This is the first archive of This is Madness! 1, covering a span of time between November 476 and December 478.

Turn I: AD 476 (Nov-Dec)


  • This is Madness!: From the farthest bogs of Ireland to the furthest deserts of Arabia, from the endless woodlands of Scandinavia to the bustling cities of Greece and Anatolia, in all corners of the European continent, unnatural and unnerving things are occuring. Tales and sights of strange men in strange attire, speaking strange and unknown languages, and carrying, depending on who you ask, miracle objects sent from God, or devilish things straight from Lucifer in Hell. Many people, Christian and pagan alike, have started to fear and foretell the end times. One thing is clear however, and that is that this world has been changed forever.
  • Nova Roma? (pt.0): On a certain September 1, 1939, mere hours after Nazi Germany began invading Poland, a certain Benito Mussolini retired to bed, dreaming of victory and glory in the war that he now daced. When he woke up, it was in a different world entirely. Armed only with the gun he accidentally fell asleep with, in the countryside of a time nearly 1500 years in the past, Mussolini wandered aimlessly across the new land he found himself in. After 2 months of disoriented travels, Mussolini would finally chance upon a city: the Dalmatian city of Salona, seat of Julius Nepos, one of many throughout Europe that would claim continuity over the legacy of Rome during this fraught period. Upon chancing on Julius Nepos's residence, and being told by the guards (after a considerable amount of time trying to communicate in broken Latin and Italian) that a Roman Emperor resided there, Mussolini, hopeful in his ability to help restore Rome, demanded that he see the Emperor at once...
  • Nani Desu? (pt.0): On December 7, 1941, as he was awaiting reports of the Pearl Harbor attack, Hirohito would be sent back in time 1500 years, to a small tribal settlement near what would today be Glasgow. Meanwhile, another famed Japanese historical figure, Toyotomi Hideyoshi would, on June 19, 1593, as he marched into Seoul during the Japanese invasion of Korea, end up marching instead into the Pictish village of Dun Eideann (Edinburgh), over a millenium in the past. Meanwhile, Tomoe Gozen was taken from her crowing moment of glory at the Battle of Awasu in 1184 to a pasture just outside the capital of the Pictish kingdom of Fidach (near Inverness). They would all be welcomed by the Picts with open arms as great foreign warriors, and would be treated with dignity by their hosts. The first imprint of ISOTed Japanese influence in Scotland can be traced back almost to the initial appearances of these people, as the first Shinto Picts claim they werr directly taught from these ISOTed individuals themselves mere weeks after their appearance.
  • Rule Britannia (pt.0): Winston Churchill, after just having finished his famous "Darkest Hour" speech, was suddenly thrust 1500 or so years into the past, right into the campgrounds of invading Anglo-Saxon armies near Londinium (what would become London). After spending a few weeks learning the basics of the Anglo-Saxon tongue, Winston Churchill, using his charisma and vague promises of glory, manages to land himself ruling over Londinium.
  • What In God's Name Is Going On in Alexandria: During a concert, the K-pop band BTS was suddenly transported over 1500 years into the past, and a considerable physical distance, too, into a tavern in the port district of Alexandria. A certain North Korean dictator, indulging in his overly-large dinner, also appeared at one of the tables in the tavern. The confusion, as well as the ensuing brawl once BTS realized that the much-hated Great Leader of the North was somehow at the tavern, too, would give sailors one heck of a story to tell. Meanwhile, the members of BTS have been taken in by a local noble family for court performances, while Kim Jong Un has taken up residence in one of the poorer slums of Alexandria, preaching to the people about the virtues of Juche (after learning a passable amount of Greek and Coptic, of course), while finally, for once in his life, getting a taste of poverty.
  • Communism Is A Preferable Alternative To Death (pt.0): Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Xi Jinping (along with a random selection of 100 of his CCP cronies) find themselves inexplicably placed in Byzantine Aleppo. Eventually, after acquainting themselves with the time period they have been abruptly and unceremoniously thrust into, they run into each other. Once recognizing and getting to know each other (in person, not just in books) a little, the merry group of leftists wpuld form the Committee for the Liberation of The Proletariat of Rome. Over the next few months, they would regularly go into Aleppo's slums and nearby impoverished peasant towns, extolling the virtues of Communism. They gain a small but steadily growing following, as local churches start taking notice of these "heretics"...
  • Intertemporal Bat Soup (pt.0): Having just finished his delicious, delicious bat soup, Patient Zero of the Coronavirus epidemic found himself transported temporally from Wuhan to a southern Russian steppe. He would later die of the coronavirus, but not after spreading it to around 20 steppe nomads in the area...
  • The Last Emperor's Exodus: The last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, the young Romulus Augustulus, had since the invasion of the barbarian Odoacer, been confined to the Castellum Lucullanum near Naples. However, one rainy late November night, the deposed Emperor slipped away from his abode, and disappeared into the night. Throughout December, many in the Italian countryside have claimed that their former emperor is travelling across Italia, disguised as a young peasant boy among a group of strange, foreign but still cultured kids. He wanders the countryside, bringing hope and love to his people, and one day, he will once again come to rule.
  • Odoacer's Byzantine Treatise: Convinced that the end times are nigh, and that Judgemeny Day itself would soon come to pass, Byzantine Emperor Zeno and the newly-installed barbarian king Odoacer would come into an agreement of mutual defence, setting aside any grievances about the fall of the Western Roman Empire. As part of this treaty states: "No matter if he is the most cultured Roman or the most depraved barbarian scum, all good men shall agree to defend their land and their world when the Horsemen of the Apocalypse themselves are upon them. Woe is us, for Lucifer's armies have descended upon this world".

Aišin-Gioro Nurhaci:

  • Bi ere babe sarkv (I don’t know this place): Aisin-Gioro Nurhaci, Chieftain of the Jianzhou Jurchens, woke up in a strange place. It wasn’t anywhere that he recognizeld. Looking around, he could see that he was in a marsh of some sort. After some wandering around, he concluded that he was at the mouth of some river. After an hour or so of walking, he found another human being, a hunter. While asiatic in appearance, he looked different from your average Mongol or Manchu, as if there was some Oros (Russian) or Folang (Northern European) blood in him. Nurhaci then concluded that he was somewhere west of the Altai Mountains. 
  • Ere gisun ocio aibe ? (What is this language?): Upon trying to speak to the man in Manchu, and then Mongol, Nurhaci realized that the hunter spoke a completely foreign language. However, he was able to discern a few words and grammatical particles. After a very long time, he was able to express that he had no idea where he was. The hunter, using a combination of hand signs and words, said that his village was further inland, down the river. 
  • Cihalambi Gaxan (River Village): Upon entering the village, Nurhaci was greeted with suspicion. By winter solstice, he had a basic grasp of the Akatziri Language (I’m just going to say that it’s a weird mixed-Altaic Language, but many of the surrounding peoples also speak an Oghur Turkic or a Slavic language). Upon proving his skill at hunting and archery (Thumb Rings, Recurve Bows, shiny armor, and 3-Arrow Technique is kinda op)  the locals started to warm up to him more. Those who didn’t like him didn’t say anything due to his fearsome appearance, and his ability to snipe them. He learned about the history and other tribes of the area from a nice old man. During his spare time, he also collected charcoal, pyrite(sulfur) and niter. During the days following the winter solstice, one could hear loud bangs coming from the woods outside the village. However, no one thought too much of it.  

Theresa Sullivan

1st March 2020 (c. November 476): Today, I woke up in a strange world. Yesterday, I was living a life of an ordinary girl, at the age of 22. At first, I got my own diary and pen [to make it last a little longer, I'll assume it is a four-colour pen. There's only one pen though on it unfortunately.] with me thankfully. But, it was all muddy and all that! Was it a swamp? I couldn't believe it. (So far she doesn't know she's in OTL Paris; Lutetia)

Few days ago, I met up with this boomer named Norman Boutin, he said and whispered to me that I'm supposed to be 'Empress Theresa'. Whatever that means. He's a boomer, you don't know what he's up to. But today, it doesn't feel right. Is he right? It can't be. I'm just Theresa and I'm a good Catholic girl.

Wait, I don't have my phone!? I don't need to worry about the trolls and all that. Thank goodness that I don't get harassed by everyone around here. Was this God's blessing? I have no idea.

There's no church to attend to, after all, it is a Sunday and I'm supposed to attend right now. Though, I'll pray to him, beg him for my own mercy in this world.

2nd March 2020 (c. November 476): I'm starving and I haven't ate anything aside from drinking dirty water, eugh. I need to get up and do something. I started walking around, finding food. I don't have anything.

I found a town [that would be Lutetia] nearby!!! I didn't care about my clothing being dirty, not after waking up in the mud. It took me hours to walk across and there's some footpath.

All of them somehow looked at me, as if they were shocked, they didn't see my clothes before, haven't they? And that diary, they somehow don't know what it is. I can't understand them at all. They were speaking something that I don't understand. What am I supposed to do?

Thankfully, someone did manage to feed me, but only with little rations and that's not enough for me. That should... well I guess, keep myself up?

27th March 2020 (c. November 476): I started learning the local language around here. They don't like women at all. But nevertheless, I'm a strong girl, I will not stand my way of being enslaved by evil forces or bullies alike. It feels uncomfortable.

I have to ration my own pen at least. It'll soon run out, especially my favourite colour to write on, black. There's not much ink left. I'm leaving a lot here to dedicating a basic phrasebook.

I'm trying to explain to them where I came from, but they don't understand me a lot or that I'm a laughing stock and that I speak like a fool here. What are they even trying to convey of me?

18th April 2020 (c. December 476): I'm still reeling the basics. It's gonna take me forever to do this. I ran out of black ink and now moved onto blue. But I am still trying to figure out how to honestly tell where I'm from. I've changed my clothes (finally), to blend into the community.

It seemed that life was simple in this world.

At school, I was taught a little bit of French and at home, I learnt some Latin so that I could read the Bible in Latin (sort of, but in the end I stopped trying to do it after two months). That was ages ago. I didn't think about learning any other languages, because I thought everyone could speak English well and I didn't need to learn any more than I have to.

But now, if I have to live and work up to this world, I have to learn it. I hate it, but I got to do it. I'm sick of people who mock me a lot! Thank goodness I'm finally disguising myself. If I ever get back, I'll ensure that my autobiography gets published with this. It's a wild ride.

I can't speak French or Latin, although I can understand written words and some certain words, I cannot seem to picture my head around basic phrases... This language? It is totally not French or Latin, I mind you. Maybe some kind of speak Latin? I have no idea, that was about six years ago. (just to clarify, she doesn't really know French and Latin by the ISOT date but she might understand few words but can't seem to piece it together, at this point, Theresa may as well be learning basic words and very, very few phrases within one month. Expect that to reach level 1 in the ILR scale by the end of Turn 3.)

Peter the Great c. 1722

1st November 476

I do not know this place, it seems like one of those small villages i've run into along my conquests but it seems somewhat . . . strange. Their language isn't even slightly similar to what I hear, it's not even any sorta dialect that I've ever heard, I seriously need to figure out what's happening, maybe a quick trip to some large structure could help.

2nd November 476

I went over to what seems to be a town hall, where I saw many different kinds of people haggling over prices, I assume, what's strange is that some of them are speaking Latin? I am completely confused, but I think it's getting worse . . . they look like those Roman men from the books I read, some even look Byzantine. . .

Oh, this all makes sense now, I found a coin by the side of the road, and it reads 476 . . . Russia is far away in all distance and time . . . Eh, I will have to adapt to this strange situation, but it seems that I am in Kiev

3rd November 476

Thank god for such a generous city, I have been allowed to stay in the local church, where I have figured out how to speak some basic crude early Russian, it's not actually that hard at all, maybe I can soon establish an empire from here . . .

18th November 476

I have managed to at least get a basic understanding of this early Russian, it also seems that I have managed to gain some fairly significant support here in Kiev, I just need a few more weeks at maybe I can soon take over, the people are in awe of me, especially after I managed to show of my pistol branding it as a "Death stick", and then I shot it, they were amazed and called me a spawn of God, this will be fun . . .

Erwin Rommel c.1921 

1st Nov. 476  - I'd always wanted to visit the Hagia Sophia. Thankfully it survived the disaster called the Great War, but I did not expect to arrive in such a spontaneous manner. It seemed as if I had arrived in the middle of a sermon, yet the lack of Orthodox icons seemed striking, moreso the anachronistic attire of the attending men.  Outside the grand church, the scenery seemed far stranger. I saw no mosques, the urban sprawl seemed smaller, and everyone was clothed in robes not unlike that of Olden Greece. I remembered the German Consulate to be on the Bosphorus, and I thought to visit there to find my bearings and perhaps a translator, for I spoke no Greek and my command of Italian was either laughed at or met with scowls. I hadn't my Luger, nor any method of contacting the Fatherland. I simply had a satchel of books for myself and Lieutenant Franz, and a few potatoes for supper.  A visit to the German Consulate would have to do, for this elaborate hoax to be unraveled.

6th Nov. 476  - I have severely underestimated my circumstances. There is no hoax. I am in the city of Constantinople, the year of our Lord 476, in the Byzantine Empire. The Fatherland is centuries away. I am a man out of time, and I fear I may never be able to return. And yet, pessimism did not get me through the horrors of the Great War. I have learnt to refine my Italian into crude Latin with varying success, yet I cannot say the same for my Greek. I currently reside right outside the Hagia Sophia, where I have been provided refuge within these sacred walls. The potatoes are growing well, and fascinate the brothers here. I may yet have a future as a chef!

23th Nov. 476  - It has been about 3 weeks since I have arrived. I have demonstrated proficient command of the common Latin language, and some semblance of understanding in Greek. To stave off boredom, I have been reading the books that accompanied me on this fantastical occurrence, with emphasis on the historical encyclopedia. Rome had fallen some time before my arrival, a true shame I was not able to see such an event with my own eyes. However, the Byzantine Empire was, at this time, preceding it's zenith. Perhaps, I could influence the events of the past and my future to my benefit, and perhaps, that of the Fatherland. Yet I am powerless in this state. I am, or rather was, a person of importance in an advanced nation. This Byzantine Empire could surely find my services highly beneficial.

2nd Dec. 476  - It seems that the sands of time have already shifted. Emperor Zeno and Odoacer have supposedly made amends. Either this author, Pius Momus XV, has inaccurate sources, or my mere presence had already altered the course of events-to-come. Another intriguing thought is that I am not alone in this circumstance. Tomorrow I shall request an audience with the Emperor, to warn him of how his Empire may flourish and decay, and perhaps adjust the fate of this Empire, and potentially Europa in the process.

Queen Christina

November 1st, 476 AD: Something most strange has occurred. I retired to bed in the Tre Kronor Castle like always and I've woken up somewhere else. All I possess is this journal, ink and quill and the literature on mathematics and alchemy I've been studying. To my knowledge, the environment I've arrived in seems Mediterranean and I am to believe I may have been transported to a different time period, possibly to the time of the Roman Empire, judging by the archaic technology I have witnessed. This may be somewhere in Italy, but the people do not speak Latin, at least not most of them, my knowledge of the German language leads me to believe their tongue might be Germanic but I am unsure. I worry over the Kingdom, as I am not there to rule and I've ended up in this strange predicament before my plans of abdication could be fulfilled, hopefully cousin Charles will take matters into his own hands as I had planned. Now that I attempt to find more information, I do miss my dear Ebba, wherever she is and she will also most definitely miss me.

November 6th, 476 AD: I seem to have managed to be able to speak to some of the locals using Latin, they have very much noticed my luxurious appearance and are most likely just as confused as I am. Though I have managed to figure out that I find myself in the city of Syracuse, currently ruled by someone by the name of "Gaiseric". I must have arrived here at some point before or after or possibly even during the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Though my skills of the local language is not that good as I am sometimes met with laughs or confused faces when speaking, I appear to have made friends with a few citizens. We are mostly only capable of speaking through bits of Latin and crude sign language although it seems to go rather well. I've tried explaining what I believe has occurred to me but to no real avail. It is however good that I have made these contacts, I am ever thankful for having a place to stay, especially as some of the locals have given hostile looks at me, I have a strange feeling they may think I am some Roman official due to my dress or perhaps they want to attack and steal from me as conversations I have had indicate that these people and their realm live at least partially off of piracy and other forms of raiding. I still worry over the conditions of Sweden without its queen, as well as the state of my near and dear, I am afraid I must accept that I live in the days after the fall of Rome from now on.

November 15th, 476 AD: By my personal accounts I have lived in Syracuse for two weeks now and I've built a bit of a reputation. I now know this Germanic tongue to a certain degree and have made contact with more individuals that I spend my days with regularly, however the rest of Syracuse constantly looks on at our group, especially myself, with suspicion. I am to believe that rumors are being spread and that my presence in Syracuse has been notified to King Gaiseric or at least to the capital of these people, whom I am believe to be known as "the Vandals". Nevertheless I have much interest in leaving soon enough, my mere presence seems to not be tolerated by some of the locals as well as the city garrison and I wish to travel to Rome. If I must live in this time period for the rest of my years, it doth as well be good if I see something with my own eyes.

December 4th, 476 AD: I have not written in the journal for a while. Currently I reside in a small village outside of what must be Palermo, it's quite the lengthy story of how I ended up here. Only five days had passed after my last entry when it happened, I and my group of acquaintances were simply out walking as usual in the square when we were approached by several members of the city garrison, they explained that I and several of the friends I was with were to be arrested and brought forth before Gaiseric to be prosecuted, I didn't exactly understand what the reasons for that was but I believe I caught the Vandal word for "witchcraft". Things went by incredibly quickly so I am incapable of recalling everything completely. Now I definitely had the interest to meet the king of these people himself but the look on the faces of the guards and their sharp hands ready to grip the weapons by their side at any point worried me. Wisimund, a smith who was one of the first people to take me in upon my arrival stood up to me and within the next few minutes there was a fight. I attempted to stay out of the hostilities but was forced to strike one guard who attempted to grab me by my shoulder. Our group overran the guards and we realized we had to flee. Wisimund guided us through alleyways out of the city, we had managed to escape, from what we saw not many would know where we went. Our group of 23, including me hid in an abandoned farmhouse for the following three days. It is here that we started discussing what to do next. A decision was made, with the Vandals looking for us, mainly myself, and my desire to visit Rome, we would attempt to flee there.

