Why should I learn Esperanto?

Because It's an extremely easy language, and just with one or two weeks of studying you can already make quite complex phrases and make a huge help in this Wikia! Also, learning Esperanto can help you a lot with learning other languages, because of its "international purpose" and even because.. it's for fun! You can find a huge community online of people who speak Esperanto, you can get in contact with them and talk with them in another funny way!

Where can I learn it?

Starting from the '90s, Esperanto is becoming popular again! Because of the internet! There are lots of sites where you can learn the language in an easy funny way! And after a few hours of studying, you can already start making your phrases! Here you can find some useful sites and links

  • lernu! Probably one of the best, if not the best site to learn esperanto! It's used by thousands of people, and you can find a huge amount of content and a big community with forums and chat where to talk and ask questions to other esperantists!
  • Duolingo It's a well-known language learning site, useful and really good to learn basic esperanto.
  • YouTube Yup. On YouTube you can find lots of awesome channels (especially in english language) where you can find lot of interesting content and learn esperanto quickly without being bored.
  • Esperanto phrasebook (by Wikivoyage) A useful phrasebook with many basic phrases and words.
  • English-Esperanto dictionary A complete excelent dictionary.
  • Google Translate Its translations from english to esperanto and vice versa are often correct, and with the huge contribute of the esperantists volunteers, this tool is becoming better and better everyday!
  • Wikipedia Wikipedia has many excellent pages for learning Esperanto affixes and grammar!