Good evening all who go on this wiki,

I wanted to apologize for something I, and several users from Althistory wiki, did a few nights ago.

What we basically did was mightily disrupt your chat with spam, silly words, etc. and I realize that was a foolish and annoying thing of me to do, so I personally apologize here.

I also want to say that I hope I did not cause too much anger or fighting on this wiki, as clearly that has what has struck my own wiki. Insults have been cruelly thrown at everyone and several users, including myself, have been harrassed over at AltHist over this spamming event which occurred a few nights ago, so I want to just put an end to the turmoil over there as well.

Again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience, slight or major, and I hope you all do not still feel raw about it.

I also am apologizing for any hurt feelings or any disturbment I have caused with the spamming as well.


Cookiedamage (talk) 04:50, November 19, 2014 (UTC)

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