Out of us 23, only 14 agreed on this entire plan, others saw it as too risky and decided to stay behind. On the day that would be June 13th 1654 we left for a village close to Palermo, Wisimund explained that he knew of a man named Gunteric, a sailor and friend of his who might be able to help us in our escape to Rome. During the travels to Palermo Wisimund and the others spoke to me, about how if my explanation of this strange transportation through history was true, I had brought them knowledge and information about the future, which is obviously completely unknown to these people and thus we had potential to change the course of history itself. I was intrigued yet slightly worried at the same time, the events that now could unfold most likely has consequences on the future. Several scenarios flew through my mind, many of which pictured a world where my homeland would be decimated and plagued with extreme poverty and starvation or a world without Sweden at all. I still have much to learn however and my friends told me that due to being from "the future" so to speak and being a queen, I would lead this group. Amusingly they even had a faux-ceremony of declaring that I was their queen. Not long after this did we arrive in the village (otl Isnello) and since then we have been hiding as Wisimund has attempted to convince Gunteric to help us in this debacle. Istill miss Ebba, as well do I also worry about the state of my realm now that I am not there, perhaps I will never know, which saddens me. I watch as the rain falls outside right now, hopefully we will succeed in arriving in Rome.

Niccolo Machiavelli

Nov. 1, 476: When I opened the door to go into my garden, I did not expect to end up in what appears to be a late Roman town. And when I looked behind me, my house was nowhere to be found! I noticed some peasants dressed oddly who spoke in what sounded like mangled Latin (OOC: it's Vulgar Latin), plus a few hints of what sounded like Albanian (OOC: Illyrian). The buildings are all very antique looking. And most of all, this town definitely does not look like Florence or San Casciano. (OOC: He doesn't know he is in Salona yet.) Was the bread I ate with my dinner last night spoiled? Is this a hallucination? Am I even writing in my journal right now?

Nov. 2, 476: Strangely enough, I am not hallucinating. This is reality. I have been sent back in time to late or post-Roman Europe for some reason. After having to resort to sleeping on the street, I woke up in the same city, in the same alleyway, surrounded by the same buildings. Some generous Romans apparently tossed me a few coins, thinking me to be a destitute vagabond. It seems that most just passed by me, either ignoring me completely or giving me a dirty look. I don't really like that fact, but at least I have been able to get a bearing of my situation by looking at said coins: the year is 476 AD, and the emperor is Julius Nepos. After a bit of eavesdropping, I managed to figure out that I am in the city of Salona, which is his capital. According to my book on the history of Europe, Nepos will get assassinated in four years and his empire will fall to the barbarian king Odoacer. Nepos could really use a person of my intelligence and foresight right about now; after all, I also have the desire to reclaim Italy from the hands of barbarian rulers.

Nov. 3, 476: Some middle-class good Samaritan named Publius allowed me into his home, which certainly beats living as a homeless person. He even decided to feed me and allow me to sleep in his home. When I introduced myself to him, I used the Latinized name NICOLAUS MALCLAVELLIUS. I also got some new clothes to look less odd to the commoners here. I can speak a little bit of the commoners' Latin, but most of it sounds weird or slurred to me...

Dec. 5, 476: I have finally accumulated enough money to move into an apartment of my own. Yes, I finally found work as a merchant. It's no countryside villa like my old home, but it'll suffice until I can make my way into Nepos's court. My history book now says that Zeno and Odoacer (bleck) have now allied against "Lucifer's armies," whatever that is supposed to mean. Huh, did not remember reading that before. Either the author had some really unreliable sources or my presence has altered the timeline.

Dec. 21, 476: I now have a good enough grasp of common Latin to communicate with the peasants, albeit with what they note as an Italian accent. The neighborhood I am living in appears to have accepted me as one of them. Perhaps I could ask Nepos for an audience now?

Dec. 22, 476: I have written a letter requesting an audience with Nepos. Hopefully, he will accept me in, for I have the knowledge and diplomatic charisma to make the Empire great again.

Adolf Hitler

[Nov. 3rd, 476 AD] TODAY it seems to me providential that Fate should have chosen the city of Mediolanum to have sent me to. At least, that is what I assume, based on the signage around the city. It seems that these people are using archaic technology, such as that of swords and shields, bows, and the like. I can only presume that by some twist of the Fates, I have been sent back through Time. I am stranded in an ancient city with no form of communication other than basic gestures. However, I still have drafts of My Struggle as well as a number of pencils and paper.

[Nov. 4th, 476 AD] MEDIOLANUM has treated me with suspicion. My clothes are horrifically anachronistic. I am treated as if I am some form of demon, try as I might to convince them otherwise. However, I did meet a kind baker who has taken me under his wing. He seems to be very popular with the townsfolk. I owe this baker with my life, for he has fed me and quenched my thirst. Perhaps he could be the first I could introduce to my ideology? He told me his name is LUCIUS AQUILLIUS CURIO, after some odd gesturing and other linguistic antics.

[Nov. 7th, 476 AD] THE baker who took me in just three days ago has taught me more of the language of Mediolanum. It seems to be some form of LATIN. I will have to brush the dust off of my old high school lessons in the language. Perhaps others are in the same situation that I am in? Göring or Hess may yet be in the vicinity themselves. I can only hope. Lucius has also told me the exact year I have been sent to: 476 AD, right after the collapse of Rome. He has also introduced me to many of the townsfolk under the Latinised name of ADOLPHUS HITLERUM so as to make it easier for them.

[Nov. 20th, 476 AD] ABOUT two weeks have passed since my arrival. Latin is a surprisingly simple language to learn, albeit with my small amount of prior experience with it. Lucius and I continue to grow closer, and I have also made bonds with many other citizens of Mediolanum. A beautiful young woman has also caught my eye, she goes by the name of EVA APOLLONARIA. Currently, I am trying to educate myself in these ancient peoples' etiquette and other languages with the hopes that I may just survive this temporal enigma.

[Dec. 8th, 476 AD] IT seems I have finally grasped enough of an understanding of the Latin language to communicate with Mediolanum's townsfolk. They call my accented version of their ancient language 'Hitlerish.' Perhaps now I may spread my ideological seeds and the future crimes of the Jewish people among this town. EVA and I continue to grow closer. She is quite a beautiful woman, with a great charm to herself. Soon, I will work for gold in order to purchase my own home and move out of Lucius's.

[Dec. 19th, 476 AD] LUCIUS has encouraged me to write a letter to Odoacer, the king of this ancient Italy, himself, so I have done so. Hopefully I may gain an audience with His Majesty(?) himself in order to become a part of his court. I'm sure my natural charisma and other skills will be a great boon to him.

William the Silent of Orange

November 1st 476 AD:  So... I'm not dead? But if I'm not in heaven, where am I? I am writing this as the day after my death: 10th of July 1584 but I don't recognize this place. I have tried German, French, Gaelic and Dutch. With half German and half Gaelic I now know I'm in the old German town of Fulda. I still have an old Journal (forgot to tell I had this) Oh God help me. De Vader des Vaderlands! I miss my wife Louise, my children but especially my youngest son Frederick Henry. 


November 5th 476 AD: I'm sleeping in an inn of a new friend a made: Reinbert. He learns me the language and introduced me to the townspeople. For now he's my only friend since the most people just laughed at me. They are scared of me. For now I'll just see what I can do for the people here. since it doesn't look like I'm dead or going back to my house in Delft.


November 21st 476 AD: The village has been attacked last night. Reinbert and I were just able to escape. My book says we are around the time of the 'Volksverhuizingen.' All these tribes look for a new place to live. With a few other people I am going to the west. We'll see what is there. I hope a  new plce to live. If not, we'll go to the south.  The east is not an option.  They said there are wild men there.


December 18th 476 AD: It lokks like we can live in the territory of the Frisians for now. We dont know for how long though. They are very suspiscious of us. We need to work on the land for these Frisians. We live in like the worst houses I've ever seen... They treat us like the Spanish treated us! I'm telling everyone that we should leave, but the Frisians are guarding the place. We've been made into slaves. I'm going to lead a rebbellion against them. I just need enough support from the people here.

Ember, c.133X

17th Nov. 476

I don’t know what happened to me. One moment I was running through a forest, now I wake up in an entirely new location, where I can’t understand anyone and no one can understand me. Why did it happen to me, what happened to me, what am I to do now? As far as I can tell, I am in ancient times, though unsure of how far back. At the very least, I can make out a smidgen of the languages spoken; Latin, I believe? Well, I hope my broken Latin will serve me well, and not get me killed…

26th Nov. 476

Got ambushed on the road today by some bandits. My right arm is currently bandaged up, though it hurts whenever I try and move it, though the same cannot be said for my assailants. Excalibur made short work of them, though I did note that the swords I went up against were way shorter than the sword I used. Whether that was just due to their level of poverty or these are the mainstay weapons of the time, I do not know. It's been days since I've eaten, though I managed to collect water to drink from rainwater falling into an empty bowl. It's getting more difficult to write; everything's starting to get dizzy and hazy...

6th Dec. 476

A few days passed from the last time I wrote in here, mainly on account of falling unconscious from my wounds. Fortunately, an elderly family took me in and helped me recuperate strength, and while I’m grounded in this farming village for the time being, I’m safe; for the time being, at least.

14th Dec. 476 I've learned a little more about my caretakers and about the general area as a whole. First of all, they’re farmers who managed to maintain a small plot of land, just enough to get by while somehow paying for the taxes. Moreover, their sons are currently serving in the Roman army. Ah, I should probably mention that I’m in Rome, specifically on “the boot” itself. This is, well, hard to explain. On the one hand, I’m probably never going to see anyone I knew again; my mom, my dad, my uh… I guess I didn’t really care for many people back then, but still… maybe I’ll get my wish after all, where I can just live as me, Ember; not some title bestowed upon me just because I fulfilled a prophecy.

Turn II: AD 477 (Jan-Jun)

NPC Events

  • Nova Roma? (pt.1): Both Mussolini and Macchiavelli land important positions as generals and advisors in Julius Nepos's court, as Julius Nepos recognizes that both of them are "intelligent leaders in their own time, and will be of great use for the restoration of Rome". Mussolini embarks on the process of training Julius Nepos's troops up to modern standards of discipline. Meanwhile, he also pays a visit to several blacksmiths across Dalmatia, asking them to expand their services so that "the economy can benefit" (i.e Mussolini can forge primitive guns for his army). He also sends several members of his army to find ingredients for gunpowder. Mussolini has also begun looking at coal deposits in what today is Bosnia, as well as trying to sketch out his ideas for train designs (which are bad due to his lack of experience in train manufacturing).
  • Heil Hitler! Heil Odoacer!: "Adolphus Hitlerium" finds a favorable reception from Odoacer once he find out that he is Germanic (Odoacer misinterprets Hitler as an Ostrogoth because Hitler never explained to Odoacer what an Austria is), and that he has future knowledge and technology, and is willing to devote himself to his court. Soon, Hitler begins imposing his National Socialist and anti-Semitic ideals on Odoacer, and, to some extent, influences the barbarian king, leading him to expel the Jews of Italy and bar them from jobs in May of 477. Many Jews escape to Dalmatia, Byzantium, or take their chances with their "rightful emperor" Romulus Augustulus and his band of teens.
  • Communism is a Preferable Alternative to Death (pt.2): Strengthened by the recent arrivals of Joseph Stalin, Friedrich Engels, Leon Trotsky, Deng Xiaoping, Fidel Castro, and Enver Hoxha, the Committee for the Liberation of the Proletariat of Rome continues to preach the ideals of Communism in Aleppo, as well as expanding their operations to nearby cities, including Laodicea, Antioch, Hierapolis, Edessa and Tarsus. Meanwhile, in the hearts and minds of the peasants they have preached too, Communism is quickly becoming a new religion, with newly-converted people claiming that Karl Marx is the second Coming of Christ, that the Communist Manifesto is the third book of the Bible, and that the rest of the temporally-displaced Communists are his Apostles. This religious interpretation of Communism (branded as "Carolism" by its detractors) begins to grow quickly in northern Syria and Cilicia, and begins to be taken note of as a heretical form of Christianity. Carolists are quickly oppressed and persecuted, to the point where the Bishop of Antioch put out a decree on April 16, 477, stating that "all persons who practice the foul, vile, and ungodly heresy that is Carolism are to be denied entry to churches, markets, wells, and other establishments; and no God-fearing Christian is to give a Carolist shelter, food, drink, or compassion, for as the vile and heretical Carolist has forfeited their right to Heaven, we shall make sure they forfeit their right to Earth as well". Despite persecution, however, the appeal of Carolism, especially amongst the peasantry, increases, and an underground "Church of the Manifest of the Communion" is established in Aleppo.
  • Intertemporal Bat Soup (pt.1): The coronavirus has spread all throughout the steppes of southern Russia, and has begun making inroads into OTL Ukraine. Among the biggest vectors of COVID-19 spread are the Onogur and Kutrigur Huns, who have spread the virus further west. An Onogur with the coronavirus arrived in the small Ante (Slavic) village of Kiev, hoping to trade furs. While there, he spreads the coronavirus to 5 Kievans...
  • National Stoicism: Kim Jong Un, over the past 8 months, has become a greatly changed man. For one, he is a much more humble and friendly person, much less prone to delusions of grandeur, and is much, much less fat. He has also (slightly involuntarily) converted to Coptic Christianity. However, he still remains as driven in the Juche ideal, even though it has absorbed many elements of Greco-Roman philosophy, and many of his disciples, and even himself, now call it "National Stoicism". With its emphasis on self-sustainability and the admiration of a good Emperor, even the Emperor Zeno himself has started to take note of this new philosophy coming out of Alexandria, and has even begun to encourage it. National Stoicism would, in later years, become one of the leading ideologies in the Byzantine Empire.
  • A Tale of Ten Presidents (pt.1): Right after their respective inaugurations, ten presidents are sent back to Londinium in March of AD 477: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. After being taken in by local Anglo-Saxon families and learning the basics of the Anglo-Saxon language, they ask to meet "Cerhull", the chief of Londinium, thinking that they can help this ancient chief establish democracy and the American ideals in Britain itself. Upon meeting the chief, they (and especially the latter 5 presidents) are incredibly surprised to find out that the chief is none other than World War 2 hero Winston Churchill...
  • Rule Britannia (pt.1): As chief of Londinium, Winston Churchill embarks on a campaign to bring basic amenities (i.e running water, sewers, healthcare, and education) to the town. Using the Latin script and the orthography of his native 20th century English, Churchill created and began spreading writing to the illiterate Anglo-Saxons. He set up schools across Londinium, and has also begun a public education project on sanitation and disease prevention. Roman-era aqueducts are also beginning to be repaired, and sewers and water pipes are beginning to be dug under every street, hopefully supplying running water and plumbing to every house once complete. New healers and doctors are also taught 20th century knowledge regarding disease (i.e the germ theory, how to make penicillin, etc.).
  • The Founding of the Temporalis: With the relatively frequent advent of ISOTed individuals into the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, and with Emperor Zeno recognizing the benefits of these future people's hindsight and technological knowledge and capabilities (even if many of his lesser nobles still believe all ISOTed individuals are "spawns of Satan"), the Temporalis, a semi-secret agency within the Byzantine court, is founded. The Temporalis was created to give the Byzantine Empire foresight into events and technologies of the future, as well as to generally advise the Emperor on events. Its founding members include Erwin Rommel, the members of BTS, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ion Antonescu, Viktor Orban, and Vladimir Putin.
  • Zhongguo Wansui!: Just after their respective deaths, Sun Yat-Sen, Chiang Kai-Shek, Hong Xiuquan, Di Renjie, Wang Weilin (the Tiananmen Square Tank Man), and Li Wenliang (the doctor who first identified the COVID-19 coronavirus and then was shut down by the CCP) appeared in a square in Sinope, in their 20-year old bodies, but still harboring the memories of their past selves. Convinced they have reincarnated in Byzantine Anatolia, all 6 future Chinese find work as merchants or doing odd jobs for people, until one late May day, a letter addressed from the governor of the province of Paphlagonia (the theme system was not established until the 600s) reached their hands, asking them to found a regional branch of the Temporalis in northern Anatolia...
  • Vive le Soissons! Vive la France! (pt.0): Oh the date of his return to France (14 June 1944), Charles De Gaulle arrived instead in the Roman successor state of the Kingdom of Soissons, in AD 477, almost 1500 years in the past. 4 days later, a disgruntled Napoleon, having just lost in the Battle of Waterloo, suddenly appeared in the middle of Parisius (Paris). Although the two, by the end of June, are just 2 strange homeless people, only time will tell what they will achieve in this new and old age...
  • Shenanigans in the Carpathians (pt.0): Residents of the Akatziri village in which a time-displaced Nurhaci had lived in for 3 months already were met with a familiar confusion as 5 more "weird people from the future" suddenly appeared in the nearby forest in the middle of winter: Elizabeth Bathory, Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, Vlad Tepes "the Impaler", Olga of Kiev, and Janos Hunyadi. They are accepted into the village, although people keep a wary eye on some of them (especially Bathory and Vlad), as they have found out that some of them have, well, concerning hobbies...
  • The Rise of the Potato: On a lighter note, potatoes have become all the rage for Constantinople's elite, as its ease of growth, the myriads of ways it can be prepared, and its sheer novelty have hit it off with Emperor Zeno's court. Already, many plantations owned by rich Byzantine nobles have begun growing potatoes, and the 'tater mania doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Theresa Sullivan

12th April 2020 (c. January 477): I have started to actually talk to some of the locals around here, mainly women. They tell me that this is the city of Parisius. (will refer it to Paris since Theresa is gonna slack on the name) Wait, this means that... I'm in Paris then? After all this time, I thought I was in this strange fantasy world, but it turns out that after two months of disbelief and still struggling to learn the language, I've actually understood what the name of the city. Some begin to really notice me in my own English as this strange language that people often get so bizarre with.

6th June 2020 (c. March 477): I can't believe it in my eyes. I've seen... Napoleon down at the streets of this place? It can't be. I thought I was the only one here and now I feel that I'm not the only one in the city of Paris. This feels so exciting to see one of the first historical figures!

I do not want to mess with him, ever and I have no idea what he'll do to me. I may have learned a little bit of French in my own place, but he's too rusty for me to remember and speak. Better hide from him, cos you know, I don't wanna mess with this guy, he's very tough and he has conquered much of Europe back in his days.

People thought that he was short, but actually, I found out it was a myth that I was fed into by my history teacher at high school. He's actually slightly taller than I expected - thought he was 5'0 inches. American education is basically flawed and I feel that I learnt something more than what the curriculum told me.

28th June 2020 (c. March 477): I saw some guy with some fancy cap. Unlike Napoleon, I do not know who this guy is. My history teacher didn't tell me about this guy and I feel a little rustic about this side. I know about WWII a little bit, but it is about Americans winning against the evil Nazis and that the Nazis were killing much of the Jewish population of Europe (and they failed). (Theresa doesn't seem to know about the Pacific front aside from the atomic bombs dropped on two cities. Seems too fixated on European and local history more than anywhere else.)

I like Joan of Arc. But I never seen her. Unlike my history teacher, I learnt about her when I was cute as heck at the age of 10 when I read up about her in a local library in Framingham. She means a lot to me and I don't know when I'll see her, if Napoleon is here and that dude is there as well, why couldn't I see her? This seems a little bit off about this world...

