This is now an Inactive Map Game.

African Breakdown is a Map Game created by ThatMapperGuy. It takes place in the African continent, starting in 2020.


  • Owners:
    • ThatMapperGuy
    • Flaming Spaghetti Monster
  • Administrators:
    • Aendarus Mapping
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • NPC Makers:
    • Aendarus Mapping
    •  ???
  • Mod Event Maker:
    •  ???
  • Map Maker:
    • TheLolistan
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  1. Drama will not be tolerated. If you begin large amounts of drama about other players for little to no reason (e.g. they invaded a country you were going to invade) you will simply be kicked from the game. If the drama is for a good reason, (e.g. the player(s) is/are harassing/bullying you, then it is fine.)
  2. Don't be stupid. Do not do anything completely out of wack in your turn (e.g. Burundi invades Mali).
  3. Don't make your nation extremely powerful within a few turns or it will be considered overpowered and it will be subject to being nerfed or getting rebels.
  4. You can join as a vassal, however, your actions will be extremely limited unless you try to gain full independence, however take in count that the nation that controls the vassal will surely try to crush the revolts.
  5. If your nation is defeated, you can rejoin as another country.
  6. One country is allowed per player, and each turn will last 2 days. Any person who doesn't complete a turn will be skipped. If you are skipped three times, you are kicked out of the game.
  7. No nukes, as it makes the game unfair. (What happened to Peru in A World of War: World and Germany in The Future Revived is an example.) There is one exception: Once it's the end game and African WW3 has been triggered and such, nukes will then be allowed.
  8. Alliances are limited to 7 countries. You may have many 1 on 1 alliances but do not have these act like one big alliance to get around the rule.
  9. You cannot switch as another nation while still playing (unless you're kicked or beaten).
  10. You can make a massive union with another country (player or NPC) however if neither country has a similar language and/or culture revolts are way more likely.
  11. You can join as rebellions. However, these rebellions must be logical. (e.g. the white minority in South Africa wants an independent country). An illogical rebellion would be that lemurs rebel in Madagascar because they want representation in the government.
  12. If a country does not meet your demands, only then may you invade them. Example: Ethiopia sends an ultimatum to Djibouti and Eritrea. They deny. Ethiopia then invades them.
  13. To join the game, you must have at least 75 edits. This is to prevent n00bs from instantly being able to join just because a map game is being played.
  14. You must also say "africarulez" to join the game. This is to make sure everyone reads the rules before joining.


  • When writing your turn, stick to a specific turn template. For example:
    • Nation
      • Government: a
      • Economy: a
      • Military: a
      • Diplomacy: a
        • Country A: a
        • Country B: a
        • Country C: a
  • To add more realism to the game, try to add specific details to your turn. For example, consider policies, demographics, and military in more depth.
  • Be clear and write in proper english. This ensures that staff and other players understand what you're saying, or trying to say. If you're unsure, post it in the comments and ask someone.
  • Try not argue with other people. It often hinders the game, even causing massive disputes in some cases. If you have a problem with the page, tell staff. If you have a problem with a player, tell staff. If you have a dispute in-game, send a demand/ultimatum (demanding that you get your lands back, or war will be declared) or a treaty (peaceful negotiation).
  • Immerse yourself in the game. Involve yourself in various diplomatic, political, and military events in the game. Talk and plan with other nations, and most important of all, have fun.

Warnings, Kicks, Bans

Warned Players

  • N/A

Kicked Players

  • N/A

Banned Players

  • Armenian Mapper Thing (To prevent drama, as well as securing him away from major powers. banned until turn 3.)
  • Croat Mapper (To prevent his drama, as well as harassment. Until turn 3.)
  • Tadija (OP in previous games, banned so that he doesn't get a major power. Turn 3.)


ThatMapperGuy - Egypt

Olimario - Ethiopia

Flaming Spaghetti Monster - Nigeria

TheLolistan - Madagascar

Chris Mapping - Algeria

Eric4e - South Africa

Aendarus Mapping - Angola

MultiTheMapper - Republic of the Congo

Razvy - Tunisia

Thunder Mapping - Morocco

Zappod Mapping - Senegal

Neonia Mapping - Sudan

Pisiu369 - Chad

Random Facts

Strongest Nations

Top 5 Nations are locked to 1k+ edits. Top 10 is locked to 500+. Top 15 is locked to 150+. This is to secure powers from map game newbies. Everything else is free for the taking.

  1. Egypt
  2. Algeria
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Nigeria
  5. South Africa
  6. Angola
  7. Morocco
  8. Sudan
  9. Republic of the Congo
  10. Libya
  11. Kenya
  12. Tunisia
  13. Zimbabwe
  14. Zambia
  15. Chad
  16. Uganda
  17. Tanzania
  18. Ghana
  19. Cameroon
  20. Mozambique
  21. Niger
  22. Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)
  23. Mali
  24. Madagascar
  25. Gabon
  26. Namibia
  27. Central African Republic


Starting from 2017, there were many more wars in Africa. Most of these wars created in said year had been resolved fairly quickly, although were ended with many casualties. Some wars include; the Congo War of Unification, with Congo-Brazzaville managing to emerge as the victor, and this was only possible due to guerrilla warfare. November 2017 saw the world-wide coalition war against the Islamic States. These included Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and allies, Daesh, the Taliban, and the Islamic State in Indonesia. The coalition against these states managed to succeed, and major leaders as well as most members of these groups were executed. Many fled to Libya, Gabon, and the Central African Republic, all of which have greatly improved in along the terms of quality of life and technology. Late December 2017, and early January of 2018 saw the Gabon-Equatorial Guinea War of Resources, with Gabon emerging victorious. Mid-2018 saw a new terrorist group, by the name of "The Goner's League". Yes, I'm using something from WOWW1. Whatever. This new clan of terrorists isn't Islamic, but instead mostly Atheist and Agnostic. They aren't focused on direct combat, but instead cyber warfare. They are mainly based in Abuja, Cairo, and Addis Ababa. This group does not plan to fully revolt until the time is right, and once they are at their strongest. Come late July of 2018, Sudan invades South Sudan to secure more oil, which was a mainstay of its economy. The South Sudanese government eventually surrenders, as almost all of their oil fields were captured. Sudan was finally reunited January 2019. Speaking of 2019, it was seen as a peaceful year for Africa. Many countries had not been involved in wars since mid-2018, with the exception of Sudan, as well as the Somali Crisis of 2019, in which Somalia had a full collapse and was annexed by Ethiopia, with Somaliland becoming an independent state. Lesotho and Swaziland were also peacefully annexed by South Africa, seeing as they were very poor and weak. Although, peace has ceased since 2020 has began. European imperialists threaten Africa, although the nations located on the continent will not allow this. Will you defend your home continent from colonialists, or die trying?

Turn 1 - 2020


Government: Stricter governmental supervision in order to stop corruption. Governmental programs to transport Africans from poor areas to better areas.

Economy: Build more oil plants and begin mineral extraction.

Military: Goes from 30,000 active to 40,000 active and 3,000 reserve troops.

Technology: More water efficient devices (toilets, sinks, etc.)


  • Niger: We ask them for a unification due to our similar languages and religions.
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