecegovačka 705,823 1,285,814
10 Karlovac Zagorska 687,500 791,751




Croatian is most spoken language of Athis with 78% people speaking it. The second most spoken language is Bosnian with 20% people speaking it.


Catholics are biggest religion group in Athis with 93% of population. Atheists makes 4% of population. Islam is followed by 2% of population mostly in Bosnia


Athis is split in eight regions called županije and three grad-županije

Županije Capital Map
1 Trieste State Trieste
Athis zupanije
2 Slovenska Novo Mesto
3 Riječko - Istarska Opatija
4 Grad Zagreb Zagreb
5 Zagorska Zagreb
6 Slavonska Osijek
7 Goranska Gospić
8 Bosansko - Herecegovačka Mostar
9 Grad Sarajevo Sarajevo
10 Dalmatinska Split
11 Grad Split Split


Nation Date Alliance Treaty
Slavonica 2nd March 2019 ALL Treaty of Opatija
Austranland 9th March 2019 ALL Treaty of Knin
Duchy of Hambourg 17th June 2019 Trade Treaty of Pula
Pannonia 21st September 2019 ALL Treaty of Sarajevo
Greater Czechia 19th December 2019 Economic Treaty of Košice
Tuvalu Kingdom 11th January 2020 ALL Treaty of Varaždin
Macbon 8th Feubruary 2020 ALL Treaty of Vukovar
Kingdom of Yoldania 13th Feubruary 2020 ALL Treaty of Mostar
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