4th July 2020 (c. April 477): I ran out of blue ink, so I'm moving to red this time. Soon I would run out of pages and that I cannot keep track of time anymore from this. I might even need to recite it by word instead or keep it to myself. I am really desperate for something to write on. I gotta cut my hair too, but I don't have anyone, so I'll need to find some dagger that someone forgot to keep blending into the community.

27th July 2020 (c. April 477): I found some sort of writing material (parchment) that is quite different. It is basically leathery and very different from paper, which quickly deteriorates, that is according to Google. I snatched few of them and I also sourced a little bit of ink (apparently made from squids, I guess) from someone else too. Unlike paper, where my diary came from, getting that kind of medium is harder in this world. There is no paper equivalent here, so I'll make do.

I need to also bind it with some string that I've also taken. I literally hate doing this. Once I run out of pages in my own diary, I'll need to move it here. They also told me that the date is supposed to be 27th April 477, not 24th July 2020, which is what my 2020 journal says. I'm torn on whether to keep using my previous date or move on to the local time there.

4th August 2020 (c. May 477): I begin talking more to other girls and women of similar age as me and they are starting to make sense for the first time, except for the really big words, I've started to see something familiar, not something alien like Klingon (Theresa watches some Star Trek movies, but she is no Trekkie) but something that kind of went by in my head. I don't know what language it is, but I feel that it might be Latin.

I finally told them that I came from the skies (literally "I went down from heaven") and that I am the woman who can write. I told them that I can save them, but the response is very, very mixed. Like they seem to not understand me, even when I'm speaking their own language at the most basic way.

I'll need to do something.

29th September 2020 (c. June 477): I've grasped about most of the basic items and words, along with some phrases. I'm not that fluent yet because it'll take years, (she's roughly around level 0.7 [assuming it is done with decimals] in that ILR scale that 'measures' language fluency) however it turns out that I can cope with some of the people's understanding here. It turns out that they speak a really conjugated version of Latin and I've pieced bits of my rusty Latin from my Bible learning of a Latin language Bible (She did say that she studied a little bit of Latin years ago in her uptime world as I said in the last turn) just a month ago to this kind of Latin so it really helps me a lot. (Would've been level 0.6 if she hadn't fortunately studied random words and written words, verbally recited it for just two months before quitting. But that doesn't contribute a lot.)

There's also another language that I cannot comprehend, Gallish (or whatever that is). They also locally speak this language as well, but it kind of doesn't help me as Latin is slightly my better strength not that I'm super fluent, but...

What a stupid person I am! For over I guess eight months, I haven't been thinking straight. It took me eight months to piece the jigsaw puzzle and I was in disbelief.

Anyway, I feel that Napoleon and that WW2-uniformed dude [Charles de Gaulle] is likely to make me uncomfortable. These strong men are going to eventually come to me and harass me for being a good girl. I told a man about where I should go, in really bad Latin. He told me to go to a place called 'Noviodenum' [Noviodunum, which is in OTL Soissons], which is some town up north.

If that's the place, then I'm packing up whatever I got. With some of this new writing patch and ink that I've stolen from the locals, I could still write my journey and tell the world, even to women around here that I'm looking to blend in and live like them.

In the meantime, I've continued my interaction with these girls, regardless if they don't want me or not. I'm now starting my intention to convince them that I came down from the skies and that I'm here to save them (with the intent of making them literate of course). Writing it in a different language for them is a big thing. It's going to save their lives a lot. (This kinds of reminds me of the Woman Script from Eon, which I'm currently reading but who knows?)

Eventually, they'll understand some of my language, not all of it, I tell you, but it's going to be beneficial. Strong women need to have their own written code of language and my written language may help them to resist men who might be corrupt.


  • Theresa discovers Napoleon and Charles de Gaulle about weeks after their arrival eventually (it is ambiguous, so I assume its February 477, apologies!) and she fears both of them as she is no longer alone in Parisium.
  • She also has grasped this Gallo-Latin language thing (only 65-70% of the basics, next turn she'll be level 1 in the ILR scale) and used her rusty knowledge on what she learned about Latin in her uptime world to slightly enhance (not dramatically boost) her understanding of their speak.
  • Theresa tries to convince women of her similar age that she came from the skies (or heaven) and she is here to save them from men. She has the intent of trying to spread literacy to women in both their language and use modern American English (c. 2020) as a secret writing code or something using some stolen parchment eventually.
  • But because Theresa is threatened by the simple existence of Napoleon and de Gaulle (they aren't a threat to her yet), she plans to simply move to Noviodunum (written as 'Noviodenum' in her interpretation, in OTL city of Soissons) and also spread her message of literacy and message to other women. This is going to happen if she learns all of the basics by approximately October 477.

Aisin Gioro Nurhaci:

  • Gvwa (Other Ones): Upon meeting the newly isekai’d, Nurhaci had the same reaction as much of the village; what the fuck. Nurhaci now realized that he wasn’t the only person who got isekai’d. Nurhaci doesn’t like any of them, except for Janos Hunyadi and Ungern-Sternberg (kinda).
  • Akaciri-ni Hergen (The Akatziri Script): Upon realizing that the Akatziri have no writing system, Nurhaci got to work creating an alphabet for the Akatziri Hunnic Language, which is adapted from the Mongol Alphabet, with his own innovations. During the next 6 months, it only sees limited use within the tribe that inhabits the village.
  • O, Amba Manjuxri (O, Great Manjushri): Due to the efforts of Nurhaci and Ungern-Steuben, Vajrayana Buddhism starts to spread throughout the Akatziri, particuarly within their tribe.
  • Ele usinse, Ele usinse! (More farms, more farms!): Nurhaci realizes that the geography of their land isn’t well suited for a fully pastoral lifestyle, or even a semi-nomadic one. He instructs many people on how to grow grain more efficiently.
  • Ice Genggiyelense (New Inventions): Nurhaci invents the stirrup, and brings new techniques of making pottery (Higher temperatures, different kiln design). This marks the start of the stoneware and celadon industry in Moldova. He also makes a compass, though it's quite large and not very portable.
  • Tuwa Buraki jai Puse (Gunpowder and Cannons): After collecting sufficient niter on his hunting trips, Nurhaci begins the process of refining niter in potassium nitrate, as shown in his books. After a few attempts, he is able to make some of the stuff, though it’s not very potent, with only 35% potassium nitrate. After convincing a blacksmith in another village to forge a small gun barrel using Ming Dynasty techniques as best as he could, Nurhaci was able to make a working cannon by mid-May (it resembles a late song dynasty hand cannon, not any of the fancy ones). He spent next 4 weeks figuring out how to make a serpentine lever, creating a matchlock. (note, it’s larger than an arquebus, though Nurhaci will definitely make a smaller version).
  • Akaciri gurunse uherilame bi, hendumere minde (I’m uniting the Akatziri tribes, don’t talk to me): During the summer solstice festivities, Nurhaci invited 5 other Akatziri tribes to the village. He then carefully wrapped a packet of powder onto his arrow, and shot it at a dead tree far away. He hit his target, and the tree erupted in flames. He then demonstrated more tricks with gunpowder (and with his matchlock), though very carefully due to how dangerous the stuff is. The crowd gasped in awe and surprise. He then spoke to the crowd using an all-too familliar motif. First he grabbed an arrow out of his quiver, and then broke it without much effort . The crowd watched, confused. He then grabbed a bundle of 10 arrows, and attempted to break it. After much exertion, he was unable to break them. Nurhaci then asked the crowd; “Who are the strongest?”. 6 burly men (one of them being Ungern-Steuben) from each of the tribes came up, and all failed. Nurhaci then said; “You see, my friends, by itself, a tribe is weak and vulnerable. But, together, a coalition of tribes will be able to defend against the strongest of threats. The Ante, Saragurs and the Sklaveni are all encroaching on our land. If we do not act fast, then we shall perish like dew when the sun rises.” Those from Nurhaci’s tribe cheered, though the representatives from the other tribes weren’t so enthusiastic. tl;dr, invited all 6 of the Akatzriri tribes to unite.

Peter the Great

Jan 15

Well, this nasty plague has really swept the city, and a lot of people are infected, the thing is, It's been several weeks and I have kinda been working around as a plague doctor, but I'm not infected, however, my operations have been set back very badly.

Jan 21

So I figured that I won't be able to take over in a while, but at this time I might as well continuing working as a plague doctor, whilst also trying to gain influence in the minds of the people of the place.

Feb 22

First up, I should probably work from the bottom-up, since I haven't been infected, there is something of a following of people that support me, I should work to expand this group.

March 10

Now, most of the city knows of me, anyways I should continue this influence building, this group of followers has about doubled, and I will have to make a move soon.

March 21

I've managed to secure a base of operations in one of the abandoned buildings, from what I can tell it used to be an inn, and I have plenty of space to use for myself.

April 29

There is something of a significant following of people ready, in preparation for a coup, I am trying to convert them to Christianity as well as organizing them for an eventual assault on the town hall.

May 14

I have now just made a speech to the people in my group, promising them great strength and a much better life if they rally to my cause, meanwhile I am still training them for an assault.

June 15

I am beggining to work on a cryillic script to go with this old Russian, which will be able to spread my influence even further, meanwhile, my following is bigger than it has ever been, and soon I will be ready.

June 22

Now is the time! Our coup is in place as we march towards the town hall! Forward! Forward! Take the town hall, and pave the way for a new empire to last for a thousand years and beyond!

Niccolo Machiavelli

Jan. 3, 477: Nepos has finally accepted me into his imperial court. There, I talked with him on political theory and science from my own time. He immediately took a liking to me, commending me as an intellectual of my times and promoting me to general/advisor rank. (Somehow, he's already connected the dots and figured out I am from the future. A few months ago, I heard people gossiping about a "scary demon," apparently in reference to me, and needless to say, I am now relieved that nobody is paranoid about me anymore.) I met another one of Nepos's advisors and generals, an Italian from the year 1939 named Benito Mussolini. His Italian sounds somewhat broken, and his Latin even more so, but nonetheless we quickly became good friends due to our common interests. (Oddly enough, I'm not the only one who came from the future...)

Jan. 25, 477: It appears that Odoacer now has a new crony. Supposedly, he is an Ostrogoth from the 20th century named Adolphus Hitlerium. Rumor has it that Hitlerium is a very competent advisor and general. (I doubt he is an Ostrogoth, though, the Ostrogoths have been long gone by my time already. Austrian, perhaps?) I have just warned Nepos of this very concerning development. On a somewhat lighter note, I have designed a cannon that can be mounted on ships during naval battles for Nepos, based on designs from my own time. I have even gotten some local blacksmiths to begin working on components for the cannon.

Feb. 17, 477: I have a bit of a better grasp of the local Illyrian dialect, or gulzë Dalmëch, as they call their language. (OOC: He would be about a 2 on the ILR scale.) I have compiled a basic book of words, phrases, and the more common idioms in use for my own convenience. This morning, Mussolini overheard me trying to practice the language and turned around in apparent shock. A few seconds later, he apologized for his "shameful display" and explained that he thought that I was an Albanian... Also, Nepos has granted me a large and luxurious villa next to his, which I very much appreciate from this man.

Mar. 9, 477: According to my book on the history of Europe, the Ostrogoth leaders Theodoric Strabo and Theodoric the Amal are locked in an epic struggle for the Ostrogothic throne. This conflict apparently rages throughout Ostrogothia and Thrace. This would be the perfect opportunity to reclaim this land for the glory of Rome. I have proposed to Nepos a battle plan to invade the Ostrogoths of Illyricum. I hope that he accepts this proposal.

Mar. 21, 477: A few days ago, I heard of this popular crop plant called a potato which is easy to grow and versatile to use. It has apparently spread like wildfire among the nobility of Byzantium. Today, Mussolini introduced me to the crop and its culinary usage. He presented a platter of baked potatoes to me and Nepos. Personally, I liked his baked potatoes. Nepos seemed to like them too. After the feast, Mussolini presented a potted potato plant to Nepos while I watched. I think Nepos accepted if I remember correctly...

Apr. 3, 477: I have designed and proposed a renovation of the main church in Salona, based on some cathedral designs back in Florence. I think that Nepos will like it  very much.

May 15, 477: For some reason, there are a lot of Asians in Constantinople (and also a lot of hatred towards everyone from the future). I have recently heard of six Chinamen who were all transported from different time periods into the city of Sinope at the same time, and also of a group of strange bards from Cauli (OOC: Marco Polo's name for Korea) who entertain a local noble family in Alexandria. Most intriguing of all, I have heard of a wise man named Chinius (OOC: Name of Kim Jong-un in Latin) whose teachings have even caught the notice of Zeno. I myself am somewhat interested in this "National Stoicism" thing even though it appears to contradict my own philosophy, and I have requested Nepos to send diplomats to Byzantium to learn of it.

May 21, 477: I have now become good enough at the Dalmatian language to speak it in a more or less regular conversation. (OOC: He is at a 3 on the ILR scale.) I find this language kind of worth preserving, so I have translated some prayers into Dalmatian and written down some folk songs.

Jun. 5, 477: I think that Nepos trusts me enough now. I have made the decision to warn him about his impending assassination and about Glycerius's possible part in the plot. I can only hope that he heeds my words, otherwise he shall fall and his empire along with him...

Erwin Rommel

12th Jan. 477  - Following my admittance into the Temporalis Agency, I have conversed with some of my fellow agents on history in-absentia. It is apparent that the Fatherland had waged a war against the world, and lost. This was quite a lot to take in. However, I was not spared the fury of a certain Vladimir Putin, who started throwing hands at me after noting my affiliation with the Fatherland. Tensions have been calmed thus far, but some of the "up-timers", that is to say, individuals who arrived from a more distant future, remain wary of me. The Fatherland had been said to have committed despicable crimes, to which they seem to hold against me. I prefer to converse with Atatürk, despite our mutually poor command of Koine Greek. Amusingly, I have come to be known as the "Potato Man", for my efforts in ensuring the supply of potatoes. It is also one of the only few things the "up-timers" appreciate that is in my name.

28th Feb. 477  - Studies on the books accompanying me to this era have bore fruit. I have received sufficient assistance in translating the texts from German to Latin and Greek, with the help of a few Germanic, Latin and Greek scholars. The blacksmiths and alchemists from Alexandria will be arriving in the next few weeks to begin work on the manufacture of albeit primitive firearms. I may not be able to expect rifles any time soon, but it's progress. Swordplay would have to do in the mean time.

Emperor Zeno himself has taken an interest in the downfall of the Byzantine Empire as recorded in the history texts. Interestingly, he holds no grudges against Kemal, despite his involvement in Turkish nationalism within this very region centuries from now. Perhaps it is because, for all it is worth, the Turks and his ancestors are decades away from even thinking about invading Anatolia.

18th Apr. 477  - News of Carolism and its condemnation have attracted the interest of the Agency for some time. It seems consistent, by unanimous agreement of all Agency members, that no sect by the name of Carolism had existed within the Near East at any point in this era, nor in the future. I, along with a few others, namely Kemal, Ion and Viktor have come to the conclusion that this sect may be the work of socialist "up-timers". Tomorrow, we will set off for Cilicia to examine the situation further.

My command of Greek and Latin has reached acceptable levels amongst most "down-timer" members of the Agency, yet I prefer to converse with Ion in Latin, for it is simpler for the both of us who speak a Latin-derived tongue.

30th Apr. 477  - The situation in Cilicia and Syria may be worse than we feared. Initially, we had assumed that only a handful of "up-timers" with socialist affiliations were responsible, only to discover over one hundred communists working their devilish machinations, led by none other than the most despicable men of my own time. Vladimir was visibly taken by surprise after sighting his predecessor preaching Carolism in Damascus, so I cannot help but laugh when I imagine the look on his face after he saw that pig Stalin convene with the likes of Lenin and Trotsky!

We have collated a list of notable individuals within this Carolist circus act, along with their aliases. However, I must confess, I do not trust Vladimir. It seems that he originates from the same era as one of the communists recorded, a Chinese bearing a stark resemblance to the facial features of a bear. I have confided in Kemal and Ion, as well as some of the Koreans. We will continue to watch Vladimir closely.

20th May. 477  - It has come to our knowledge that other "up-timers" had arrived in Anatolia, decidedly non-communist in nature or affiliation due to their rejection or impartiality to Carolism. It seems that they too, are Chinese. I've identified the presence of Chiang Kai-Shek and Sun Yat-Sen, men of admirable nationalist affiliation. The Temporalis Agency will be sending them letters of invitation to the Agency to help combat the influences and growth of Carolism. I do hope I won't get slapped again after meeting them.

Emperor Zeno has also considered reaching out to a certain "Chinius" in Alexandria, inviting him to the Agency, despite protest from the Koreans. It seems he may be a communist in their era, but as an individual that had been held responsible for crimes he had yet to do at all, perhaps we should acquiesce.

Queen Christina

January 2nd, 477 AD: I ran out of ink some time ago and have been unable to chronicle the most recent events of my journey, but I gained some just a few days ago. We've been forced to take a detour, Wisimund was unable to convince Gunderic, which is understandable, the man is but a poor sailor and fisherman. It is too much to ask for him to bring 14 people to the city of Rome. He did help to provide us with a horse and cart to travel at a quicker pace. We decided we would have to cross from Sicily to mainland Italy. One of the men in our group, a certain Hellemunt, was familiar with tracking and noticed several tracks on the paths we took, indicating that the Vandals were still out looking for us. We've decided to move off the main paths in an attempt to stay hidden on our way to Messana. I must try and keep these entries short to save on ink.

January 11th, 477 AD: We've managed to remain hidden for now, we encountered a wagon the other night that had stopped to rest. The owners was a small family of four, they were generally nice but wary of us. I tried to stay back as to not attract too much attention but I do not doubt that they noticed me. We traded a few of our less important supplies for some coats, we were going to need them to travel through Messana without risking getting recognized and arrested. Now we only need more clothes for proper disguises, enough supplies for all of us and enough resources to travel across the strait to Italy.

January 20th, 477 AD: Days of camping, traveling around and avoiding attention have worn us out quite a bit, but Gunderic and I have been discussing what to do for a while now and with our combined knowledge we should be able to get to Messana by the start of February. However, it appears that, at least from our predictions, we will have to stay there for at least a week before attempting to flee to Rhegium as we still do not have enough supplies and riches for such a plan and it's getting risky to stay out in the rural areas. It's probably only a matter of time before we end up found if we stay here.

February 3rd, 477 AD: The journey has just started. Hopefully the plan smitten by myself and Gunderic, to live in Messana disguised as merchants until the best time to try and escape to Italy.

February 10th, 477 AD: It succeeded, we've managed to make our way into Messana, perhaps they have given up or slowed down the search for us?

March 9th, 477 AD: If I have been counting correctly another month has passed or so. I must admit that this new lifestyle I have ended up in is quite bizarre, the weeks I have spent in Syracuse, the village outside Palermo and now Messana has more properly shown me the lives of peasants and so has my talks with my acquaintances. It is not that I completely miss my previous royal life, as I was even planning to abdicate before the event, but confusion has plagued me for a while now, I've been irritable with living in lower standards but I can't complain because I am at least still alive.

April 2nd, 477 AD: A few suspicious looks have been received, but so far we're okay. Most of us have pretty much just been hiding out where we set up our current base of operations and to a certain extent, home.

April 20th, 477 AD: As the month draws to an end I am starting to believe that Gunderic has taken a certain liking to me. He's one of my best friends since I was removed from my own time period but from the way he looks at me as well as the increase in compliments I have received, I am most certain he has fallen for me. Unfortunately I do not feel the same but I don't know if I should tell him anything, the fact that we even are in Messana was caused by my mere existence in Syracuse at this point in time, I do not wish to break his heart. I would not be in this good of a position without help from him and my other new companions.

May 2nd, 477 AD: It has been quite the time that has elapsed without us gaining access to any semblance of new events that have transpired the last months. Somehow we've missed the death of Gaiseric, the king of the Vandals, which transpired several months ago, which seemed to have been January, calculating the days since then means it is the month of May, possibly not more than the second day. Talks between locals in Messana tells me of a peace between Zeno of the Eastern Roman Empire and Odoacer of Italy, recalling my studies this did not happen which means that something has changed it. I fear I may have a part in this, the simple fact that I exist over a millenia into the past may already have started a chain reaction of some sorts.

May 13th, 477 AD: We're making an early move across to Rhegium. The death of Gaiseric has given us a hope that we aren't still being hunted and it has been many suns passed since we last were in trouble. Five of the group have however decided to stay behind in Messana, seeking to build new lives here for themselves. Being a small family of three and a couple who all lost their professions, I do not blame them. We all thanked them for everything as did they to us. After this however, we are but nine people left, trying to make it to the grand city of Rome. The journey starts in five days.

May 18th, 477 AD: I am very nervous, my new life has been very turbulent but I am holding on as much as is possible. Myself, Gunderic, Adalwin, Clothildis, Radulf, Sigilind, Gerhild, Engilram and Badurud have just stepped onto the vessel that we now have in our possession. I am also reminded of something just now, the fact that Odoacer has not intervened in Vandal politics since Gaiseric's death is most strange. I am convinced. My presence in this timeline is disrupting history in some form. I fear the consequences very much. I think of father, I think of Ebba and I am saddened, never will I see her again, yet Gunderic and Badurud have tended to me and I simply hope that this strange event does not doom the future.

May 19th, 477 AD: Arrival in Rhegium has not been easy, the locals are not very keen of us. Whilst the king, Odoacer was, or rather is, of Germanic origin, history I have read informs me that his kingdom and the Kingdom of the Vandals positively did not have the most friendly of relations.

June 1st, 477 AD: Days have been spent in Rhegium, mostly in isolation, though we've definitely been noted by the people. Next stop on our trip is going to be Neapolis, or Naples as it is known in my previous life of the 17th century. We will stop by a few smaller settlements along the way though. I have a strange feeling that we have already outstayed our welcome here...

June 27th, 477 AD: The last few weeks have gone by rather slow, not without nervousness and worry as well as a few cases of a broken wagon wheel, stopping to gather new supplies and warding off an attempted robbery by some petty marauders. I have seen many interesting things along the way, traveling from village to village. Yesterday in the evening Gunderic confessed his love to me, but I was forced to reject him. I am strictly Catholic and celibate and while I owe Gunderic much, I do not share the same feelings. He was saddened and he hasn't spoken to me for a while, I didn't want something like this to happen, but I am independent and I have no romantic love for any man. I have traveled for months and I've almost had enough. We will arrive in Naples in just a few days.

Adolf Hitler

[Jan. 6th, 477 AD] ODOACER has received my letter, which I was informed of after one of his own messengers arrived in Mediolanum to summon me to King Odoacer's court in Ravenna. What a glorious day! I hope to serve His Majesty well. Perhaps one day I could even take over the kingdom. Ha! I have chosen to bring EVA with me. I believe I may now call her my lover. What a beautiful woman she is.


[Jan. 12th, 477 AD] SOON I will be arriving in Ravenna. As I was informed by his messenger, he has prepared a large banquet for my arrival. Let this be a mark of the formation of the New Empire! At least, that's what I would like to call it. I'm not sure if Odoacer has the same plans in mind...


[Jan. 14th, 477 AD] THE messenger, Eva, and I arrived in Ravenna after a little more than a week of travel. I quickly made haste to Odoacer's place of residence where the banquet for my arrival was being held. I was met many friendly faces, not only Odoacer himself, but his advisors such as CAECINA BASILIUS among others as well. What a step up from Lucius's humble dinners.


[February 14th, 477 AD] ONE month has passed since my arrival in Ravenna. Odoacer has continued to treat me well, as have many of the people of this fair city. The king placed me in a large villa near his own residence as well, as I would expect from someone as generous as him. Over the last month, I have also spent some time searching for allies in the city, including people from my own time, among them Rudolf Hess, Hermann Goering, and the great general who was with me during the Putsch, Erich Ludendorff.


[May 14th, 477 AD] IT has been a while since I've written in this journal. Odoacer has kept me quite busy. Today also marks four months since I have arrived in Ravenna and began government duties for the king, which as I just wrote is keeping me a busy man. Eva and I have been spending quite a lot of time together. I think I may propose to her soon. I have yet to find any of my contemporaries.


[May 28th, 477 AD] WHAT a glorious day! Odoacer has banished the Jews from his kingdom. This is one step ahead for our kingdom. Odoacer also asked me a few days ago on if I have any knowledge of his death. Sadly, I had to tell him that I did not, but that I will look in some of my history books to figure this out. I will write here again soon.

Turn III: AD 477 (Jul-Dec)

NPC Events

  • Nova Roma? (pt.2): Exactly one year after Mussolini and Macchiavelli found themselves stuck in the distant past, another two uptime individuals have shown up in the streets of Salona once again: Yugoslav dictator Josip Broz Tito (from 1953) and the Albanian hero Skanderbeg (from 1444). After being encountered by Mussolini as hired street sweepers in a lower-class neighborhood of Salona, they are introduced to Julius Nepos, always hungry for more information and help from the future. With the Ostrogoths distracted between their own internal conflicts, as well as being a general nuisance to all things civilized. Julius Nepos authorizes the invasion of the Ostrogoth Kingdom, with a few border skirmishes occurring. Despite larger numbers and higher morale, the Ostrogoths are caught off guard by the few working guns that Mussolini has managed to create so far (~1 in 400 soldiers has a gun as of current, and these guns aren't very effective in modern terms).
  • A Land of Opportunity (if you're a Germanic): Taking some pages out of his most invaluable advisor, Adolf Hitler, Odoacer declares Italia "a Haven for the Germanic Peoples", allowing any person from a Germanic nation or of Germanic descent to settle freely in Italy. To facilitate this, Odoacer again takes a page out of someone else's book, this time the Roman Emperors of old: Poor farmers of non-Germanic/Latin descent can sell their farms for what amounted to a very generous welfare sum for the time (all food costs covered plus housing in the nearest city with rent reduced by a flat 50%). Meanwhile, these farms would become Odoacer's crown territory, which he could then resell on to other prospective farmers (in practice this meant Germanic immigrants). Meanwhile, the ancient Roman roads around the capital in Ravenna, as well as near Rome, begin to be renovated. New additions include inns built every 20 Roman miles, and trilingual road signs (in Latin, Gothic, and "Standard Unified Germanic"; i.e 1920s Austrian German). Main roads in Ravenna are also renovated, turned into large and wide boulevards (wide enough to easily accommodate cars in the future) with trees planted on both sides. With these projects in progress, another three strange men have been spotted in a square in Ravenna, they call themselves Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, and Vidkun Quisling, and they claim to be from 1942...
  • Return of the Emperor: Romulus Augustulus's wanderings have begun to be noticed with provincial governors in and around Southern Italy. With the populace in the region slowly growing to resent Odoacer's rule and think of Romulus Augustulus as their "rightful Emperor", unrest has been slowly and steadily increasing in the region. A report submitted December 27, 477, linking the increased civil disobedience around Neapolis tangentially to Romulus Augustulus would arrive at Odoacer's court in Ravenna by mid-January of the next year, eliciting a fearful response...
  • A Tale of Two Kievs: Peter the Great's coup attempt initially succeeded, but was soon thwarted after a civilian militia marched into the house of the local chief (where Peter had taken residence) and forcibly kicked hi out. However, Peter managed to escape with his life and his musket intact, and gathered his followers (numbering around 900). They would march north for days, ending up stopping in a small village in the Pripyat Marshes (OTL Chernobyl). After demonstrating "magic" to the unsuspecting villagers, they declared Peter their new ruler on grounds that they believed him to be an incarnation of the Slavic thunder god Perun. The town, now renamed Novy Kiev (New Kiev), quickly entered war mode, as advanced High Middle Ages crossbows and siege weapons, and every able-bodied man of Novy Kiev undergoes military training. Hopefully, this shall be enough to take back Kiev (now increasingly known as Stary Kiev, or Old Kiev) from the heathens.
  • The Tenebrae Khaganate: After countless weeks of deliberation, 3 of the 6 tribes agree to unite provided that their chiefs would remain able to enforce their own laws in their land, while the other 3 flatly refuse the offer. The Tenebrae Khanate is formed, with 4 minor Khans and their families being able to elect a Khagan upon the previous Khagan's death (one part of the deal is that Nurhaci will be made a minor Khan, not the Khagan, and that the other 5 uptime members would be treated as Nurhaci's "family"). The capital of the Khaganate is set at the point where all 4 tribes' territories meet (around OTL Comrat, Moldova).
  • Intertemporal Bat Soup (pt.2): Spread amongst riverine trade in what would in another history become the Ukraine, the coronavirus would proliferate across the Black Sea, hitting a certain irrelevant Akatziri chiefdom that happens to be inhabited by a certain 5 people from the future. In mid-November, the first few instances of COVID-19 would jump across to the other side of the Black Sea, with corona rearing its ugly head in Sinope, Trebizond, and Heraclea.
  • The Workings of the Temporalis: With an entire new cabal of ISOTed individuals appearing in Smyrna (including Rasputin, Alexander Kerensky, Simo Hayha and Tadeusz Kosciuszko), the Temporalis Agency of West and South Anatolia is established, while Kim Jong Un is brought up from Alexandria (only to start asking to open up a university and a great library of the works of Ancient Greece). Meanwhile, the Constantinople, Sinope and newly-founded Smyrna branches of the Temporalis begin to tackle issues facing Byzantium, such as the Carolists/Communists, the proliferation of the coronavirus affecting Byzantine ports in northern Anatolia, the spread of the potato, and the sensible, sustainable and economically-sound introduction of modern technological and social principles to Byzantine society. One of the brainchildren of the Temporalis is Emperor Zeno's propaganda machine; using several techniques present in Nazi, Soviet, Communist Chinese and North Korean propaganda, Zeno has managed to create an effective apparatus to ensure order in the state, as well as bringing to light the (good) changes Byzantium is going through thanks to Zeno.
  • Communism is a Preferable Alternative to Death (pt.3): Despite persecution and efforts to check its spread by both the Church and the Byzantine government, Carolism just keeps on biting back. Despite the arrest and hanging of Xi Jinping (now referred to as Saint Penitus of Serica, the first official Carolist martyr), the Carolist heresy continues to spread throughout Syria and Cilicia, and has even made some headway into Palestine and Cappadocia. In some working-class neighborhoods of Aleppo, Antioch, and Damascus, quotes from the Communist Manifesto outnumber quotes of the New Testament, and in some areas along the Euphrates River, communes in the Soviet style have even been set up, functioning much akin to monasteries.
  • It Is Important to Have a Jihad from Time to Time (pt.0): Several terrorists and modern-day radical Muslims have travelled back in time to 5th century Sassanid Persia, among them Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Saddam Hussein (circa the Gulf War), the Ayatollah Khomeini, Bashar al-Assad, and several Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. After sorting out their differences (at times in a somewhat nasty way, the Ayatollah was severely injured due to bin Laden and al-Baghdadi repeatedly stabbing him for being a Shiite), they begin preaching the word of Islam and the Quran in and around Ctesiphon. Although the vast majority of people see them as just another bunch of loonies on the streets, a few begin paying attention.
  • A Tale of Ten Presidents (pt. 2): Although to some extent generally content to stay in Londinium and advise Churchill, most of the 10 ISOTed presidents feel some kind of "calling", to see this world, and provide help for the poor, the starving, the weary, and the downtrodden. After a solemn goodbye, the Presidents leave Londinium, consigning themselves to roaming the land and trying to help as many as they can. By December, they have travelled across much of southern England, crossed the Channel, and now find themselves holing up for winter in Rotomagus (OTL Rouen), in the Kingdom of Soissons.
  • Pictish Sengoku (pt. 0): To some extent influenced by their more developed Japanese "visitors", the beginnings of more centralized states in Scotland begins, with the first three major states in Scotland being the Kingdoms of Cathures (around OTL Glasgow), Dun Eideann (OTL Edinburgh), and Fidach (OTL Inverness). All three possess similar forms of quasi-religious hereditary government (each ruler is held to be a descendant of a particular god in the newly-syncretized Shinto-Pict pantheon), as well as a military based on shamragh infantry (infantry armed with longswords; a transliteration of Japanese "samurai").
  • Vive le Soissons! Vive la France! (pt.1): Believing that they are in the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire (~200s AD), Charles de Gaulle and Napoleon decide not to try and meet the Emperor, who they believe is "probably ineffective" (remember the Third Century Crisis), but instead to start a mercenary company, trained in modern standards of warfare, so that Rome may be restored independent from any effective or ineffective emperor. Gathering a band of around 200 destitute and defeated young men from across Parisius, de Gaulle and Napoleon begin the process of training a band of malnourished barely-adults into an elite force with cutting-edge (literally) technology.

Willy Rohr

July 12th 1917?: after a long and difficult journey, i have arrived to my home city of Metz, in the way i have picked up a bit of Alemannic

September 21st 477: after a difficult conversation with a couple of people, i have figured out the date in which i am living in

October 13th 477: i am starting to make a book about my political ideas, so a nationalistic monarchy can be tried in the future

November 3rd 477: i have started to get known by the peasants of Metz, gaining a small following amongst them

December 16th 477: I have sent a letter detailing my ISOTing and the knowledge of future weapons to the Alemannic king

Theresa Sullivan

14th October 2020 (c. July 477): We I have already just started meeting up with other girls just about three weeks ago in places where there are no men to find us. My lesson on teaching them how to read and write has started to take off well after being convinced that I was a girl who came from the heavens and here to save their lives entirely for my own existence, but they are learning very slow and I got to learn the local language even better along the way. It won't take long before I can get all of my diary and journal with the basic phrases, verbs and words jolt down. I have to remember which day to remember to find the page where I miss some words. They would also read my first two months of my journey and oh boy, you won't believe what they react. It looks garbled, but I translated them pretty okay (not the big words), that I live a very different life from up heaven.

My English is also getting a little bit rusty as well. It's been months since I last spoken English to a person. I sometimes talk to myself, but unfortunately speaking my own language has started to become a little uncomfortable for me.

PS I've also lost my red ink. Pretty sad. Time for the last bit of this pen, green ink.

30th October 2020 (c. July 2020): Today, I've been telling some about the tales of other women, of my own past and to them, the future. I've also grasped all the basic pretty quickly from conversations. (That means she is safe to assume that she reached level 1 in the ILR scale; though level 2 is going to be next one and a half turns depending on her severity of success)

What a great way to enlighten and make sure they are literate is to tell a story. A tale of course. The first was Joan of Arc, my favourite figure. I told them that she was a poor peasant like them and they were not surprised of it. But then, I twisted her story a little, of course exaggerating her success, that she went to the military as a man. They were a little shocked. How could a woman like Joan be a soldier or even blend in like a man? I tell them that you can be anything that you want beyond a wife or a concubine to a man.

I assure them that this is what life is like in heaven. Where women can be soldiers, but I insisted that they can be brave and courageous as she is and start considering that their roles are not limited to staying at home or just simply have children. They can have so much more and I'm going to tell them some stories as well as we continue our lesson of writing down the alphabet and some basic words.

18th December 2020 (c. September 477): Telling stories has been one of my qualities and I'm not a politically-savvy person and I don't like making speeches, but I know a lot of stories of women. A professor was shocked in my essays about the role of these figures while studying gender studies as a minor. I researched some of them down by hand but I keep getting close to plagiarism that I needed to use a plagiarism checker and some tips online. I'm bad at writing essays like this and I often end up copy and pasting without noticing it. (note that she is roughly 23 by the end of the turn, she was ISOTed as a 22-year old in October 476 and she is presumed to have graduated after studying for three years.)

My mother wouldn't want me to learn about gender studies as she believed traditional norms for women were a good thing (even though she wanted me to go to college), but unfortunately I did it anyway after deciding to take a major on mathematics. I did gender studies for my own interest in relation to women and men being treated of our time and before, just to see how much I hit my head of what my mother wanted me to grow up into and what other females thought of society today.

It turns out that this does help me a little. And then, more women have started to come into our hideout and place to talk. I was overwhelmed, but they didn't come here for writing at all, no. They were interested in my own stories.

What should I do about it? I used to be a loser in my previous life. But I found myself revitalised by God. I found myself to be an excellent speaker, not a shy person who is forced into being pressured by my family, my friends (if there's any in the past...) and my priest. (Somehow she is not aware of the Catholic Church sexual abuse cases... Keeping a lid shut unlike these secular people who want to defame religion!)

I told more stories that I discovered through reading some books and some of my professors who were talking about the '#MeToo' movement. I gave them to practice some reading from my journal for the phrasebook and some stolen 'paper thing' (parchment) to 'write' with my limited supply of ink.

For the so-called me too movement, which I discovered through a bit of scrolling in my Twitter feed and through a lecturer for gender studies, I've twisted the story so that it conforms to what I want the moral to me. I don't want to make it sound like an out-of-place story for them to listen. I also have to break it down so that it is a 'men vs. women' thing.

I told them that there is an evil man named Harvix Victus (Harvey Weinstein), who came from the faraway land of America, of course blatantly since it sounded right in the tongue of whatever impression this world has come to, that is a former king of a big city called Angelium (Los Angeles). This city was used to be a place for gods and goddesses to meet up, until one day, a demigod figure, that is Harvix himself, banished all of them away and enslaved women into being concubines in his palace. Harvix has also raised a legion of tens of thousands of men to his own service and that they are free to do whatever they want with them. They suffered quite a lot and that's not all.

It did not stop the women of Angelium, one of them, about tens of years later spread a message to women outside of Angelium. She informed that Harvix Victus was not the man he is and that he only came here for his own sadistic (I don't have any equivalent word for masochist) needs. And women fought back against the evil King Harvix by marching towards his palace. Harvix was eventually expelled from Angelium by being thrown off into the ocean and drown for eternity and women have their own equality again and the gods and goddesses have returned to the city to live in harmony once again.

That story must be a really bad one, unlike Joan of Arc and three other major stories. But you know what? I'm still continuing this. I'm writing down the basics, since this is a very, very intriguing story I made, unlike Joan of Arc, which is a real story.

(She won't cover the suffragette movement [first wave feminists] interestingly but refers to the fourth wave feminist movement more often. Same thing with Audre Lorde, but since she doesn't know her existence, that can be shaved off. She is a 'good' Catholic girl, so Audre Lorde being lesbian would probably make her decide to not include Lorde into the discussion.)

25th December 2020 (c. September 477): I learnt of a leader named 'Siagrias' (Syagrius) from tapping and hearing the discussion of eight men drinking while simply 'cleaning' as a voluntary domestic servant to blend in and get a living for food. This leader, Siagrias, is the leader and general of the so-called Kingdom of the Soysons (Soissons) and that he might rule over Paris (Parisium). Intriguing, as I'm just writing this on what is supposed to be my Christmas. He might help me bring literacy to all other poorer women and maybe if he so desires, men.

2nd October 477: I've started using the local date over the diary after running out of pages and someone informed me of the date accurately for the first time. I've also run out of green ink (had to depose this pen to the river bank) and now I got only squid ink that is stolen so that I could write later, but it is not much, I could remember some things in my head (this is a turn though, so her writing is much more flawed and I make turns that are excessively long, so... this is kind of breaking the fourth wall). Writing it with something else like a quill (I've retrieved one feather by plucking out a  goose three months ago with another girl who has at least two geese at a farm [is this even a thing at that time? clarify.], but it doesn't work well as writers' quill for the [United States] Constitution) is much, much harder to do. I'll get used to it eventually.

There are some women who can read, but poorly by now. Only eight can write the alphabet but only one is able to write three-word phrases (the written words mostly come from her journal than being actually verified by literate men, if any) with some difficulty. It seems that it is working, but I lack the resources to expand upon without stealing even more, which locals are taking more notice the more I teach them. I also taught them basic maths by using our fingers and some items that were brought in with adding and subtracting too. That is a viable alternative, I guess.

28th November 477: Rumours from are telling me that Napoleon and Charles [de Gaulle] (which is his name apparently when Napoleon referred to him, I like the name Charlie more than Charles) have started rounding up men in some hidden place. This is quite concerning for my operations. Napoleon might be learning to discipline them with his own code of conduct and sort of things, who knows! I'll need to tell my girls on me packing up for Noviodenum (again she misspells Noviodunum, the capital city of the Soissons which is in OTL city of Soissons, of the same name, strange isn't it?) right now! They may not know what is anyway, but if I want to spread the message of women being free from men, I have to move my mission as well.

5th December 477: I've told some women in my lessons to keep spreading my message of empowering women and start becoming more courageous and brave against their male peers when I start to leave Parisium. My stories are important for them to tell others. If I want myself to become far-reaching for women to relate to, I must tell the basics of some of the tales and stories.

19th December 477: For the recent weeks, I've started to reduce my presence and started taking a sack to put food and some basic essentials like clothing. It seems that talking with others a lot in my sessions also radically improve my language skills, albeit writing the language might be not my ante, I can at least pronounce them properly through this way. If there's a misspelling and another person who is literate points it out, I can make amends fairly quickly, but so far only two have come across me spelling things wrong. (at this point, Theresa is around level 1.5 in the ILR scale)

I haven't literally found the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Louvre Pyramid with Mona Lisa inside it while I'm at Paris doing things. A shame and once I realised I was in Paris, I tried to look for it for two literal weeks. Nothing. I'm living in 477 AD, so perhaps the Colosseum could be one of the places I can go to eventually, along with the Pantheon there in Rome but I don't know how to get there.

28th December 477: I have arrived at Noviodunum (finally, I've managed to spell it properly!) and am starting to set up another post. This time I hope, is much more permanent. I haven't met up Siagrias (Syragrius) yet, but if I just send a letter anonymously under the pseudonym Carissa Aurelius, I could be at the cusp of something greater... That is, before Napoleon catches up with me.

I need more time to set myself up in this supposed 'capital' of the Soysons Kingdom (Soissons Kingdom) that a man told me months ago. I don't expect myself to be fully completed until the end of winter.

(Yes, she sends a small ripped parchment that she stole from Parisium through a woman so that it is sent to someone else and then probably directed at Syagrius. That woman is entrusted to send her message back at a particular address as soon it is received. She tells him about her ability to read and write as a woman anonymously, had came down from heaven and that she wants to bring literacy to all people under a condition: she wants to travel freely without any restrictions so that she can meet up other females to ensure that they can do something and that women should have more rights than they have currently, writing down some 'suggestions' such as women being able to walk freely and independence, if not just limited in reluctance. She also reminds him of a man named 'Napoleon' for reference later and that he might pose a threat to his kingdom if he doesn't think her proposal to reform is serious. If refused, she won't reply, though will continue to spread the message until she is captured or killed.)

(So two very different paths: being the lecturer publicly and potentially fight Napoleon through Syagrius' help and introduce a more passive version of feminism or... she can do it herself and spread radical feminism underground with many women and then rise up against Syagrius and Napoleon's mercenaries. The former being 50% chance Syagrius gives in to Napoleon.)


  • Theresa learns the basic language of the local language in the Kingdom of the Soissons by mid-477 and began moving into fluency by constant continuous discussion through her own 'convincing' skills and moves to make other women learn how to write, but at a very poor taste unlike...
  • She also tells them stories to promote a form of feminism to 'empower' downtimers (people of 477 AD), which is proven to be somewhat effective and quite embellished, especially that Harvey Weinstein story that she only discovered and learnt in a limited grasp through online and some lecturer.
  • Rumours eventually went to Theresa's grasps about Napoleon setting up an army too within Parisium. It isn't confirmed yet by her, since she hasn't seen it in the making, presumably being operated in secret. This prompted her to immediately pack up and move to Noviodunum/Soissons, the capital of the Kingdom of the Soissons. (Note, this is not verifiable yet, but there are murmurs that make her think that Napoleon is up to something, even when she discovered him in the middle of Parisium when she is ISOTed)
  • A pseudonymous message is sent to Syagrius by Theresa through a woman that she decided to choose. Theresa wrote that she can read and write and wishes to spread literacy to all subjects within Soissons under the condition of walking freely without restraint and expanding liberties (in other words, independence/freedom) for women. She also warns about Napoleon as a side note as she heard rumours about him.

Peter the Great

July 15 At New Kiev, we are starting to get our army recovered, I have given directions to forge medevial armor and weapons, and I'm getting all fit men trained for combat.

July 31

Some raiding parties ran over and tried to mess with us, but with this new weaponary we pushed them back.

August 20

We are building some fortifacations just in case, we are also recruiting more people in the surrounding countryside to our cause, which is working well, I am also taking a page from history, and I appointed a "caller" to make daily speeches to raise our town morale.

September 24

My work on importing in Cryllic Script into this early Russian is finished, which i was sworking on since my coup, this should be working soon in regular society.

October 16

I am ready for expansion, I will first have a month-long scouting period, before expansion

November 16

Most of the area in a suitable radius has been captured by our troops, now we are expanding, and most of the neighboring villages will hopefully join our cause.

December 15

It seems that most of the villages have been captured fater all this, I think that the people in Kiev are now having their defenses down, so we will attack soon

December 29

I have been exiled from my rightful capital for months now, but with these new tools and even more numbers, the attack is ready, orders shall be passed along in this adapted Cryllic script, for better communication, and now, march forward, and siege the city for our Empire!


Ilan Gvsa (4 Banners): The first change Nurhaci made was to create an organized military system. Due to the small amount of people in his realm, only 2 banners are needed at the moment (There are around 65,000 people in Nurhaci’s Khaganate, this results in around 7,200 households). The organazation of the banners are as followed: 150 households make up a Company (Niru), 5 companies (450 households) make up one Regiment (Jalan), and 3 Regiments make up a Banner (Gvsa), which consists of 2250 Households. Each household would typically have 2 bannermen, giving us a total manpower of 15,000 Men

Julergi-ni Kalka Hecense (Southern Fortresses): While scouting in the area, one of Nurhaci’s hunting parties discovers a fort-town, and then another one along the southern edge of the danube (Castra Noviodunum and Toemis). Both towns are inhabited by people who speak a strange language (Ostrogoth and Greek, they can’t distinguish between the two). 

Wargi-ci Nimeku (Western Plague): An Ante trader plops into Aker Höcön, and coughs before selling his goods. Within a few weeks, Covid-19(76?) has swept across the Khaganate, and has killed Erzebet Bathory and leaves Ungern-Sterberg bedridden until November. Ungern-Sternberg advises the others on modern hygiene. 

Tuwa Buraki jai Puse [Juwe] (Gunpowder and Cannons [2]): Due to the long loading time of our guns and limited source of niter, most of the weapons produced are Crossbows (Ming Dynasty), swords, and fire arrows. However, muskets and arquebuses are still produced, and developement of flintlock guns start in late October. Developement of rockets also starts, though they cannot be produced in large amounts. On the walls of Aker Höcön (Bilhorod-Dnistrovs’kyi), breech-loading swivel cannons are produced, and a culverin is produced. 

Amargi-ni toksoso: While scouting in the far north along the Dnieper River, a scouting party reports a city named Stary Kyjevu. After scouting even farther north, another city called Kyjevu is discovered. The second Kyjevu seems to be more technogically advanced than the other Kyjevu. 

Jugvnse jai Ko Sanggasa (Roads and Sewers): Construction of a road that will span the entire length of our land starts in Late July, but due to the plague and harvest season, construction is paused during late august, and fully resumes in november. A small sewer system is created in Holo Gymun

Emuci Isandu (First Kurultai): The date of the Kurultai, where each of the 4 minor khans and some other representatives from each tribe convene, is set on the summer solstice (June 21st) and the winter solstice (December 21st). The location of the Kurultai is set at Holo Gymun (Comrat, Moldova) While formally called the Isandu, Qoryltai is the name commonly used. The purpose of this Kurultai was to discuss infrastructure developement and to assign leadership roles and titles to individuals. As with the Kurultais in the Mongol Empire, there are great feasting and various traditional games. During this Kurultai, a suggestion was made to invade the Saragurs to the northwest (They inhabit all land north of the Her Oqad and Kutrigurs and south of the Ante from the Dniester to the Dnieper, I will provide a map). However, the campaign would be long and would likely have no end, so Nurhaci turned it down. The chief of the Mataqleri, however, suggests invading the Her Öqad (they inhabit the stretch of land from the Dniester to the Tylihul estuary). Due to the warmongering fuckboi nature of the Akatziri and Nurhaci, everyone likes the idea, and strategies begin to be discussed. After a while of discussion, it has been decided that we will just rush the town which houses the leaders of Her Öqad. The invasion is set on May of 488. 


6th Jan. 477
Been gathering more intel from the couple I was with. Apparently, I’m not the only one to have been blasted into the past, though I suppose it would’ve been surprising if I was the only one sent back in time. Whether it was all coincidental or someone else’s bidding is up in the air, but as far as it concerns me, as long as I’m not roped into it, I should be relatively fine.

5th Mar. 477
I’ve basically become the couple’s “daughter from another mother”, if you will. If anything, it feels like I am staying with my aunt and uncle on their farm, tending to the livestock and winter crops. This way of life is completely new to me, and to be honest, it’s pretty fun, actually. 

26th Apr. 477
Things are slowly getting worse; the writing's on the wall. My foster family is going to have to flee from Italy, mainly due to the worsening conditions in Italy for Jews. Though they aren’t Jews themselves, they are disgusted by the treatment of said Jews, and wished to depart from a country they could hardly recognise anymore. They’re currently preparing for departure, and have planned to leave me their crops and whatnot, and to be frank, I have no clue what to do, though it’s either figure out what I’m going to do on my own or be dragged down by the system. Either way, like the seasons, my way of life is going to be changing.

29th May. 477
It has been a little under a month since the elderly couple left Italy, and things have gone downhill since then. I’ve been forced to make a compromise with some of the local soldiers; I give them hospitality in return for assistance with the farm, and while I do look the part, they could tell I’m not Italian, and I can definitely say they’re nothing like the elderly couple. 

9th Jul. 477
Just as things began settling down, things got even worse. It has been a few weeks since I’ve taken to the trees; invasion forces from the north have already made territorial gains within whatever country I’m residing in. In addition, from the safety of the trees, I’ve noticed that some of them are equipped with weird metal barrels that spew fire, seemingly making armor obsolete. Whatever the case, the farm has fallen to enemy hands, and if there is anything I want to do, it is take back what belongs to the kind people who helped me at my lowest. 

16th Aug. 477
After some experimentation, I’ve managed to recreate an English longbow that is effective at long range, far longer than these “thunder barrels”, at least from my observations as I’ve shadowed the invasion force’s movements. Though I’m not as proficient with a longbow as I am with Excalibur, I’ll have plenty of time to compensate for my lack of skill with my far superior range than our foes. That being said, I don’t want to help whichever country I found myself allying with, but “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” right?

18th Sept. 477
I’ve managed to create a small resistance within northern Italy, equipped with these English longbows, and through haphazard and luck, we managed to grab ahold of some horses, belonging primarily to various farmers or veterans from the late Roman Empire. With our resources, we’ve turned to hit-n-run tactics, using our light cavalry to strike at supply lines, and our longbows to stay well out of range of these “thunder barrels”. Though our arrows aren’t made of hard, high quality steel, the armor of the invaders are nothing like steel plates, so our arrows strike true, regardless of how much armor our foes are wearing. 

7th Oct. 477
Our efforts are slowly being heard from throughout the Italian territory, with more and more peasants rushing to assist in our resistance movement, now known by many as “The Order of the Phoenix”. Though most are untrained, anyone could care for a horse or learn how to use a spear with good training. Fortunately, from my old training sessions for becoming the King of England, I’m more than proficient enough with basic weapons such as spears and other weaponry in order to teach the new recruits. Of course, everything would be rushed, but as long as we play our cards right, everything should turn out fine. 

15th Nov. 477
A large battle was spotted by our scouts, so I decided to provide some assistance to the Italians. Though they’re located atop a defensive position, they’re struggling to hold their ground against the invaders. Rallying my troops, now around two-hundred in size, I personally lead the charge into the enemy rear. Both sides were surprised by our appearance, but our cavalry attack had its intended effect. Flanked from both sides, the northern invaders’ morale broke as they began to flee the battlefield. 

18th Nov. 477
I’m currently in the old capital of the Roman Empire, Rome itself. It isn’t by any means as lavish as I heard as a young laddie, but it was still fascinating nonetheless. Tomorrow, I’m to be meeting with some of the military higher ups to coordinate future attacks, as well as receive military-grade equipment. While we will be sticking to our longbows, the gladius is a happy addition to add to our arsonels in case things get hairy. Overall, I could care less for what ends up happening; I just wish to retake the farm that was betrothed to me.

31st Dec. 477
It’s the end of the year, and my little Resistance group has gotten far. We number around three hundred and fifty mounted archers, with many more acting as auxiliary units for support, such as tending to the horses as well as managing our equipment. Nera, if you ever read this, though I doubt would ever happen, I hope you are doing well for yourself, and that I promise to reclaim your farm in your name, no matter what it takes.

Erwin Rommel

7th Jul. 477  - I do not consider myself to be a man of propaganda, but I must admit that my input on the workings of Temporalis and, in general, Byzantine publicity paraphernalia have benefited our Emperor immensely. It is imperative the population is made aware of the evils of socialism, communism, Carolism, whatever despicable form it may rear its ugly head in. With the widespread popularity of the potato, it was only a matter of time before Vladimir figured out how to make decent vodka. I think I will forgive him now.

21st Aug. 477 - It seems Odoacer himself has met some "up-timers" as well. Italia, a "Haven for the Germanic Peoples"? This certainly wasn't something Odoacer seemed to consider at all in the history book. I have submitted a formal request to accompany the next diplomatic mission to Odoacer's kingdom, as I intend to confirm my suspicions that the Barbarian King has his own "Temporalis Agency".

15th Sep. 477 - About a month ago, I wrote of confirming the presence of "up-timers" in Odoacer's kingdom. I was expecting to find some old Roman Emperor from before Christ or perhaps a Pope. I was not expecting the Führer, much less Göring and Himmler. Our leader looked quite young, while I would not have recognised Himmler if it were not for his signature glasses and mustache. While I was unable to catch the Führer for a conversation, I was able to have a quick chat with Göring, who looked as surprised as me.

It has been established that I was transported from 1921, while Göring and Himmler were both transported in 1942. Strangely, they note that I was present in the affairs and front lines of the Fatherland and his war against the world up until their anomalous transportation here. Given the enthusiasm in his voice, I have doubts that he is aware of what the Fatherland had to endure after the war. He does not know how the Fatherland lost. I don't think I will tell him.

I must note that Odoacer and the Führer have made startling improvements to Italia. I will suggest similar projects upon my return to Constantinople.

31st Oct. 477 - Over the past few weeks, the Temporalis Agency have begun working on the modernization of the capital to further improve the image of the Emperor and his prestige in the Mediterranean. I myself have been assigned to the oversight of all research related to my books, due to my proficiency in modern German. We have managed to synthesize gunpowder, albeit crudely, but the blacksmiths are far from perfecting their craft to a degree acceptable enough for the manufacture of proper firearms.

One concern that has begun to claw at the back of my mind was that the issue of the Byzantine armies had yet to be rectified. An empire cannot only rely on mercenaries, no matter if they are Germanic. I have begun drafting a collection of my experiences in the First World War, the military structure of the Fatherland as I remember it and military theory for infantry adapted for pre-gunpowder armies. Perhaps this may be the start of a Byzantine Imperial Army to rival the military prowess of the European Powers in a time long gone but yet to arrive, completely void of mercenaries and instead, manned by the proud citizens of the Byzantine Empire.

29th Nov. 477 - There have been strange reports of disease and pestilence in the eastern Anatolian provinces. The Temporalis Agency has been requested to convene in the South Anatolia Branch. I must note that Recep and Vladimir have heavily advised the Emperor on hygienic practices in the 21st century, as they have suspicions towards the disease. The symptoms do not seem to be similar to the Spanish Flu nor the Black Death, so I am unfamiliar with whatever they think it is. I have managed to hear the words "korona virus". I find the choice of name amusing.

13th Dec. 477 - We have discovered the influences of Carolism in soviets disguised as monasteries! The Emperor is still considering my ideas on the improvement of the Byzantine military, however I believe that a purge of Carolism from the Euphrates may be a suitable entrance for an upcoming Byzantine Imperial Army.

News from across the Euphrates brings a familiar reaction. Someone, or rather a group of "up-timers" have arrived and set up shop along the Tigris. While the evils of Carolism attempt to grow their roots along the Euphrates, apparently, Muslim "up-timers" have begun missionary efforts along the Tigris. The situation is ambiguous, and it has been agreed upon by the Muslims, especially Recep, that further investigation is required before the Empire and Agency extend a hand of friendship. The Agency is well aware of the decline of the Byzantine Empire in a future where Muslims Caliphates rose to Golden Ages. We do not intend to replicate this. Kemal himself called for a secular state, as he did in modern Turkey. Again, we will tread carefully in this situation.

Queen Christina

July 2nd, 477 AD: We have arrived in Neapolis, things seem calm, for a major city that is.

July 14th, 477 AD: Life in Neapolis has been hectic, but some talks between the people here have caught my ear. Odoacer made some form of declaration providing free settlement for any Germanic peoples within Italy. I have also heard some of the locals speak of a certain "Adolf Hitler" who seems to be involved. First I thought these were just rumors and that it is too risky to cease with the disguises, but after some time it was so widespread that it must be true. Looks like the Roman walls are safe to travel within.

July 21st, 477 AD: No longer are we hiding our true selves. I've now spent a full week remarking the beauty of Neapolis, although I still avoid wearing my royal robes to avoid attracting too much attention. I've tried to speak with Gunderic but outside of future plans and such he is not interested, he did not take my rejection of him very well. I must apologize at some point but I cannot get distracted. Neapolis is a lovely city with the Roman architecture and polite locals, but we are setting off for Rome in just a few days.

August 5th, 477 AD: With supplies stacked, we're ready to travel to Rome. I have hopes to meet personally with Odoacer and this certain "Adolf Hitler", if anyone knows what's currently occurring in the Mediterranean, it's them.

August 11th, 477 AD: We are approaching the walls of Rome, the city looks familiar yet at the same time very different from what I've been taught, read, seen paintings of and expected myself. I look forward to see what comes next and what I'll see.

August 29th, 477 AD: It is most irritating to realize that the officials of this Italian Kingdom reside in Ravenna and not Rome. Somehow in my haste to see the grand city I forgot it was no longer capital of Italy at this point in history. Nevertheless the roughly three weeks I have spent in Rome have been quaint. The scenery is beautiful and I've managed to improve my skills in both Latin and the Vandalic language among some of the other Germanic tongues. Speaking with the locals I have rallied up a group of a few persons, bringing my entourage as I've decided to call it from 9 to 23. I've studied and also used the small amount of books that I have with me to educate others around in the city. A new plan has been smitten, we shall rally more people to a cause: attempt to get to the bottom of this strange temporal occurrence. I've heard the people of Rome talk about persons in other parts of the kingdom in strange outfits and such. If this is true, I am not the only one that has been moved through time. There has to be more to this.

September 17th, 477 AD: I've noticed renovations of the roads and such in Rome and just outside the city. Signs have also started to show a new Germanic language that reminds me to a certain extent the German spoken in Austria yet very different and practically unintelligible to me. Gunderic and the entourage do not know of this either. I am starting to suspect that this is the work of the man only known as "Adolf Hitler", the name does not sound like any Germanic name from this timeperiod but the surname also doesn't seem like anything from my time either, he must be another person "lost in time". It is most important that I find him and Odoacer.

September 30th, 477 AD: The entourage has grown further to more than 30 persons. I just wish that the attention I have gathered will not end up in the same manner as how it occurred in Syracuse. Although I still use my royal title, I do not use it to try and assert dominance over Italy, it would be rather ridiculous to attempt any sort of coup d'etat. I am simply the Queen of my people and my people are those who wish to follow in the more modern steps of science, centuries ahead of what century I live in currently. During my spare time I have spoken to Gunderic and explained my celibacy and Catholic beliefs in greater detail, I am a child of God of course. He said he understands but I'm not sure if he really does. I saw it as necessary to give some form of apology and explanation but no person's feelings will trample over my dedication to find someone or something that can explain all of this.

October 3rd, 477 AD: Some members of the entourage and other acquaintances currently still reside in Rome. A group of 20, including me and the "core" members are now going to travel to Ravenna. All this traveling makes me rather sick, especially now that I'm leaving Rome, what a beautiful city it is. We now have amassed resources and enough coin to be able to travel at a good pace and not have to stop for supplies as often as before. Already when we stop to rest I stand a bit isolated from the others at times to prepare for what to say to Odoacer and Adolf Hitler, assuming I am able to speak to them upon our arrival. I also spend this time to view the night sky and think back on my previous life, the kingdom, the wars and spending time with my nearest and dearest. I pray to God that there is hope for whatever is happening to them and also for there to be a possibility for me to return or at least see all I knew once more.

October 9th, 477 AD: As soon as we arrived in Ravenna things were strange. It was like the situation in Rome but even more renovated, it looked closer to a city of my age rather than antiquity. There was only a short moment before the people noticed the entourage and I, but they seemed less surprised than I anticipated. Compared to the reactions in Syracuse the people were practically silent. Then my theory is most probably correct, Adolf Hitler is in a situation very much similar to that of mine. I am like earlier only barely able to understand and read some of the signs that have the strange variant of Austrian German on them, it would be strange if this is from before the 17th century, might it be from after it? For now, I, Queen Christina and my companions shall rest.

October 12th, 477 AD: A few days in Ravenna have been spent simply living and getting to know the city's architecture and infrastructure. Yesterday I noticed a few figures just before going back to our abode to rest for the night. I could only see one person clearly, a male dressed in most strange clothing, a black material I couldn't correctly recognize on both his upper and lower body and underneath it a white collar-like piece of clothing along with some form of decorative article just by the neck. The man had blonde hair that was swept towards one side. Never had I seen such a person before. (referring to Vidkun Quisling)

October 15th, 477 AD: I decided now to find what I have been looking for ever since traveling across the strait between Sicily and the peninsula of Italy: Odoacer and Adolf Hitler. It didn't take too long to discover the residency of King Odoacer and the guards noticed me as not from the period of antiquity and I managed to convince them to let me speak to Odoacer. We spoke about this certain temporal anomaly. I informed him that along with myself and Hitler there are at least three other "misplaced" individuals, those three men I noticed only a small amount of days ago. Odoacer in turn informed me of Adolf Hitler, though I've yet to meet the man myself. He claims to be an Austrian from the year 1924, where apparently there is no longer an Austrian Empire and a united German state exists. Knowing of the recent attacks in the north of Odoacer's kingdom I gave an offer to be an ally to him as well as a member of his court, in exchange I will assist in defending his kingdom the best I can and provide him with other knowledges I have from my own time period. Several members of my entourage do know at least something about fighting, so given the proper training they can serve as soldiers. I also asked him to bring forth Adolf Hitler when it is possible so that we all can discuss what to do and how to approach the future.

October 29th, 477 AD: I have still not yet encountered or managed to contact this certain Adolf Hitler but life in Ravenna has been kind to me and my friends. I've spent time working and assisting Odoacer in his different endeavors. He doesn't approve much of my usage of the title of Queen, but he'll have to simply accept it, despite my intention to abdicate the Swedish throne I do not bend the knee to anyone here.

November 10th, 477 AD: Days go by quickly and are full of endeavors to work through and as such I have not had much time to write any entries in my journal. Many of my close friends and members of the entourage have trained themselves to become soldiers and advisors of Odoacer's regime. A resistance in the north exists and it must be destroyed.

December 3rd, 477 AD: My modern tools for scripture have run low. Ink and quill is not an applicable method so I must resort to other ways. I do not have much more to say other than that I have seen the strange other men a few more times and I may have seen Adolf Hitler, but not gotten the chance to speak with him. For now I'll be by the side of Odoacer, he is not my master, but I shouldn't make decisions without knowing the potential consequences.

Adolf Hitler

[July 4th, 477 AD] PERSONALLY, I am not sure what is next. I have been placed in a position of power that I am not sure what to do with. Odoacer's kingdom is being invaded... but all is not lost. I have talked to Odoacer about the modernization of his military.  I believe I went over some weapon plans with the Sturmabteilung at one point. I must try my hardest to remember these plans, although they may be fading from my memory. Otherwise, the Kingdom will be stricken down and I will likely be killed.


[July 8th, 477 AD] WHAT a glorious day indeed! I have met up with my old friend, Hermann Göring. By some twist of Fate, he has been sent to Ravenna, the city I am inhabiting! He was accompanied by two individuals as well, their names were Heinrich Himmler and Vidkun Quisling, a German and a Norwegian respectively, if I recall correctly. I believe Himmler was involved in the old NSDAP, during the Beer Hall Putsch as well. They say they come from a time where I was the ruler of a fascist Germany. What a future they must have lived in. Vidkun, apparently, was the leader of German-occupied Norway. They both were, on top of that, also leaders of the military. Here is hoping they have their own blueprints to German or Norwegian weapons.


[July 28th, 477 AD] TODAY, I introduced Himmler, Quisling, and Göring to Odoacer. I told him tales of what incredible leaders the trio was, even though I barely had any idea of how good they were at this point myself. All I know is that the version of me from the 1940s chose them to head the military, government, and the entire nation of Norway, so they must be pretty damn good.


[August 14th, 477 AD] RECENTLY there has been many reports of civil unrest down south, in the region surrounding Neapel (Naples). This is a grave development indeed. I fear they may soon rebel, and I have informed Odoacer as such. Himmler ended up having a weapon blueprint, for what he described as a much-outdated weapon, the Gewehr 98. To me, however, the weapon was fresh in my mind, for I had wielded one in the Great War.


[September 8th, 477 AD] UNREST continues to grow in the south. Odoacer still hasn't taken much action... I fear that this will likely lead to the collapse of his kingdom. I have begun preparations for myself, Eva, Himmler, Quisling, and Göring to leave the kingdom in case of an extreme emergency. Although, this emergency may not be too far away.


[There is a distinct lack of entries ranging from the dates Sep. 20th to December 1st. Hitler seems to have been very occupied.]


[December 10th, 477 AD] SADLY, I have not written here for a while. I continue my preparations to potentially leave the kingdom. It is... scary, to say the least. I fear for my life, Eva's life, and my friends' life. Hopefully we will come out of this alive...

Niccolo Machiavelli

Oct. 16, 477: Yesterday, I met two new "up-timers." One was a Croat named Joseph (Josip) Tito. From talking to him, in his own time, after Mussolini was killed and Italy and some country named "Yugoslavia" (among others) were invaded by Hitler, Tito led a resistance movement, and after the war, he established himself as the leader of a "socialist" (whatever that is, but it sounded a bit like Carolism when he described it) Yugoslavia.  He also expressed hatred towards Mussolini and his war crimes. The other up-timer was Skanderbeg, the Albanian commander who rebelled against the Ottomans and created the League of Lezhe. I needed no introduction to him; my book on the history of Europe says plenty about him. However, I had to introduce myself to him. Today, I saw Tito and Mussolini arguing. I forced the two of them to sit down and talk civilly with each other. I had to remind them that everything from the future is null and void now and nobody knows what they did in their own times. I also reminded them that they now have one common goal and that they must work together for it: bring glory to Dalmatia. Hopefully they got their shit together...

Nov. 20, 477: I designed a version of my cannon specifically for land warfare and a suit of armor based on Italian armor from my own time, and I presented them to Nepos. The Ostrogoths can't stop us now! I also saw Tito's blueprints for modern tanks. Meanwhile, I heard of a Roman revolt in Italy by a young up-timer girl from England named Ignia (Ember). They seem to be doing pretty well, but I'll see how the revolt goes from here.

Dec. 10, 477: We have made pretty good progress in Ostrogothia. The Ostrogoth barbarians have made a small incursion into Dalmatian territory, but the Roman forces have the overall upper hand. I have suggested that Nepos move some troops back to guard the border and to push the Ostrogoths out of Dalmatia. The rest of his troops will sweep through Ostrogothic land.

William the Silent

July 4th 477 AD: It has been a very long time since I  have written in this journal.  We have to work harder each day. We now have an 'owner' or something. That Frisian language is quite easy now after working a while. I'm hiding this diary under my straw bed. We should've gone for the south. I've kept sending notes to Reinbert. I've tried telling the rest to escape, but if the Frisians heard, we would have to work harder and harder and harder. Yesterday Bobbefietske died from lashes. I also need more ink. Where will I get that? I'll have to improvise. For now Reinbert and will just try escaping and going to the south. Jop will probably go with us. He's actually the most adventurous of the tribe. Maybe we'll travel Paris or if we travel further Orange, if these cities even exist now. I think Paris does, but I don't know about Orange. 


August 1st 477AD: I have escaped with the people from our tribe and a few other from different tribes. We have stolen swords and other weapons and are going to conquer this land. These Frisians will know what they did to us! 


August 20th 477AD:  We are sieging Groningen now. These bastards will pay for everything!

Turn IV: AD 478 (Jan-Jun)

NPC Events 

  • Nova Roma? (pt.3): The Ostrogothia Kingdom is quickly capitulating, as Dalmatian forces capture Siscia and Mogentianae, and begin to close in on the capital at Sopianae, and Rugii and Gepid forces begin incursions into Ostrogoth territory. Seeing the writing on the wall, Theoderic the Amal flees Osthrogothia, taking refuge in the Kingdom of Italy via Odoacer's "Haven for the Germanic Peoples" decree. Back in Salona, the Army continues to be slowly modernized, with primitive guns now having a 1 in 200 penetration into the armed forces. The Navy also begins to see improvements, as cannons are outfitted onto a few ships as a test. The first faulty prototypes of guns created also find their use on the battlefield, although not as intended. Due to their tendency to explode, killing the owner as well as any other person within a 3 meter radius, they have found use as primitive grenades and bombs. The troops using them have become very renowned back home in Dalmatia, to the point where the motif of the fearless Grenadier, charging into unwashed barbarian armies with an "exploder gun" and giving his life to save his fellow soldiers on the front line has become nearly synonymous with the Ostrogothic War. Meanwhile, Mussolini and Tito (after getting over their grudges a little) begin work on the renovation of the Roman roads (like everyone else). However, uniquely to anyone else trying to rebuild Roman roads, Mussolini and Tito have also designed a road numbering system and a roadmap to go along with the renovations, instead of just putting signs down like everyone else. I like roads, ok?
  • The Emperor's Dilemma: Odoacer's reaction to the report was quick and concise: round up all the rebellious elements, and make a public spectacle of their punishment: no one who dares to challenge the authority of Odoacer should deign to live. The army would be mobilized and ordered to find Romulus Augustulus and his roaming band in southern Italy, and then deal with the insurgency in the north, reportedly led by two teenage girls named Ember and Astrid. As winter ticked into spring, and then into summer, the two groups would begin to feel further and further squished and stuck, as Odoacer steadily ramped up scouting and search missions for the two groups.
  • Italia, Italia, Italia Über Alles: Infrastructure projects continue, with old Roman roads renovated, and cities revitalized with wide boulevards and monuments. Meanwhile, the Italian military is improved dramatically, as the blueprints brought by Göring and Quisling help quite a bit in making and equipping Italian troops with guns (i.e they tend to spontaneously explode only around 5% of the time instead of 25%). Progress on ensuring law and order is also made, as a few lesser-trained auxiliary branches of the military are retrained into rudimentary domestic police forces, sent to patrol streets and highways and mitigate crimes across the country. Pro-Odoacer propaganda also begins to be disseminated, mostly in and around cities.
  • Intertemporal Bat Soup (pt.3): Despite the Temporalis's best efforts, CoVID-19 (colloquially known as the Pontic Flu) has spread like wildfire across Anatolia, and has even appeared in Constantinople. In the hardest-hit provinces of Paphlagonia, Pontus Polemoniacus, and Bithynia, death tolls approach 15% of the population. However, in hard-hit cities like Sinope and Nicomedia, the Byzantine government (with the help of the Constantinople and Northern Anatolia Temporalis, of course) is conducting what may perhaps be the first public health campaign, with port districts quarantined, streets sanitized, primitive soaps distributed to poorer families, and an aggressive public information campaign emphasizing improvements in hygiene.
  • Life Is Short, Gotta Build Some Roads: As the first stage in what was to become the first international dick-measuring contest Byzantine-Italian Cold War, Byzantium, after learning of Italian renovation of the Roman roads, attempted to one-up them by starting an even bigger infrastructure project. Dubbed the "Revitalization of the Nation", Emperor Zeno announced the beginning of this overall infrastructure overhaul across the nation. Under the "Revitalization of the Nation" program, old Roman roads were to be renovated, fitted with road signs (in Koine Greek and a regional language of the area, if applicable), and inns functioning as rest stops to be built every 20 miles. Meanwhile, cities were to be "beautified" and "futureproofed", with much inspiration taken from Paris's great monuments and wide boulevards. Additionally, aqueducts were to be repaired and new one built in every major city, sewers and water pipes were to be lain under every public building, religious institution, and market (in order to give everyone a place to drink clean water and use the toilet), and hospitals, schools, and libraries were to be constructed in every major city. Although this project would take decades to fully finish, the "Revitalization of the Nation" project would help dramatically boost the quality of life across the Byzantine Empire.
  • Communism is a Preferable Alternative to Death (pt.3): On February 27, 478 AD, the Committee For the Liberation of the Proletariat of Rome (the main congregation of Carolist/Communist ringleaders) was run out of Aleppo by a group of faithful Chalcedonian and Syriac Christians. Thus began the Arduous March, a period of time between February and June 478, where the leaders of the Carolist movement, as well as their faithful, were expelled from Aleppo and forced to march through the arid desert to Palmyra. Once there, the Carolists haggled for a stretch of land just outside the city walls, and established the Palmyra Commune there. Numbering almost 50,000 people, the Palmyra Commune is a massive tent city located just outside of the city of Palmyra proper. Although still part of Byzantium, it functions almost like a sovereign state, in which it has its own leadership, its own de facto laws, and even a militia (dubbed the People's Liberation Army, in homage to uptime China's PLA).
  • The Trees Speak Old Slavonic: Peter's second march on Kiev was successful, and saw him installed again as leader of Kiev (which he soon styles into the Grand Duchy of Kiev). However, many of those opposing his rule (almost a full third of Kiev's population) have simply left, and now hide in the forests and marshes, continually terrorizing both Stary and Novy Kiev, and being a general nuisance for Peter in general.
  • Praise the Horde: With superior weaponry, Nurhaci's Banners quickly overwhelm the Her Öqad clan, although some pockets of resistance are still present. After this show of force, Nurhaci gains quite a bit of renown both inside the Tenebrae Khanate as well as outside. Smaller and weaker Kutrigur, Ante and Sklaveni tribes, as well as the Kingdom of the Gepids and even a few Byzantine border garrisons are now prepared to pay premium for Tenebrae weapons, and rumors circling throughout Thrace tell of the Huns having regrouped under Attila's son Neracius, purported to be the Antichrist himself...
  • Vive le Soissons! Vive la France (pt.2): Although doubting the veracity of Theresa's message, Syagrius decides to allow Theresa to teach people to read and write, since he holds literacy to be a "civilized" concept, and allows Theresa to roam freely across the kingdom to do so (although Syagrius does hold off on the "empowering women" part. Again, due to doubting the truthfulness of Theresa's testimony, Syagrius begins seeking out Napoleon, in order to find the full story for himself. After discovering Napoleon and de Gaulle, Syagrius begins getting mixed feelings on what to do with them (he fears they'll aid the Franks in an invasion, because, well, France), and after vaccinating for a few weeks, allows them to integrate their mercenary band into the larger military of Soissons. Syagrius also occasionally calls them up for military advice.
  • A Tale of Ten Presidents (pt.2): Across the Kingdom of Soissons, peasants speak of "ten traveling wise men; who seem to know everything that there is to know, and many things beyond even that". Wherever the Presidents go, things get a little better: one poor village now has a well, the next one over can now all read, another neighboring one knows of good practices of hygiene. Sooner or later, the townsfolk seek the Presidents again, in order to give them a cut of what they had helped them get: the Presidents would always refuse, telling the people that "we did this for you, it's yours to keep". It is in this fashion that the Presidents travelled in Soissons: always knelling the poor, the tired, and the weary.
  • Shinto Scathach: During the late 5th century, Scathach, a shamragh for the Shinto-Pictish Kingdom of Cathures, would come into the limelight as one of the most influential persons of 5th century Scotland. Reportedly one of the first converts to Shintoism after the appearance of ISOTed Japanese individuals across Scotland, Scathach would, during this time, become known for being one of the few female shamragh in Scotland, as well as being a fierce and renowned fighter who still found ways to treat people in need fairly and worked only for justice. Many still point to Scathach as an example of the quintessential Pictish shamragh. However, Scathach didn't just stop at being a renowned shamragh. She would go on to be much, much more...
  • Why? (pt.1): In an alleyway in Syracuse, a briefcase suddenly appeared. Catching the attention of a local scholar, who brought it into his house, the briefcase contains a single sheet of paper in what is presumed to be a diary. The paper is visibly stained with tears. Its contents are:

July 12, 20XX

O God, why have you cursed me so?

I have gone through pains that no other human can deign to suffer

And you increase it even more!

Why must my beloved Ella,

Who has done nothing but brighten my life

Be taken away from this earth?

O God, why must you increase my tribulations so,

That even Job shall shy away from this pain?

O Lord, please have mercy

On my tormented soul.

  • The Great Metal Beasts: In the waters northwest of Europe, sailors report mysterious large metal beasts lurking and floating in the foggy waters. There is a rumor that a captain of a fishing vessel witnessed one of the beasts "roaring" along with lights dancing all over it. The beast was simply too dark to determine what it looks like, unless it does look that way. In another rumor, sailors in the northwest could occasionally hear thunder and witness lightning despite the sky being clear. They usually appear at night or the evening, coincidentally during a fog.

Peter the Great

January 15

Crap, it seems the exiles are harrasing us from the woods, I must begin creating a plan to defeat them once and for all, but at least the Cryllic script is working well.

Febuary 25

Alright, it looks like now I have something of a plan to strike at them, but first, we must expand our Grand Duchy

March 30

I have managed to expand quite far it seems after a lot of scouting and pushing some exiles away, so that's good

April 22

I should stop expansion now, Kiev has now gotten a significant doman across the Dneiper as well as some other domains, and now I shouldn't hurry up too fast.

May 20

I'm starting to develop infastructure more, as well as start literacy programs that go with the new Cryllic Script and the old language so our empire can work better with more communication

June 22

We are doing quite well, and it is time to bring back our old enemies, they can either return to soceity as lower ranked people or face war, since we have somewhat mapped the region well they will have no escape.

Theresa Sullivan

15th January 478: Syagrius (finally spelt it right) came back to me with a very 'open' response of allowing me to teach people to teach across the Soissons (also spelt it right, I guess Syagrius is a fluent person who had corrected my spelling). However, I still don't trust him for a reason that he might be using my message to his own advantage. I must move on in Noviodunum (self-explanatory, you get the idea) and start my move to make people literate. I'll also set up another branch like what I did in Parisium. Let some women into it and we can discuss and learn more as we can spread on how much the patriarchy like Syagrius' domain is.

However, because of Syagrius' expectations, I have to play the role as he wants. I'm forced to live two lives instead. That is a huge, huge problem for my intention of educating all women first about my goals. I have to also teach the men as well. I don't mind children, sometimes women bring them along if they want to, just like in Parisium where I taught them few months ago, it is their own choice. So my new goal is to now undergo spreading literacy and teaching them how to write and do basic numeracy to men and women. But the catch is that women are only allowed in my own hideout that I've set up in Noviodunum. It'll be a tough time but I'll need to clear the evidence for men or those who probably hate me to search over my hideout by potentially moving out from Noviodunum to other towns.

On the outside, they'll see me as Carissa Aurelius. But once they know me more, my inner circle of girls, they will know me as Theresa.

[There is a two month gap since she wants to continue her own endeavours. She would continue to keep doing the same activity in Noviodunum, but this time slightly more successful and convincing.]

16th March 478: Two months since I did anything. I have to devote a lot to spreading literacy here in Noviodunum and nearby towns that I've done. In Noviodunum, I continued my business around educating and telling women of more stories I could tell of future women (of their own time), embellishing them and encourage them to tell young girls and other women of such thing. 

As with men in literacy, I've not told them about our hideout. I've gave them basic things to read and write, along with basic numeracy the same way as I did in Parisium, for a length of hopefully four to six months, so they can comprehend some written words of their own language (not mine). They felt very suspicious of me, a place where women can meet together in private? Hah, they just decide to dismiss it as a thing.

My lessons have started to improve in quality, we still do basic numeracy and literacy around writing and stores, but I have expanded so much more. We are starting to do some math questions that are much more complicated, but never too complicated so that they can grasp some of the concepts that they may have not understand it. As a reminder, I studied mathematics in university, it is my major. We are taking this by steps, so they won't get into algebra and measurement (except in quantities) just yet. We need to multiply and divide numbers first.

27th March 478: It came to me in some murmurs around nearby towns that Syagrius, the leader of the Soissons that he has started to integrate Napoleon's army into his own army for discipline and sort of stuff. How embarrassing for me to send a message back under a pseudonym. Now I have to simply need to cover up my activities even more for our secret hideout activities.

19th May 478: Some of the women who constantly come to my hideout (and any other hideouts and meetings) are becoming my followers after just four months of teaching. There are only three who want to go with me, mainly they are single and/or are orphaned. This is good news! I no longer need to stay alone as I have been for over a year and a half since I came here. I could also start preparing my intentions of no longer having to stay at Noviodunum and start wandering across the Soissons Kingdom to spread my own word of truth to women. Stories and ideas that they've never heard of before.

Followers are a good thing. Someone who believes in your values and beliefs. That is the main point of what you get for being the one that stands out the most. But again, everyone else who hasn't been in my circle of trustworthiness don't know what I'm up to. Hopefully, they see a group, us for instance, being a small band of women who just wander around like merchants.

6th June 478: There's a rumour that ten people who came from the same place I am who arrived in Soissons. It turns out that when I was visiting in the afternoon in a small village, I saw ten familiar figures. It can't be. Could they be the Presidents? Yes, I clearly recognise some of them by the looks of their faces. They look different and they are really the Presidents of the United States. Only ten of them. None of them being Donald Trump, the President that I really hate. That's good! This sexist man doesn't deserve to live here.

It has been a very long time since I met people who spoke English. That was almost two years ago and it felt like a distant memory rather than the present. Eventually, one of them, I think it was Barack Obama (one of my favourite presidents on the list) or... was it Lincoln... came up to me and greeted me in the local language rather than English. I notice that they have been a little shaky in the language that they speak. So instead, for a long time, I tried to talk to him in English. They were somewhat surprised by this and told me: "What is your name?"

I replied back: "Carissa Aurelius" rather than my proper name in my own time. He nodded, being astounded by how clear and fluent I was in English, even if its now slightly rusty because I haven't spoken in English for literally a year and basically said on the vague lines of "huh, you have very good English". Then they left for another town and dismissed me like a regular peasant. It was a surreal moment to meet up with the Ten Presidents. Of course, some who I was teaching was shocked. They did hear our language and are quite baffled by it. It was like secret talk. I taught very few of those in my hideout about my language we could get used to saying very few words of my native tongue, but fortunately, no-one knows English or at least very few people do, I don't really think I encountered them in the first place.

The encounter with the Ten Presidents have changed my plans. I now have to face another problem: someone who is already literate and knows different ideologies and values. Perhaps this is why they came here and do their own job. Whatever that is, I have to make a move, fast. Hopefully I will exceed their expectations.

24th June 478: I'm moving out from Noviodunum and start my trip to walk through few towns in promise to spread my own word to women about my promising message and under the provisions of Syagrius (ugh...), to continue teaching people how to read and write where the Ten Presidents have left off. They aren't doing anything, they're only just wandering around to do something, which is something that I would've done more. And for that goal, I'm asking for women to start advocating for justice against the patriarchy. It is God that sent me down here and these Presidents and Napoleon have too. I want to make most of my time living in this world. I really want to.

There are at least seven women who want to come with me after a half year's worth of teaching and lecturing in secret. I don't hesitate them going with me, but they can help continue learn from me as close as they can and spread a similar message. Though I have some doubtful decisions of letting them spread their own word, hopefully the need of equality to be enshrined in this kingdom shall be achieved slowly. Even if it means by force and facing Napoleon.

The Presidents' blessings to the locals must've helped me a little. They can read, so I don't need them to make them learn how to read and write. But, I have to make them able to comprehend the writing of say, more than 500 words locally than 100. Talking to locals has become easy, but still shaky. Once I continue to learn from experience over the course of one and a half years, I can simply speak and tweak anything that I want - that they will do as I say. I'm starting to lose my mind on how to even speak English at all after encountering the Ten Presidents. I've been speaking the local language for over a year.

The problem now for them is how to convince them if they learnt American values, the same values that shaped my life. They probably think of liberty and freedom. Syagrius on the other hand, is an autocratic figure who has his right-hand figure. Introducing say, equality for both genders (yep, Theresa is a TERF, no such thing as non-binary gender in the concept of her own mind) and a legal court, along with elections would be a great way to dissident. But these are American things. I want my own way of ruling and that is to tell any women they've encountered the Ten Presidents to be informed of my arrival and that our march, the Women's March has begun.

Henry V of England

January 8: I am starting to understand the world I have been placed in. I don't know this language they speak, but I recognize some sounds from Latin and English. I think I will call it Langlish. 

January 31: I have found who is in charge of the city of Lancaster. The locals call it Cæstre, or at least that's what it sounds like. It is Meirchin Gul, the king of the kingdom of "Rheged." I hope to visit him soon and maybe discuss my situation with him.

February 14: I have completed construction of a small hut on the edge of town, along the coast. I can definitely tell that this is the same coast I saw when I visited the city back when my father was king. It brings back memories of that time when I was certain of my wellbeing... now I am struggling to get along. How long have I been here? Has it really only been one year?

March 2: A young man in Cæstre (probably about 20) named Wilfrid has been helping me with life in this strange world. He has been such a help, and I don’t think I ever would have made it on my own. I have yet to tell him of my predicament. He has told me that he will take me to the king of Rheged when I am ready. His energy is shocking, and he is always active.

April 20: After a long trip to the king’s castle up in the moor, I have finally met with Meirchin himself. He currently has no male heirs, but instead a beautiful black-haired daughter. If I were to marry her, then according to their customs, I would become the heir to the throne. When I told Wilfrid, he got an unsettling look on his face and basically demanded I do it. I am unsure, though. I must think over this.

May 17: After staying in Meirchin’s castle for the past few weeks, I told Meirchin I wish to marry his daughter. He was delighted, and we were pronounced married yesterday. Today we start the long walk home, and my new wife (her name is Caylene, by the way) will be returning with Wilfrid and I.

June 4: Today was the day I told Caylene and Wilfrid of my past and how I mysteriously arrived here. Wilfrid got that crazy look again and said I should use it for my own gain. He convinced me to head into Cæstre and speak in the streets about how I know more than any other. I was unsure at first, but I started up, and the people hung onto my every word. I don’t know what to think. They all believe I am some messenger from the Lord Almighty. I seem to have converted them away from their Pagan practices.

June 29: This morning I went into Cæstre again to speak, and the crowds just kept growing and growing. People from the countryside are coming into town to hear “the great prophet” speak. I demonstrated my armor that I managed to keep from when I was king (It feels like so long ago!), and I showed how the weapons they were using were weak. Then I showed my sword, which cut through their armor like butter. They begged me to show them more, and to replicate the armor. Next thing I knew, they were organizing a mine on the outskirts of town. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into, but I can’t stop now.


17th Jan. 478

I'm slowly beginning to have doubts about the Italians. Today, when reporting to the higher ups, some treated us with distain, using language that feels as if they're implying that we are terrorists. Though I fear that things will get worse for us, I'm still holding out that everything will turn out well in the end...

12th Mar. 478
From the looks of things, the emperor doesn’t like my assistance. If anything, I’m being viewed as a rebel within the territory. As of now, I can already see the writing on the wall; it seems I won’t be able to reclaim the elder’s farmhouse after all…

7th Apr. 478
Italian forces have found one of our training locations, and tried to attack it. Fortunately, our forces are far more mobile than theirs, and we managed to evacuate just about everything in time before falling back, though few were captured. Though things seem fine in the short term, we’re going to be pushed out of Italy altogether if this keeps up.

16th Apr. 478
It seems that some of the Italians are taking a disliking to the ramping restrictions on their ways of life. Many in the countryside have begun flocking to our side. Some were old Roman veterans who couldn’t stand to see their former empire become a shadow of its former self. Others simply wish to oppose the new regime. At any rate, Italy is no longer a place to take refuge in anymore. We gotta make preparations to depart.

7th May 478
We have made contact with the invaders of Italia, and have made peace with them once we laid out the situation to a wise commander. In return to providing aid in their advance on Italy, we have been given the opportunity to evacuate our forces to their territory until we can reform ourselves and go from there. In addition, we have received word that the old Roman emperor is still on the lam. As such, our first goal is to locate the emperor and escort him safely out of the country. Easier said than done; we gotta somehow locate him. 

That being said, I’m just fortunate I didn’t get my people killed just because I wanted to claim my farmland back, and even as I write this, I feel terrible for changing my people’s lives for the worse; they’re basically homeless at this point, all because of me. I’ve been told countless times that this is not my fault; no one would have foreseen this, yet I still feel terrible. Maybe I was never meant to lead after all…

30th May 478
We received additional manpower to our force of light cavalry, as we comb the Italian countryside for any sign of the old Roman Emperor. Due to our small size and lack of armor, we easily can avoid any skirmish or encounter with Italian troops whatsoever, though many units note the new implementation of anti-cavalry tactics slowly being employed by the normal footsoldier. Nevertheless, our search continues.


Daiin! (War!): Not wanting to waste the lives of soldiers on both sides, we ask the leaders of Her Öqad if they wish to surrender. They accept, though many of their warriors are angered by this proposal, and have begun to resist us Vietcong-Style. Nurhaci proposes that if enemy soldiers surrender, then they'll be treated well, and will only have to build infrastructure for 3 months, including homes for them to live in. We also attempt to out-guerilla the guerillas (ie. stealing their herds, randomly burning their yurts, etc.), which works with varying levels of success. 

Muse Suwebe Meni Gurun Dosinamcina (We hope that you’ll join our nation): We ask any tribe that border us if they wish to join our confederation, promising EPIC INFRASTRUCTURE, EPIC WEAPONS, MEMBERSHIP IN THE QORYLTAI and HOW TO NOT DIE OF DISEASES (SOAP AND HYGIENE). (If you do not join then we may invade you just saying.)

Tuwa Buraki jai Puse [Ilan] (Gunpowder and Cannons [3]): As more of our blacksmiths become skilled in the making of cast iron, our guns don’t spontaneously explode as much (maybe like 2% chance of a serious accident). We also figure out how to make potassium nitrate for bat and seabird droppings, which increases the amount of fire arrows, guns, and rockets we can make. While much of the army still uses bows, swords or polearms, for those who only use guns, a problem emerges. When in close combat, it is impossible for them to reload before being skewered (They usually don't fight close combat, but still). After a suggestion from Ungern-Sternberg, construction of bayonets begins, which will allow the bannermen to use guns them as pseudo-spears as well. To utilize guns as much as possible, certain formations are used to maximize the amount of bullets fired. (Only 250 People in all of the banners predominantly use guns, though many more know how to handle one.) Due to the lack of dangerous gas emitted by flintlocks, they quickly become popular. We also hear of a very large deposits of Niter used for fertilizer in the Crimean Mountains. (Hunnic Empire 2, Gunpowder Boogaloo) 

Amargi-ni toksoso [Juwe] (Northern Towns [3] ): We find that the 2 towns up north have united, and call themselves "Beliq Kynesysöto Kyjeba" (Velik Kunęzystvo Kyjeva). It also seems that there are many who oppose their rule, out in the forests. 

Juweci Isandu (Second Kurultai): Not much happens this Kurultai, except for figuring out who joined the Numaiqurar (Also known as "Tenebrae" in Byzantine accounts) Khanagate

Adolf Hitler

[January 12th, 478 AD] TODAY is the day I have met someone that is not from this time, excluding my allies from the 1940s German nation. She introduced herself to me as Christina. She sounds Swedish, I believe. We discussed some of the 'anti-modern' (that is, this period's) politics. I may have ranted a bit too much about my extreme distaste for the Jews and others... I'm not sure how she took it. A fine woman, by my own thought, however.


[February 4th, 478 AD] PLANS of mine continue to be made to escape the kingdom in case Romulus Augustulus and his ragtag band of whatever-they-are-now. Odoacer seems to be going insane, at least, that is what I think. ---

[February 12th, 478 AD] THIS is probably the happiest day of my life. Today, I proposed to my long-time lover, Eva Apollonaria. And she said yes! A celebration is to be held soon, put on by Odoacer. I'm sure it's going to be grand. Of course, I'm not one for large, formal balls, but... perhaps I'll have to dust off my old suit.


[Hitler and Apollonaria's wedding is held. A two-month break is once again seen in Adolf's journal entries as he celebrates with his now wife.]


[May 13th, 478 AD] THINGS are going well with Eva. I'm not particularly sure I'd like to raise a child just yet in this world, however. Julius Nepos continues to destroy the Ostrogoth Kingdom, and awfully quickly as well. Although, I did hear talk of Benito Mussolini heading the military. From what I remember, he was a fascist as well. I wonder if it may be possible to organize a meeting with him? I am unsure.


[June 2nd, 478 AD] I have requested that Odoacer send me on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople to meet with Zeno, the emperor of Eastern Rome. Along with this mission, I could also stop in Dalmatia and find out about Mussolini, but I didn't tell Odoacer about this. I'm almost sure Eva would tag along, but I may have to leave my modern German friends behind. I'm absolutely unsure if Christina would also come with, but that is not a large worry of mine.


[June 18th, 478 AD] CURRENTLY I am preparing to leave for Constantinople. I'm almost sure Odoacer will approve my request for a diplomatic mission to Zeno's court. Here's hoping, at least.

Turn V: AD 478 (Jul-Dec)


NPC Turns:

  • Great Metal Beasts (part 2): It was a regular day, the Frankish fisherman had gotten onto a boat and set sail. Today was very unsettling, many of his friends stopped fishing in fear for the monster out there. Rumors says there are more than one, fighting each other through thunder and lightning. They are probably beasts sent by the gods! After a long day, the fisherman noticed something from the corner of his eye. It was at first a silhouette, but it became more clear. He didn't believe it at first, but it was there. It looked like some giant metal beast had washed up onto the shore. It's body is racked with holes and it looks like it is about to fall apart. To the fisherman, it was barely holding itself together. What was it?
  • Nova Roma? (pt.4): Ostrogothia kingdom is in panic, the invaders from 2 fronts has caused the capitulation of the western front. Dalmatian forces would take the western side by the end of the year. However, Ostrogothian forces has some success and regrouped in the eastern side. 
  • Intertemporal Bat Soup (pt. 4): Covid-19 reaches Mesopotamia, with the region's 'patient zero' recorded some time in August 478. In tandem, the disease also spread to the Balkans, where death rates of around 20% were reported by the end of the year. Many places across the Byzantine Empire was placed on lockdown, partially under the counsel of the Temporalis, which hampers the infectivity to some degree.
  • A Full Moon on Iberian Soil: On one uneventful full moon night in the city of Toletum, part of the Kingdom of the Visigoths, several figures from the future found themselves transported back to the year 478 AD, scattered across the city. Some of these include the Spanish politician Alvaro de Luna after the First Battle of Olmedo, professional football player Isco, Basque writer Bernard Etxepare and Muhammad XII Nasrid, last ruler of the Emirate of Granada after his expulsion from Iberia. In other news in Iberia, locals reported several mangled corpses of large metal birds. They do not know what to make of it, but it looks like they have been decaying for at least a year now.
  • Shinto Scathach (pt.2): She was known to be a woman "strong like a monster" who many sought out for apprenticeship, or those curious enough to listen to her thoughts on this new so called belief. At the age of sixteen, Cu Chulainn traveled to Scotland from Ireland in search of fame. While he was skeptical of her at first, he accepted her thoughts with an open mind. She became his mentor, guiding him in the "secrets of leaping", and teaching him the ways of the Shamragh
  • False Romans in a Fallen Rome: There has been paranoia brewing in Odoacer. Numerous people in strange clothing are popping up out of nowhere calling themselves "Emperors" or "Caesars", are they trying to start a rebellion against him? He ordered all of them to be arrested immediately. Even in times of chaos, the order was carried out swiftly and within months, those so-called Emperors were captured and taken prisoner back to Rome. To Odoacer, if these "false emperors" want to prove themselves better, they should prove themselves in combat. If they can't... well it is still a win. Though, he personally fears they might outplay him
  • Communism is a Preferable Alternative to Death (pt.4): Some time in late 478 AD, the Committee For the Liberation of the Proletariat of Rome was pushed out of Palmyra by the Byzantine army, along with their followers, forcing them to retreat to the Ghassanid Kingdom, a client state of Byzantium. There, they found a new commune (idk what to name it), spreading their Carolist tenets to the Ghassanid people in the immediate vicinity. By the end of the year, the commune has grown to some 55,000 people, including followers from Aleppo. Communist tenets also appealed to the ruler and part of his administration cadre, which leads to Ghassanid conversion to Carolism, however, some nobles and elites accuse the Committee of disrupting peace, looking to adopt a Byzantine-esque measure of driving them out, leading to a civil war within the Byzantine client state.
  • Zeroth Renaissance: Four men are thrown into the international spotlight after news of their sculptures, sketches and art become prevalent in the Mediterranean artisan scene. Regarded as the successors to old Roman sculptors and craftsmen, they are summoned to both the courts of Zeno and Odoacer. Being in modern Albania, things could really go either way, but the expertise of these four "Renaissance" men will bring about a rebirth to wherever they go.
  • When it Rains, it Pours: An unusual season of rain has come to Ruthenia, bringing with it severe thunderstorms. It is during one of these thunderstorms when lightning struck, allegedly destroying the agricultural sector of Stary Kiev and nearby farming land. What no one in the Grand Duchy's ruling cadre knows is that it was in fact the exiles setting fire to the land, burning them under the guise of lightning. In tandem with this debacle, Novy Kiev was also set on fire, killing around 1/4 of the population. Again, this was also thought to be the effect of unusual lighting streams.
  • Do You Stan Loona?: On a slightly lighter note, BTS spent much of the second half of 478 AD touring Palestine, Egypt, and the Vandal Kingdom in what is being deemed “The First ‘Future’ Concert”. Although they have come across a few altercations with highway bandits, the tour was generally a success, with the peasantry of North Africa mesmerized by the supposed “sophisticatedness” of the uptimers.
  • Langlish?!: The language dubbed as "Langlish" by a certain English king has, ironically, barely any relation with either Latin or English. Despite certain successes, it remains evident that this king definitively doesn't speak the language of Lancaster, which will prove to hamper his efforts. Maybe it is time to pick up the lexicon?


12th Jul. 478
We are currently scouting out the whereabouts of the old emperor, as well as potential places he could be held up at. One such location was Rome itself. It was pretty sketchy scouting out the place; we almost had a few caught! Nevertheless, the search continues…

9th Sept. 478
I think I got a lead onto where the emperor is. Seems our efforts scouting out the city of Rome wasn’t for waste; he’s somewhere near the area. As such, I think we’ll be able to get out of here soon; more patrols have been making their round. It’s only a matter of time before we are discovered.

7th Oct. 478
I am currently writing this en-route to Rome. Lots of stuff has happened. Not only do I have confirmation of the location of the last emperor, but I got assistance from some of the people with him! Moreover, some of them are like me; not from this time! I will say, one of those with the emperor looks pretty cute, but my personal feelings can be set aside for now; I got an emperor to save.

8th Oct. 478
Why is everything horrible? People dying to keep me safe, to ensure my survival. Why must people die for me to go forth? I know I have a mission at my feet, but why must people form the bridge between me and the goalpost? Why… why…

Maybe, it’s because they believe in me? Maybe it’s because people want to see me succeed? At least, that’s what that one boy said. Jason, was it? It was nice of him to try and comfort me. Though it will take time for these wounds to heal… it was nice of him to pay me a visit.

14th Dec. 478
Happy Birthday to me, I guess, though I suppose it’s a decent enough day for celebration. A large feast was held in my name, for a successful extraction, despite what I described the operation as. Romulus was there too, along with some of the others, Jason too. He seemed pretty happy to see me, though I share this feeling. In fact, I feel especially warm in my core when I’m around him. 

Though this organization has a Phoenix as its mascot, I certainly feel like one now. I’m honored to have so many people who care about me. 

Maybe.. being a leader isn’t so bad after all...

Theresa Sullivan

24th July 478: It has been a month since I began the Women's March out of Noviodunum to smaller villages. We need to always set up camp mostly daily or stay in the local village, but the effect of these people near us has been slightly better. If they've seen the Ten Presidents before, we tell them about these mysterious figures and if they have arrived at their own village. If not, we will give them quick lessons for literacy, staying there for at least two to three weeks before packing up. So we putting effort into one village or town at a time and giving them basic literacy.

If they were women, they are always invited to my now-nomadic hideout. This is not really a hideout, it is where we would talk out in the woods. And we would tell personal stories and stories that I have made or come from my time. Once they learn more enough, I ask them if they want to come with me. Most wives would refuse as they want to keep their own word with their own husbands, but any orphaned girl or single women would reluctantly accept to keep going. I would teach them everything about what it means to be a woman.

15th August 478: With the second town that we have come is completed just today, where most should be literate, I should say that our numbers are still stable around 15, if I can count properly. I haven't been very convincing, but we're still walking along the roads and headed towards west for a while now. It is gaining quite a lot of attention by locals. Why is a woman walking alone? They might ask. I have no clue what to say for them, but I might as well tell them that I'm wandering for new ideas and giving them what they need, a month worth of literacy.

2nd October 478: We have reached the town of Rotomagus (Rouen) at this point. We have decided to stop there for the time being after making trips to four towns and villages that we've come into contact. The Women's March will rest for the winter pretty soon and that we need to keep moving on as soon as the snow thaws. Everything that I have done for the last two years have changed much of my life. I no longer think about the trolls trying to get me, I am worried about assassins, Syagrius and Napoleon coming to get me for promoting the idea of freeing and empowering women.

I count that I have 25 followers close to me after making two trips to smaller towns. Not only we will be bringing the rest of the town, especially the men at Rotomagus, to become literate and comprehend some basic mathematics, I will be starting what I essentially am planning to teach seventh grade mathematics for my close followers and begin making some poems related to their lives. This is going to be brilliant for the next five months here!

2nd December 478: I do truly apologise. My habits have changed quite a lot. We did attract more women into our own movement, the Women's March in the town. The effect of promoting 'civilised' values like literacy and the basic concepts of mathematics is working for me staying there for two months unlike other villages, where they only see visitors like the Ten Presidents or Carissa Aurelius being miracles of God, as if me and them were the Second Coming. They'll never see us again. But I digress. I will eventually come back, but when the time comes for me to do so.

22nd December 478: There is snow for the first time for this winter! And now I am beginning my first small-scale protest in that town with few. They don't know what it is, but we just walked around and convince locals that women could do something more than being a housewife or being a domestic servant of some noble or lord, I don't know! It should gain traction as our numbers slowly grow. I won't hold more protests yet, they are quite risky, but this is the first time I've organised such thing.

25th December 478: It is Christmas here today and while I didn't have a very great lavish dinner like I had in the past, along with Thanksgiving (I missed that two or three times since I was transported here?), there are few who gave me gifts and presents, few from men as well. These are merely foods and rations for me to consume, though there are also some handcrafted wooden figures as a sign of respect. Most of them are pretty crude, since they are mainly children who were teaching themselves on woodcraft from wives who had children. I appreciate the boys who tried their effort on carving something.

Maybe that boomer (Norman Boutin) was right. I was destined to be Empress Theresa. But I'm still short of what the boomer wants me to become. I don't think I'll achieve that in my life.

I counted that I now have 40 followers. It is almost getting harder to control a crowd with more girls and women, young or old, being converted to my side. I have to reorganise the way that I lead them. I don't want it to be disorganised, I need to be tightly organised. I will still teach the adults a lot more and they will still keep learning about my stories and journeys for the past two years, along with the stories of my own time and my past (or their future or what it used to be their future), but I'm going to make sure their loyalty to me and my ideology is first.

Loyalty is going to be part of my planned hierarchy. The more loyal you are to my plans and you don't question what I'm doing, the higher you rank. It is simple. They will compete who is the most loyal and that those who I determine to be loyal will be at the hands of carrying out some leadership in either their own place or within the March. Those that aren't loyal will not be granted with secrets from me. I will not trust someone who is suspicious and that is a big problem. Who am I to trust in this world? That's what I'll be doing once I start moving out of Rotomagus and winter is over. I'm rolling over that structure, so any follower must get in line and that discipline is key to achieving the successes of women's rights.


Nurhaci-ni Sargan (The wife of Nurhaci): Nurhaci marries a woman named Altela (In non-numaiqurar sources, Altera). Altela is the daughter of Ernak, who was the son of attila, giving Nurhaci a direct connection to the great conquerer. 

Tuwa Buraki jai Puse [Duin] (Gunpowder and Cannons [4]): We get better at making cast iron, though no new designs are made. We sell some of our guns to the Gepids.

Daiin! (War!): We continue getting rid of the remnants of Her Öqad, and appoint a governor to rule the occupied land. The formal leaders will have little power, however. With the captured soldiers, a road along the Dniester is constructed (pretty shitty rn), and a small sewer system in the city of Aker Höcön


Niccolo Machiavelli

(Machiavelli did not write in his journal from July to September, presumably because he had to handle the Ostrogothic War.)

Oct. 10, 478: I have not written in here for a while. The Ostrogothic War has gone quite well, and the Ostrogoths are quickly giving in. Their leader, Theodoric the Amal, fled to Italy a month ago. Meanwhile, Romulus Augustus and his group of young men and women just arrived in Salona. I was quickly introduced to Ignia, who introduced herself as "Ember Pendragon," and her boyfriend Iason (Jason). They seem pretty nice, and perhaps they could be helpful later on...

Nov. 8, 478: I have been hearing a lot over the past few months of a Hunnic emperor Neracius (Nurhaci) and his superior weapons. I am honestly worried, but perhaps if we do things just right, we could make the most of a bad situation. I have suggested to Nepos that we purchase arms for our army from the Gepids, for our guns currently suck.

Dec. 19, 478: The Ostrogoths have all but crumbled, and all that remains of them is a puny excuse of an army in the east. I have suggested to Nepos to take them out in a decisive campaign. Ave Roma!

Erwin Rommel

24th Jul. 478  - Tomorrow we set off for the Ghassanid Kingdom, a step taken to curb the spread of Carolism most filthy. We will beat these evils out of Byzantium, Europe, and the periphery of the world. That, is something I will personally see to.

10th Aug. 478 - I am currently writing from the Ghassanid Kingdom, a state incomparable to the verdant fields of Thrace, but sufficient for what it is now. Our presence as a scouting corps is kept on a low profile.

30th Oct. 478 - We continue to watch suspected Carolist elements within the Ghassanid Kingdom. Every bar, church, plaza, and place of social gathering is monitored. We have picked up whispers of dissent, primarily in the peasant circles. The nobles have proved to be useful informants, for we share common goals. As of now, auxiliary soldiers remain within at least 18 days away from our current location, should the need arise for intervention.

6th Dec. 478 - The Agency was right to insist on an auxiliary force, it seems the Ghassanid Kingdom is in a state of civil war. Unruly peasants! Auxiliary soldiers are en route to beat this uprising into the ground before it spreads under the influence of Carolism. I shall join them, and provide my expertise in military command while the Empire stomps this paltry act of defiance into dust.

Nikita Khruschev

25th July 478: Where am I? I have no clue! Is this my dream? This is... some Roman city! Why am I here? Everything seems real. Who did this to me? I need to find out everything in time. My first mission? To get information on the place, then I will go from there.


26th July 478: After a whole day of asking people, I seem to have the answer to my question. I seem to have books on me, telling me Languages and Information. It looks like I may be in St. Petersburg, or what it was at this time. The native people have told me some strange things, but I can only make out "26th 478" and some more numbers. I only need to know the Date now, then I am a bit more set. By the looks of it, I speak a different language than everyone. They speak a Latin Finnic language, that I cannot seem to translate. But, some people speak a language that sounds like Old East Slavic, so I guess I have to go back to School, just to learn simple languages. Augh, this will be annoying...

The people seem Anti-Communist, what worries me, but some people approve it. I could probably have a better "Cold War" here than I would of had over at the other world. Communism may have became unpopular now, since me, the leader of the USSR, has been lost. Anyways, I need to figure out my plans.


30th July 478: Alright, I know what to do. For the first few months, I will proceed to go to a language school, to teach myself this new language. I will probably be the only one who is above their teen years, since normally, kids would go to schools, but who knows these Russian rules? Anyways, after that, I need to make myself some money, and I should open up my own business, telling people about the future until my year, 1960. I will tell people of the Mongols of the Mongol Empire, French of the Napoleonic Era and Germans who had created a great war between world empires. Not forgetting Hitler and the Cold war. After that, I will go around the world, searching for things worth lots of value, and maybe get a better understanding of this "Universe of Corrupted Time". Hopefully, nobody kills me in my early days, since I am only a poor person looking for shelter.


1st August 478: Seems like these coins come in handy. I kept some money in my pockets, just incase I need them, and I find them useful! Hurrah! I have food and water! Being honest, the leaders treat us like any communist would, and I respect that. I also started the school today, so don't expect much talk for a small while, I will nip back every now and them to tell my progress.


20th August 478: Seems like this language is easy to learn, I have already reached a great stage, and I can understand what people are saying slightly now. I will start telling them where I come from, and I will hope for the best. If the best don't happen, then I will start telling of my own futures, and would entertain people, using the technology I understand to help. Though, that would take a long time, and I don't think places, such as India, has been Colonized yet.


20th September 478: I did it! I made PROFIT! I am very happy, not going to lie. The bad thing is that I am now being pushed around like a slave, and I have been assigned to a random work station. This truly is communism! But, I learned there is a King above this "Kingdom", and he is not a kind one.

Guess I need to now work on my new property, after all, they promised me money. They should know I am trained enough to fight, with hours of experience per day in the wilderness. I need to get this together, and calm down.


6th October 478: I figured out the full date, so I have filled in all of the missing months in my book. My pen is running out, I need another one. I may have one in my pocket, but it requires ink. I need to invent the pen, all I need is a Tube of Ink that goes to the top of the pen, and a lid thing for the pen, to write with.

I will try avoiding writing in here for a while, because I have my life to live. I don't know much here, but all I know, I am getting a little bit famous over the region, since the people finally noticed my appearance after a long while. Anyways, See you possibly in a few months.


18th November 478: I received a letter this morning. It said that I am eligible to train for the army, since the country was beefing itself up. They speak of wanting territories, and say that they have been watching for the best people, and I am apparently one of them.

They didn't offer much, but I will be more than happy to be a part of the military of my country. I will be forever happy to serve the nation! Viva la- I meant, Для Северной России!


1st December 478: I had a feast to celebrate my army training. I am still in shock, and the people who came are, too, since most of them are coming with me. I can't wait to serve them! They say my job starts new years day. I can't wait!

By the way, I got myself more ink, and put it in my pen. That thing is not running out today, or in the near future, so I am thankful.

Willy Rohr

July 25, 478: after getting a summon from the king of Alemannia, i have showed up at the palace, trying to get to the Alamannish court

August 2, 478: I have gotten into the court of Alamannia and started to teach them some advancements of the 6th-20th century

August 30, 478: i have showed them how to make cro

September 24, 478: I, with the help of some Alamannish scholars have managed to sintetize gunpowder

October 10, 478: i am making some rudimentary firearms, with the new crossbow squadrons starting to be trained

November 5th, 478: i am starting to look for a better way to make paper and ink

December 16, 478: i propose a more centralized system for the kingdom to the king

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